17c – Inbound & Content Marketing for Experience Africa + Phase 1 Financial Estimates

welcome to experience Africa inbound and content marketing in 2016 this presentation suggests we can raise three million dollars for conservation and that in December 2016 over a billion people will see our messages from over 100 website's content and inbound marketing are championed by contently and hubspot Salesforce has dedicated software we have a advantage as our message is a popular one we are saving the whiners the elephants and the Cheetahs the cheetah is actually the most endangered animal there are only eight valves and cheetah left in Africa this is how all blogs will look they will have a nice slider at the top and as one goes down we see the content this is version one of the timeline which already contains many variables it may take us two years not one on the other hand there are reasons why it will take us half a year not one this timeline is just one possible timeline we will get there sooner or later content an inbound marketing mainly attracts new business instead of having 50,000 visitors from google ads we will show and send 1 billion articles and emails to the world and we advertise we have not planned to advertise in Google in phase 1 however content marketing will improve google organic search results for all of our websites in january we start with a zen certified programmer to qualified PHP programmers an html5 designer a magazine copywriter and myself this we will increase this by one extra copywriter these expenses are covered by the complimentary business villa secrets the programmers will work on creating a hundred auto syndications for each blog here we see WordPress and in test we did this only took us a day and already one blog gets seen in blogger delicious for facebook business pages a facebook profile page flicker-free google+ pages linkedin livejournal plurk pinterest reddit stumbleupon tumblr twitter we will be increasing that to 100 different syndications maybe 25 Facebook 25 google plus 25 linkedin and 25 others in February will be creating some more websites and creating more blogs in March we will syndicate the blog's not only via our social networking sites but through blog directories and blog PPC services prweb and readd vertising on advil plus sending 30,000 emails and making more websites and the copywriter will be trained in live chat the following month we double up so we're doing two blogs to all of the blog directories and seven blogs in best of the web adding a third copy writer in this month we show our first income four thousand dollars made from for bookings really that should be three times as much but we've been cautious if we don't get the four thousand we can afford to carry on but not pay for any more blog directory submissions eventually via our blogs in free directories and our social networking sites or by Google or Bing organic we will generate an income the timeline will just alter the end result will be the same the back-up plan is Bill of secrets well as secrets can afford to pay all the base expenses I Nick great ball will deal with the first inquiries and start to make a booking system integrated into Fleck Salesforce via the API each month from now on in version one of the timeline we double up the amount of blogs we're sending and we double up the amount of bookings we expect to make in actuality because the work we've done before is still out there and all the time our Google position is getting higher we should actually more than double the amount of bookings we've made but it's been simpler just to simply make it a double doubling up and adding a freelancer Safari expert doubling up another copywriter at this point the villa secret staff if it can be afforded will be paid for fire experience Africa doubling up again now we have seven copywriters 140 blogs to 1600 social networks all entry in best of the web 16 entries into all the others doubling up again doubling up again doubling up again more money for operations now starting production on a magazine until we get to December where it's pretty much a point where the doubling up comes to a point where I don't know if it's necessarily going to continue so after we we reach this point we don't model this system we work on other systems but let's have a look at the final tally 400 blogs going to all of these blog directories they won't be from experience Africa they'll be from all of the websites that we've done it'll now be a hundred websites in operation there'll be 600 fails an email sent a thousand blogs made in total all put into the best of the web we've got software we've got staff salaries magazine and TV reality show production creates a total of three million dollars for or conservation and if we look at the syndication we estimate that 1 million sorry 1 billion people will see our message in December thank you very much

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