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in this course we've talked about being an affiliate marketer and getting traffic so far with Google Adwords and as you know AdWords is going to be you know fairly expensive you've got to pay in order to get your traffic it's if everything you know is all lined up like it's supposed to be it's going to be profitable but we are utilizing AdWords as a test to find out very quickly like within a day or two if that niche is going to be profitable once we find out that the niche is profitable we want to focus on some other ways that we can generate traffic and in particular I'm going to show you a couple of different techniques for generating huge amounts of traffic without spending any money the first one that we're going to look at is article traffic and here's what you get with article traffic the reason this kind of traffic is so killer is because you get backlinks from authority sites in particular we're going to look at using ezinearticles com there are a host of other article sites out there but Google looks at these sites as Authority sites they've got so much rich content that Google is you know going to give them like extra brownie points because any link that's on them is assumed to be a very good link so when you write an article you're going to link back to your site and that backlink again gives your site extra brownie points because it's coming from an authority site you're going to get instant targeted traffic as soon at the the beauty of this is because because these authority sides these article cites have such credibility with Google they get indexed frequently like daily what that means is you submit an article and literally in a week you articles could show up on the first page of a google search result now you can't typically get something that you create you know if you put up some content or you put up your blog especially for a new site that hasn't been up very long you know maybe 30 or 60 days you're not going to get ndex to that quickly and you're definitely not going to show up on the first page but since you're putting your article on you know an authority site something that's been there it's established its getting indexed frequently it can be you know that article can show up very quickly on the first page of a resultant of course people are going to click on it and they're going to click on the link that you put inside the article you also get a permanent in fact lifelong link as long as that site is up and sites like ezinearticles you know there's a good chance that that's going to be up for quite a while so it's not like with a pay-per-click ad where you know you're paying while you're paying your your site is your ad is showing up once this is done it's just there and you get organic first page results with AdWords of course your ad is showing up you know in the end sponsored location across the top and along the right side but the organic results a lot of people won't even click on ads they're looking for organic results because they know if they click on an ad then they're going to have to spend money so a lot of people are looking for information they're doing research and they don't want to spend money so when they click on the organic results they're you know they're a little bit more they're expecting to get something without having to pay and in fact they do they click on your article and they do learn something they get some helpful information it's just that now their appetite has been wetted and they need more information so they're willing to click on your article because they already per click on your link sorry because they already perceive you as an expert because you've written an article in the next video I want to go over the steps that are required to launch a successful article campaign

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