Storytelling 101: Video Marketing

Storytelling 101: Video Marketing

How to think about story and what are
the fundamentals? Before picking up a camera or writing your next piece of copy don't you think your next piece of content could be told a little more
effectively with some planning? If you can't write a decent spot a copy then
chances are you can't create a compelling video. I will delve more into
copy in another video. But essentially all this comes down to is storytelling.
Taking someone's feelings and emotions on a ride from start to finish. In fact
this is based on science too. To do this, you need structure this is what
holds a compelling story together. Structure in simple terms is the
beginning middle and end. Syd field, a notable Hollywood screenwriter I've studied many books off once said: ''It is both a guide and support and like a tree in the wind that bends but doesn't break, structure is flexible.'' Have you ever noticed how some movies actually have their beginnings and endings switched
around? Go figure right? Because with every closed door you're presented with an open one.

When creating you need to think about what the end result is. What are
you trying to say and teach to have the viewer feel by the end of your message?
Once you have this you also need to start the story off on the right foot. Somewhere interesting because really you only get one chance to make a good
impression. This is a huge mistake people make when creating content and the
sooner you can jump into the midst of what you're trying to say in other words
get straight to the point, the better. There's so many good movies you have
watched but actually could have been told a lot quicker.
The power of short storytelling is strong. After you've started the engine
and you're driving your viewer or reader to that final location you need to be
careful about how much detail you're giving away at any given time. Too much?
and the viewer will be confused and lose interest. Ttoo little? And they'll lack the
focus to stay inside your story. One last key takeaway: The less you can say with more efficient wording the better your message and content will carry.

Storytelling 101: Video Marketing

Why do you think films work so well? Because you feel what you see. When you next sit down to write and capture a thought or insight that
you want to project out into the world take a moment and think how can the
story best be told. What story will you tell? Thanks for watching this video if
you enjoyed it please feel free to like comment and subscribe to the channel.
Have a good day.

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