1-Minute Video Marketing Tip # 65 – How to Stop Working with People Who Make You Feel Bad

In my last Tip, we talked about how to get
very clear about who you want to attract as your ideal client. In this Tip, we're going to talk about an
equally important exercise: getting very clear about who you don't want to work with. It's like a crime profile. So here's my profile for the opposite of my
ideal client: He's aggressive, rude, and deeply frustrated
with marketing in general. He's unhappy, extremely talkative, he often
talks in circles and I can't off the phone. He's a complainer, he wants immediate results
or else, and he's not savvy about marketing or technology. I have learned that people who share several
traits in this profile are not my best clients.


So now when I'm on the phone and I start to
notice a new prospect fits this profile, I know it's ok to let it go. Because they're just not my ideal client. If you missed my last tip about how to attract
your ideal client, please click here to watch that video now..

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