do you have a blog as part of your
business but you're always scrambling to find
ideas of content to talk about or maybe the content management process is
getting you a bit overwhelmed and it's just a bit complicated well I've made
this video just for you I share my top 5 free content management tools that are
going to help you find ideas for your content but also help you manage the
process hello and welcome to another episode of
the side hustlers handbook I'm Kate Emiley your go to girl for marketing and
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every Tuesday if creating your blog is getting really
overwhelming or you're always stuck for ideas you've come to the right place
because in this video I share my top 5 free tools that I use in my business
every day not only do I use them to help grow my business but I've helped my
clients grow theirs with these tools that help to deliver awesome content
that your audience is going to love and actually find so the first tool I'm
going to show you is answer the public so this is a tool that I use to find
content ideas so if you go to answer the public dot com you're greeted by this very
grumpy old man which is quite funny but anyway so you just type in the topic
that you're interested in finding out content ideas for so say for example
you're a personal trainer so let's write Fitness in here so get questions, so you can look at it like this through visualization which basically
has where and then all these questions where we're coming can and so on how I
like to look at it though is the data list because it makes it really easy to
see the topics of in content that people are interested in so basically it shows
why the questions people are asking right so loads of different questions
Fitness been pregnant fitness when sick there's so many different ideas you
could come up with for content then we go into propositions same thing go into
data so these are more statements really and then comparisons same
sort of thing so Fitness versus health fitness versus body shaming loads of
different ideas and then there's just more more ideas here so much information
you can download it as a CSV so an Excel spreadsheet yeah so have fun with this
one guys the second tool I'm going to show you is
Google Trends so if you've never seen this before it's super cool
so Google Trends Trends Google com so basically it talks about anything
that's trending at the moment so obviously Coachella's happening so
that's a really trendy topic and here are some other ideas that are coming up
and really popular at the moment so you can filter this by country so if I want
to filter it by Australia these are the topics that are the trendiest so
depending on your niche you might be able to find a topic to leverage from
here alternatively if none of these sort of news related topics are relevant to
you you can also explore topics so going with the fitness theme again let's just
search Fitness and see what's coming up as a trendy topic so fitness isn't
particularly trendy it's quite flat however it does have a lot of interest
consistently so here are some topics that are becoming a quiet popular at the
moment so 12-round Fitness is a boxing functional fitness concept so that could
be a really interesting one to talk about Anytime Fitness we can go across
there's lots of different topics here twelve rounds really popular so if for
example I was a fitness blogger I would probably write an article about 12-round
fitness 12 rounds gyms if you're a PT maybe talk about why 12
rounds is good why it's not good that sort of thing these are related topics
physical strength so if we search this way I'm instead here are some of the
queries that are coming up for that just to make you know this little thing
underneath here zero per month at zero dollars I'm going to get into this in a
second so you won't see these come up unless you download this other little
tricky thing which I'm going to be talking about next the third tool I'm
going to talk about is keywords everywhere so this is a plug-in which I
love I've only just discovered it recently what that means whenever I
search in a search engine or YouTube or whatever for particular keyword it will
tell me how many searches on average per month that keyword gets per month and
what the I guess value of those searches are so if I was to pay for ads in Google
how much roughly that would cost me so you can kind of work out what keywords
you should be targeting based on how how often they search for because you don't
want to be targeting stuff that's never searched but you also don't want to be
targeting keywords that are too big either install the chrome plug-in or if
you've got Firefox install that and then basically what it does is I'll show you
you'll go back to Google and I'll search fitness yeah so you can see
straightaway so Fitness everywhere there's 50 searches of that a month
really low competition Fitness first is really popular Fitness Australia say I
wanted women's women's fitness fitness clothes fitness tracker so an
idea of a very popular keyword is ever anything over you know 10,000 per month
I would be targeting anything between five hundred and one and a half two thousand so
fitness tracker watch could be a really good keyword for you to target for
example the fourth free tool I'm going to show you is canva so canva is a
really easy design tool I love it I use it all the time I've just created this
account as like startup accounts I haven't actually got my out working here
but you get the gist still so you can create designs based off their templates
so they have a whole lot of designers who create these amazing templates so
for example say if I wanted to create a social media graphic for Instagram so go
click on this it gives me the correct specs and then it gives me a whole host
of templates that are all free this is literally so amazing so say I wanted to
do an Easter post we've got this one it's free so I can use this as is great
um obviously change Stevenson family but say I'm like with love from Kate Emiley
easy right maybe I want to change the background
color to purple awesome this was really ugly how about make it grey there we go
grey and then I want to change the colors of this to green cool and then
there's little dots in there so maybe I want to change them to pink see what I mean
it's really cool really really really user friendly I want to have a red bunny
and so on and so on easy super easy to do say I wanted to make more
iterations of this I just click that and then I can create one with them a purple
bunny instead and so on just click download
as a PNG and then download this tool is free which is absolutely ridiculous and
if you've never used canva before I highly recommend getting onboard.

anytime fitness

The final free tool I want to show you is Trello so I love Trello discovered it a
couple of years ago and it's a collaborative sort of environment so let
me just sign in so I've just created this board in my own account and just so
just a test board so what this means is you can add different different columns or
lists so I use this for my content calendar so I might have a blog ideas
and then another one is blogs – right so maybe this is where I put the ones I
want to write next and then I put blogs aren't currently being written and then
blogs ready to publish and then blogs published ok so I use this as a way of
moving the cards so I'll explain this in a second so say my blog idea is fitness
trends and I'll just pop a few more in now ok so I've created a few blog ideas
say I want to write about fitness trends first I'll pop it here so blogs – right
so blog my ideas can add them in whenever I come up with an idea blogs to
write is the ones that I'm wanting to write next so I can click on here and
basically go through and add loads of comments maybe add some inspirational
links add checklists add a due date so on this due then cool and then and it
sits in there and it's saying that it's due on 26th of April say I'm writing it at
at the moment I can move it there it's ready to publish move it here and then
once it's published I pop it here easy right
it's such a cool tool I'd highly recommend watching a youtube video which
I'll put in the comments below just so you can see how how it works so
effectively your toolbox is now complete so take these tools with you and create
amazing content that your audience loves and wants to engage with if you're going
to use these tools next time you create content comment below and tell me which
tool you're most excited to test out for more inspiration on understanding
exactly what your customers want you to write about check out my video how to
create your brand story so now you have 5 free tools that you can be using to
manage your content production and also create awesome articles that your
audience want to engage with if you'd like to find out your next steps in
promotion PR and collaborations head over to my website Kate Emiley dot com and
sign up to see my five step video series that's been created just for you if you
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read and reply to every single question so feel free to ask any questions about
content creation or strategy and let me know if you've used any of these tools
before I'll be back next Tuesday with another episode of the side hustlers
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bye for now

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