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hi friends this is Diana with work with Dinah calm and I'm coming to you from Georgia with two marketing tips regarding video now if you haven't noticed video is everywhere it doesn't matter what company you have what business you are in video is king as we say in online space you can get your message across to so many more people using video um it builds a know like and trust when people see you and they get to see your mannerisms they get to see whether or not you are the perfect fit for the information that you're providing for them or not you know or you know in the game of network marketing if it's something that you're offering in regards to your business opportunity a lot of people may sign up with you because they know of the opportunity but you happen to be one of those people that stand out from your business because you are providing value through a video so the two tips that I have one of them is really simple and it's kind of silly in the equipment that I use that everybody can use you already have you don't have to go out buy expensive equipment to actually create your first video what you can use is your phone this is my old samsung phone that i create a majority of my videos with and the tip is the following even if you're creating pictures you know taking a snapshot of something you want to do the following clean your lens that's whether it's the front or the back clean it simple as that that's it's just a simple because what happens if you have this phone every way you have your touching the phone it's in your pocket it's in your purse you put certain places in it's dirty no telling how many germs is on it but when you want to take that picture now it's clear I can't tell you how many times I've taken a picture people lined up like that to come in and it's like I gotta start again because it looks bad so the same thing translates into your video when you create if it's not that lens is not clean you're going to look cloudy on that video the second thing that you want to do is actually look for the point on the video on the phone right here that point where you would look into mine is over there is where you want to be looking directly into you don't wanna be looking here because it'll be looking like you're not looking at the person you're talking to in the video if you're looking at that point I'll points are there succeed if you're looking at that point and you can conduct your video and then upload it you will look as if you're speaking directly to the person that you're providing that message to same thing on the Mac so you want to take the time to just like practice that whether you are you know you have a video camera sideways you would be looking down there to actually take the video or if it's this way be looking up there to take the video um and the same thing like how i'm doing this video right now using the webcam on my computer that webcam is there so i'm looking directly at that because i'm looking at you i'm going to regulate you so that's something that a lot of people you know they don't do you don't want to be loaning 10 videos youtube and you're not looking at a in them that person is going to keep going on to the next because it doesn't look as if you're talking directly to that so again definitely clean yellen's runner back depending on how you're taking that picture or video and then figure out where that point is on your video directly there so that when you take that video you're speaking directly to your audience now if this will be your first video you've been thinking about it you know you hear about our regular need to cut a video for my product I don't know what to say or what to do or how to even get started my friend mark harbor created this awesome pre-training that i'm going to give to you just for watching this how you would get that free training is going to work with diana calm for sash video secrets and he also provides a PDF with I don't know 101 different subjects or topics that you can use to use for when you're going to create your videos and you can replace and remove or add anything you want with those ideas looking at those topics it gives you ideas as to what you can do in your business so if you're in health wellness travel you have some type of skin cream um you know you have a money-making business I don't know whatever it is you sell tofu you know the benefits of buying X versus Y type seen reviews he lays it out for you so really there's no excuse as to creating a video you can't do it and he does walk you through the steps similar not to what I this was just you know this is basic and he also gives basic steps and um confidence and encouragement on how to actually do it and makes you you know want to go ahead and create that video for yourself so i will encourage you to do it i look forward to seeing whoever knows all my friends list here create their first video for their business again you can get that free gift at work with Dinah calm for SAS video secrets and i'll see you on the next video have a great one

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