10 Quick & Easy Ideas for Your eCommerce Content Marketing Strategy

when it comes to marketing your ecommerce store you can't just rely on paid ads to get your products and brands in front of your customers eyes you need to invest in a stellar content marketing strategy easier said than done right don't worry i'm here to help hi i'm kate miller the content marketing manager at inflow an agency specializing in digital marketing services for e-commerce businesses in this video i'm going to share a few tips that we use when creating our clients content marketing strategies including some easy content ideas that you can implement today so let's get started [Music] first let's talk a bit about why content strategy is so important for an e-commerce business whatever you're vertical your customers take a journey before they make a final purchase we call these different steps buying cycles a detailed content strategy will answer your customers questions at every step in this journey and give them the information they need to move closer to purchase here's an example let's take three different prospective customers one is searching google for men's hiking boots another is searching for vasc versus asolo hiking boots and yet another is searching for men's basque sundowner boots clearly all three of these customers are a different step in the process the first customer is still considering all kinds and brands of hiking boots second customer is trying to decide between two different brands and yet the third customer is ready to make that final purchase because they've identified exactly what they want therefore each of these customers requires a different type of content a general category page may be great for the first customer but it won't help the third customer who is looking for a specific product page to make the purchase that they want that's where your content strategy comes in by creating content for every stage in the buying cycle you can push your customers further along the purchase funnel and provide a compelling experience the whole way through most ecommerce companies focus their energy on their product and category pages but there's way more to successful ecommerce content marketing strategy than that you should leverage the power of your blog social media images and videos to engage your customers not sure where to start i'm going to give you 10 ideas we frequently use for our ecommerce clients [Music] number one buying guides when your customer isn't sure even where to start with your products a buying guide can be a huge help it answers their questions introduces them to your products and motivates them to move further along in the purchase funnel let's look at rei's buying guide how to choose hiking boots as you can see the article explains to readers the different aspects they should consider types components and fit it also includes some engaging videos and links to their category pages below there's even more information for customers who really want all the details you can follow the same model when creating buying guides for your customers too you can use it to answer your customers questions and you'll introduce the idea that your products are the perfect solution for their problem number two contests and sweepstakes when you want to bring even more customers into your sales funnel you can run sweepstakes or contests giveaways are a guaranteed method for bringing in new emails getting shares on social media increasing your follower base and improving your overall brand awareness for a long time boot barn was the king of promoting contests on its site you can certainly bet that they used the emails they gathered for later remarketing before you host your own sweepstakes make sure to check state and federal laws and draw up a rules and conditions page to protect yourself then sit back and let the emails come flooding in number three product reviews and comparisons when i'm shopping online i'm always looking for user reviews and you can bet that your customers are too if you don't already have reviews on your product pages you're missing a huge opportunity and you need to make that your first priority if you do have reviews on your page take it a step further use this data to create one page that compares several of your products including prices models and more don't forget to include those reviews as well let's look at apple's comparison of iphone models you can see exactly which iphones have which features and you can decide exactly which one is right for you without even leaving the site product comparisons and reviews perform well in video format too so round up your video crew and get filming number four product rankings you can take the data from your reviews and comparisons another step further to create aggregate product rankings too look at ratings and data on the most purchased products on your site to create a best page that not only highlights your best sellers but also targets important keywords for example best wireless headphones or best personalized house plans number five focused blogs and articles you probably know that you should have a blog on your ecommerce site but blogging in and of itself is not a strategy you need to use your blog to answer your shoppers specific queries and educate them about products that way they have the information they need to move along in the purchase funnel here's a good example crutchfield a seller of all kinds of tech publishes blogs targeting long tail keywords like choosing speakers for your iphone this article ranks high in search results by answering the customer's questions and of course linking to crutchfield products that fit the bill moral of the story if you want your blog to perform well for the time that you put into it be precise with your strategy and goals from the very beginning number six multi-expert articles here at inflow we're big fans of the multi-expert article especially for our client gaia when you're not an expert in your industry turn to the ones who are to create a trusted in-depth blog post like gaia's daily rituals to find your everyday zen for this article we interviewed 19 bloggers in the health and wellness space and shared their insights in a roundup blog not only do we get a variety of great answers gaia's blog and gaia's brand got additional exposure from each blogger sharing the article on their social media website and more multi-expert articles are a great way to piggyback on the success of others in your industry promise them a link back to their site and most people will be happy to provide a quick quote number seven print catalogs if your business is producing print catalogs you can easily turn them into digital versions with easy links to products and other helpful content waster does this by uploading photos from their print catalog onto their site with links to product pages easy peasy and visually appealing too watch out for duplicate content though if your print catalog has already been repurposed on your site into a blog or other helpful article make sure any additional repurposed content is set to no index number eight user generated content this is perhaps my favorite tip if you don't have a lot of time to spend on your ecommerce content marketing strategy let your customers do the work for you establish a brand hashtag and repost great content that your buyers have shared on their own feeds remember that many customers want validation from their peers when influencers are purchasing and sharing your products whether organically or through to paid partnership it amplifies your brand awareness and makes you one of the cool kids our client mountain house loves to share user generated content so much so that they have an overabundance of aesthetically pleasing videos and images to choose from it's simple it works and it saves them the time and effort of having to schedule video and photo shoots on their own so take a look at what your customers are sharing about your products and use it to your advantage today number nine coupon and discount pages everyone loves a good sale your customers are already searching your brand name with coupons and discounts on google so optimize your sales page for these keywords reward any customers who find your page with a special online code to push them toward a final purchase number 10 faq page here's our final tip be smart with your faq page don't just answer questions you think your customers are asking use your historical keyword data to see what they are actually asking and answer those questions accordingly don't forget to use your faq page as an internal linking platform to funnel customers into helpful blog posts category pages and more always list your contact information as well that way any customers whose questions are not answered on the faq page can ask you for more information so there you have it 10 easy ideas for your ecommerce content marketing strategy no need to try them all at once identify a few that might work for your industry and your customers and give it a shot you might be surprised at the results that you get and remember creating your content is only the first step make sure to share it across your social media paid media and your email campaigns to get your customers eyes on it not sure how check out the link in the video description below for more information and a full how-to on setting up your ecommerce content marketing plan you can also subscribe to our channel for more digital marketing insights and news like this if it all seems like a lot don't stress our team of strategists are always happy to help you can request a free proposal at the link below to find out what inflow can do for you thanks for watching and good luck

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