1-Minute Video Marketing Tip # 10– How to Triple your Open Rate for Email Newsletters

For all the popularity of social media, email
is still the #1 way that most people use the internet. Ninety one percent of all internet users use
email, and most of them check it daily. So how can you combine the power of email
marketing with the popularity of online video? You’re looking at it. My average video email newsletter gets a 35%
open rate. That’s compared to the average email newsletter
open rate of 10-12%. This means that video email newsletters can
get you in front of 3 times as many people as a regular email newsletter. I’d love to help you get set up with a video
email newsletter just like this one to connect with your prospective clients, so let me know
if I can help. Stay tuned for next month’s tip when I’ll
tell you about how you can incorporate video into your daily email communications with
no additional ongoing effort from you. See you then..

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