1-Minute Video Marketing Tip # 70 The Magic of Unlocking Your Prospect’s Emotion in Sales

A few months ago, I did a webcast with a friend
of mine. He suggested we do a survey of our audience
first so we could build the content of our webcast around their actual needs. But what happened was even more powerful. Instead of asking factual questions or tactical
questions, we asked more open ended questions that evoked a feeling, like this. "What's the one thing you want to overcome
this year?", "What's the one thing holding you back?" and "Are you satisfied with the
results you're getting in your business?" One of our audience members filled in her
survey and answered like this: "Not enough clients in the pipeline" "Not enough cash
flow". Then she wrote, "How do I get started?" Then I got an email from her a few minutes
later where she said the same thing, "How do I get started?" I sent her some information again from the
webcast she had watched the month earlier about my video programs to help her attract
new clients, but this time, she acted immediately and signed up as my client on the spot.


I was mystified why all of a sudden she was
ready to take action. But then a marketing leader reminded me that
all buying decisions are motivated by emotion. When you help people experience the emotion
of their discontent with the status quo, then they will take action to change it. Since then, I've added surveys at various
points of my sales funnel so I can understand my clients better, and even more importantly,
so I can help my clients take action to solve the problems that bother them about their
business. How can you incorporate surveys or quizzes
that evoke emotion into your marketing? Write down one question you could ask below..

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