#1 MOST PROFITABLE Digital Marketing Agency Niche For Beginners

What's up you guys Jason Wardrop here And if you are a beginner looking to make some money online with zero investment Literally no tech skills and just the easiest way to start making some extra side money I want to prove to you that the best way to do that is by starting first your own digital Marketing agency and then even more specifically starting a real estate digital marketing agency So as you guys are looking around YouTube and you're like wandering out different ways to go through and make money three of the top most common ways to go through and make some side income or start your own business is going to start a shop buy store start doing Amazon FBA or Very commonly has talked about starting a digital marketing or social media marketing agency Now there's countless courses out there on all these different topics and no I'm not trying to sell you guys.

Of course I'm just trying to break down the best way to actually get started if you're looking to start completely from scratch If you have no money, no technical skills, no background No experience nothing at all and how you can actually start making a quick ten thousand dollars per month Within the next 60 to 90 days now If we analyze these three different methods you got Shopify Amazon FBA and a digital marketing agency Shopify it obviously requires some money and typically what you do is you set you buy Facebook Ads you send them to your product and then you have the drop shipping all in place and then Amazon FBA you have to go through and rank the different products that you're Trying to get and so both of those to require a decent amount of money to get started now I'm talking to decent mount of money, maybe one to two thousand dollars, maybe a little bit more maybe a little bit less But you do have to have some type of initial investment now, obviously that's not a huge investment But a lot of times people starting completely from scratch Don't have one or two thousand dollars I know I sure didn't have one or two thousand dollars to go through and get started when I first was getting started back in The day trying to make some more money online So the best thing that I recommend doing is going through and starting your own digital marketing agency And that's because literally every business in America every business in the world Needs help with their social media marketing.

They need help with their mark. They need help with their lead generation And really guys that's not what they are best at, right? They're best at being a dentist or chiropractor or a real station or whatever. They are And they're not really good at marketing and running that business side of things So if you can offer to go through and help them then they're gonna pay you a decent amount of money Then you go and get ten clients fifteen twenty and scale up to a hundred or a thousand clients however many you want and you have grown a very successful business now the great thing about Facebook about LinkedIn about all these different social media networks is very easy to go and get a new client 100% for free without spending any money on Facebook advertising Google advertising or any of these other platforms So with all that backstory Let's dive into the top three reasons why I think you should start a digital marketing agency If you're starting completely from scratch with zero money's your investment zero tech.

No skills No experience and you're looking to make some side income or make some money online Now the reason why I say you should start a real estate digital marketing agency because you could start a digital marketing agency and service Restaurants chiropractors dentists literally any type of local business or there's some people to go through and they'll say hey I'll help out chiropractors insurance agents mortgage brokers. I'll help out everyone because I know how to generate leads I know how to go through and do this The only thing is is you can probably scale that up to about 15 to 20 clients but it gets to a point where you're really Reinventing the wheel with every single new client you bring on and the next client that you bring on They want to see results of what you've got in their industry So if you're working with the chiropractor and got them amazing results, and then you try to go sign on a dentist They're gonna be kind of like, I don't know like you haven't ever worked with dentists Even though like the lead generation process is literally very similar They're gonna be hesitant to go through and have you run their marketing? so that's why guys it is so important to go through and niche down pick a niche and Stick with that niche and become the master become the guide that or girl that everyone knows hey for real estate you go to this person for Chiropractor you go to this person for dental you go to this person in your area now that said here are the top three reasons why I think That you should start in the real estate space Continue on with the real estate space and never leave the real estate space.

So number one guys everyone out there Literally knows a real estate agent You're either related to one or you know one and if you don't personally know one seriously ask like a sibling ask your parents ask a friend and I Guarantee you they know one? So when it comes to acquiring your first client or even your next client It becomes super easy because it's just a natural conversation with a friend or a family member saying hey Let me go through you don't have to pay me anything for the first week. Just pay for advertising I'll run your facebook ads all goes through try to generate some leads for you And if it's successful Then you can hire me on to go through and run all of your lead generation and your marketing all that stuff and if it's not then we'll part ways and you can go through and find your next friend or Family member until you get that experience where you're actually gonna see those results on a consistent basis And also guys another killer thing because I'm in the real estate space as you guys know And anytime you're out like a party or a networking event or anything like that and someone asks.

Hey Jason, what do you do? I say oh I help real estate agents generate leads and qualify those leads very simple I don't go through and spill like tons and tons of information I said I usually just say I hope real estate agents generate leads and 100% of the time guys every single person I ever tell that to they say Oh, I got my brother or my friend or whoever I got so and so that's a real estate agent I got to connect them with you and so once again You've got a free referral and you got new business coming in without even spending any money on advertising And it's just it's just a no-brainer to get started in the real estate space and so for those of you guys wondering about Competition and saying well Jason like why would you go through and tell people to do that? Because you're in the real estate space and so you're gonna have other people competing with you Guess what? There are over two million real estate agents in the United States alone.

That's not an account That's not even counting like the rest of the world so over two million Guys, like I I no way could go through and help out all 2 million real estate agents And the best thing is is because you're probably in a different local area a different community than I live in lots of real estate agents They want to go through and work with some of that They can meet with maybe on a monthly basis some of they know And so although I can go through and film all these YouTube videos and say all these things that work and don't work and all That stuff they'd much rather go through and work with somebody actually know so obviously that's you Okay, so the second reason of why I think you should start a real estate digital marketing agency Not only does digital marketing agency, but a real estate Focused is because once you get into this space guys The opportunities are endless you go through and you start generating leads for a real estate agent an individual agent That means you can go through and start generating leads for a real estate team k teams of 10 to 20 or 30 agents So you can have bigger contracts in a real estate brokerage Okay, and on top of that you have home builders when they've gone through and build out a new subdivision or a new community They need to sell these homes So if you know how to market listings and usually those home builders have a real estate agent on site To go through and work with all the people interested in those communities And so you just go through so you've got now real estate agents real estate teams real estate brokers You have home builders and on top of that you have mortgage brokers and loan officers So every single one of these clients, you're literally generate leads for the same person So for a real estate agent if you're going through and getting somebody that is interested in buying a home Typically that person is looking to go through and buy a home They're going to need to take out a loan in order to buy that home.


So boom You just generate a lead for that real estate agent and you generate a lead for that mortgage broker. Okay? So now you have potentially two clients right there one lead and it's gonna be able to benefit both of them So if you're going into like the dental space or the chiropractic space or anything like that You're kind of just like niche down to just dental or chiropractic or whatever it is restaurants and it's not like you can go through and share those leads with other people if speaking of dental and chiropractic going back to point number one Okay, not everyone knows a dentists or a chiropractor right Or if they do you maybe know just one whereas with real-estate agents. You probably know three to five or even more than that Okay, but back to point number two guys Basically it is so awesome because you can work with individual real estate agents real estate teams real estate brokerages home builders you can work with mortgage brokers loan officers and Potentially you could even work with and I'm not I don't Like do you guys know that I like to focus so I don't go off and I don't work with home home builders I don't work with too many real estate teams or real estate brokers.

I'm more focused on the real the individual agent I do work with some mortgage brokers and loan officers just because it makes sense but I don't try to spread myself too thin but I just want to show to you guys and paint the picture that the Opportunities really are endless and with that usually when someone buys a new home They need to get insurance on the home so you can potentially have that lead work for it the real estate agent the mortgage broker loan officer and then also an Insurance agent and also they usually need to get a title and so it could I mean guys this could go on forever and ever But it's really key to focus specialize and not really deviate Although you can see the opportunities are pretty much endless here All right so the third and final reason why I think you should start a real estate digital marketing agency and Not focus on any other niche is because once you go through in the beginning, you know You're just working to go through and make that first $10,000 per month.

And then once you made $10,000 per month, you're like awesome I'm gonna go to $25,000 per month and then 50 and then you're like, oh man, okay I'm starting to actually get some cash coming in where I could pay for all my personal expenses I can pay for all my business expenses and maybe I have some leftover cash maybe grow to a hundred grand a month Okay Now this might be like a year or two or five years down the road for you But like stephen r.covey says you have to begin with the end in mind. Okay? So if you're just so short-sighted that you're only thinking about making that quick 10 grand a month Then you're not really gonna think about this strategically whereas if you're thinking about strategically in five years when you're making a hundred two hundred fifty five hundred thousand dollars per month and you have that excess cash a Lot of times one of the best investments out There is in vesting in real estate and just by the nature of running a real estate digital marketing agency You are going to learn a lot a lot a lot about that niche And so going back to point number two.

You also have real estate investors, right? I get investors hitting me up all the time to go through and help them with their lead generation and so that even adds on another person that you can go add on to your List of clients and because you've learned so much about the real estate niche the real estate market real estate investors, you know Like if it's a hot time to buy or not Just because of how the ads are performing How the agents are saying how they're doing and all that stuff you're able to go through and take your money your excess money that you've made and invest that into real estate All right unlike if you're going to focus on let's say dental or chiropractic or any of these other ones insurance aid insurance agents like you're not going to go through and take your excess money and invest into a dental practice or invest into a chiropractic practice Obviously you could you definitely could do that But one of the best investments out there for tax reasons for a number of other reasons passive income All that stuff is real estate.

So you can invest in residential homes apartments big multi-unit complexes You can vest in like shopping centers You can invest in a whole lot of different things with real estate because you have learned so much about the real estate market right guys So basically, that's my quick rant of why you should start first a digital marketing agency because all business owners need help with their lead generation with their social media marketing with all that good stuff and Number two, you should start a real estate social media marketing agency. So if you're like, well Jason, that's awesome But like where do I get started? I've got a 100% free checklist I'm gonna go through and add down in the description as well as in the top comment And so you guys can just jump in Download that and it's basically like a quick checklist of the first things you need to go through and get started now honest you guys It's not too difficult.

Don't overthink This is basically go through as simple as going through and making a post on Facebook and saying hey I'm looking to go through and help some real estate agent friends of mine Generate leads and I'm going to go through it 100% for free All you have to do is pay for the advertising who is interested and then boom you get your first client earn from there You're able to go through start getting them results and scale up from there So literally zero costs zero investment zero technical skills your experience you can get started to start making money scale up to ten thousand dollars per month twenty five thousand dollars month fifty and Beyond I hope you enjoyed this video. And if you did give it a thumbs up also drop a comment down below Let me know what you guys think of my thoughts about starting the digital market agency as well as a real estate Digital marketing agency more specifically and also if you guys are brand new here Make sure you guys subscribe to the channel because we launched new videos every single week on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business.

So with that said guys, thanks so much for watching and I will talk to you all later.

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