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10 Video Marketing Statistics You Must Know About Design a website convincingly maintain interest, turn visitors into customers. Conveying knowledge AND emotions. Videos are unbeatable. Because the attention span of a modern person is only 8 seconds. That of a goldfish at 9. It's entertaining and not boring. Videos are one of the fastest growing media in online marketing. Because 3 out of 4 people understand content better if they perceive it with ears and eyes. That is why the average internet user watches around 206 videos a month. Not only on the go, but also at home and where no one else can reach him. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With video content, there's 85% more chance that your visitor will become your customer too. Videos are shared, linked and liked. And that also in everyday work! Three quarters of managers regularly watch videos that are relevant to their company.

Smart marketing decision-makers know this and therefore use videos in their advertising campaigns. And it's worth it! 73% report a positive impact on their own business. Because online video ads have the highest click rate of all digital ad formats. This applies to websites, but also to e-mails. Here videos can increase the click rate by 96%. And customers no longer stay on their own website for just 15 seconds, but on average 2 minutes longer. Did video marketing convince you? Excellent! Then click now and find out how you can generate more inquiries for your company with video marketing.

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