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hello everybody cliff jones with conversion marketing experts what i'm going to walk you through today is what i feel the absolute most crucial secret weapon the crux of all sales and marketing success and that is the creative way in which through which we engage people reach people no matter where they are in the customer journey or the sales process because they're going to both align in the conversion marketing experts world when you work with us and the key is understanding when to say what now what i'm sharing with you today is kind of a cross comparison between sharp Springs of automation capabilities where we're essentially building workflows and automated things that happen through these workflows based on various tasks we assign list we're putting people into dynamically or manually because this system sharp spring a very powerful automation system i use in addition to Infusionsoft both have their pluses and minuses and it's all about suitability right so if you ask me for what's right for you i'm going to ask you some questions that get to what what really counts the most so you're assured of getting an ROI on this stuff now the truth is unless you're planning to be in the marketing automation content marketing business you should be outsourcing this stuff if you're paying people to do this for you i can tell you the labor costs on this level of talent have skyrocketed last 57 years when for example Infusionsoft first emerged so the key is ladies and gentlemen the crux of all of this is how we build the workflows and the campaigns because in the end for example this is a campaign called conversion marketing experts com right the site simply great social media management solution is the name of it right and what we're looking at is the visual campaign building campaign builder that Infusionsoft gives us which I like very much in stark contrast to where we see the workflows and automation get built in sharp spring okay so what you see here is in in this automation workflow for prospects for example one of my core campaigns like yours is what happens when somebody reads an article see something is interested in scheduling a time to learn more and talk what value are they going to get in your 30-minute ROI you know sales and marketing strategy session like we do okay so what happens after notification goes to the lead owner that's yours truly basically just after the start they're going to get a welcoming email written with love it's going to look it is written just for them and all the other hundreds or thousands of people that are going to follow because that is the art of the creative talent that is the secret to all of this it's the creative talent and the timing and the frequency and when to talk to people and how to talk to them because we're melting sales marketing and technology this is like being psychologists and in order to be effective copywriters and marketers so you see these workflows are based on things we want to have happen notifications referrals things we're removing people to and from an among lists or as Infusionsoft might call them tags simply different ways of naming different people segmenting our lists of relationships which is what all this is really about so if you're frustrated with getting results in marketing automation content marketing digital marketing search marketing inbound marketing whatever you want to call it it's a freak show out there today you're going to have a target market a source of traffic if you follow me here from left or right this is an existing list we have we're going to drive them to a client profile form that basically is going to include there's a little rebuilding that needs to be done here but what happens next is this is infusionsoft decision tree and when I click down through here it's going to take me through a process where I can get in here and say okay email number one's going to say this then we're going to lay in a timer and then email number two right right you see me clicking and dragging to build this campaign email number two is going to go out when and ladies and gentlemen what the heck is it going to say how long should it be how short should it be how much branding should there be how much call to action should there be where should the social media shears be and the five billion other questions that it takes to figure this stuff out oh and about the you know 60,000 hours and it takes to get good at this stuff so my point is it's all in the creative capacity to understand the technology to understand how to build the workflows to understand sales process meld it with marketing automation you guys this is not inexpensive and it's not easy i'm working with big agencies and large company executives and small businesses and startups and cilla printers and entrepreneurs and CPAs account man we're all this together none of you can generate your own content I assure you unless you're like me you love to write and speak and you're willing to hack video and look foolish sometimes like I have I'm sure in a lot of these videos and put it out there you're gonna get a result because I can tell you today people sign up as a new customer mind was saying he was describing the scenarios like he met me in a directory for Infusionsoft where one of the top-rated consultants in the world just by virtue of doing hard work and being willing to play with it right and he say hey what cliff walks the walk and it's taken me a long time to get here I write my own content I build my own campaigns I hire people I have to move on from various people I'm in the same boat you are this costs money it caused serious creative talent I don't have a of it you don't have enough of it because you are really good at what you do I'm good at content and hacking out hockey videos and you know getting crazy in the middle of the night and trying to hold you accountable to a plan of action which is really what this is all about because you are going to keep losing your mind unless you get super organized and focused and that takes a system right people process product right so if you have the systems I don't care what the system is I love Infusionsoft on some days I love sharks preying on some days I will lo them both on on others but hey I'm the same guy who thought Facebook was stupid so what do I know bottom line is ladies and gentlemen this is science this is art the beautiful thing about the world of automation today is you should be tracking your ROI all right I'm going to get out of here and wrap this short because I'm rambling on but you guys should be seeing lead generation campaign performance total cost number of leads blah blah blah this is my little dashboard right always a work in process this is nowhere near where I want it to be and when you when you walk into Infusionsoft Infusionsoft also has a very competitive solution all right this is basically where you're going to log in and you're going to see my day okay there's a great dashboard here in just dashboard like all dashboards can be customized if you're patient enough to work it so I hope this helps I'm cliff jones with conversion marketing experts reach out to us a conversion marketing experts com schedule a free roi strategy session with me and love to chat with you get to know your goals and figure out how we could make a plan together getting this level of creative content and marketing automation working for you thanks very much for sticking with me this long I'm cliff jones conversion marketing experts have a great day

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