6000$/Month Online! How To Sell Online Courses (2021)

I started teaching online and creating 
online courses about 3 years ago and you can see today I have like 78,000 students and if you go down you will see I have 
like 4 best seller courses on Udemy and if you take a look on my dashboard here Go to performance, chart. You 
can see I started like May 2017 My first revenue was $18 per month Then next month it was $124 Then I kept working until I reached around 
$3,000 then $4,000 then $5,000 then $6,000 Then my revenue decline back to 
$4,000 $4,500 and $3,000 and so on Maybe you are asking why my revenue declined I will answer this question Really it didn't decline, I'm still 
earning this amount I will show you   where and how in this short video Where I will explain 
everything about online courses How to be successful in building 
a business with online courses Everything, my tips, my journey So stay tuned and follow up Hi everyone, I'm Hasan from H-educate I don't want to waste time let's start directly So the first question is: How to 
create a successful online course Simply we have 5 steps to create an online course And to build a business with that online course Number 1 is selecting the topic Number 2 is planning the course content Number 3 is recording and editing the videos Number 4 is publishing the videos or the course and number 5 simply is 
promoting your online course So these are the 5 main steps 
that I will show you now in front of you a practical example about 
a course that I am creating right now I will show you everything, the tools the tips 
everything I do to create an online course And how to promote it and everything else So let's go to my Udemy dashboard again And you will see here in my course section I have a lot of drafts You can see all these are draft courses 
I am planning to create this year Anyway I will pick this one YouTube growth 
mastery how to grow your YouTube channel, okay So the first step is to choose the course topic In my case it's about YouTube growth How to grow a YouTube channel Now one tip before you create 
a course or publish a course If you can select a topic with low 
competition and you are familiar with It will be really perfect How to do content research about topics? You can simply go here to Udemy And as an example in my case I want to 
create a course about YouTube growth So I will search for YouTube growth This specific keyword and I will search here And I will see the number of courses available You can see here if you go to 
ratings as an example inside Udemy By the way if you don't know Udemy it's an online 
platform for selling and buying online courses So it's a courses market place It's one of the top platforms worldwide We can see here, 4.5 and up we have 2,000 courses We can see 4,000 courses here, we have 
a lot of courses ranking on this keyword Or not ranking, I mean under this 
keyword 7,400 results for this keyword So we have a lot of courses under this topic Do you create one? Or no? I will answer this question in a little bit But another tool which is very nice inside Udemy If you go here to the instructor dashboard You will see here in the tools section 
we have the market place incites So here you can search for topics As an example right here YouTube 
audience growth, this topic You can see here some analytics about 
this topic YouTube audience growth So in English language you can see 
the number of courses is very high And the student demand is also very high But to be successful bring 
your "A" game to succeed So you need to create a special awesome course Or you have to do some hard 
work on promoting your course And this I will mention in this video today So these are some tips to search for content Now I want to give you a simple secret about 
my journey when I started creating courses If you go here to my public profile again 
you will see I have this course here Web server IIS Mastery course If you go to Udemy again and search 
for IIS this topic about web servers You will see my course is on top of Udemy, why? Other than it's a best seller course 
and its rating is very high and so on This topic has a very low competition you can 
see only 210 results on Udemy about this topic Not only that, when I published this 
course when I started about this topic I was the only teacher or the only 
instructor on Udemy teaching this topic So it was very low competition when I started So if you can find a topic with 
low competition it will be perfect If you can't it's okay you 
can still create the course but you will have to do some 
work on promoting it later on   as I will explain in a little bit in this video Okay so we picked up the topic then 
the 2nd step is to plan the course What you are going to mention in this 
course the curriculum of this course If you go here and click on my draft now Here is the draft of this 
course I am creating right now If you go here to the curriculum section You will see I plan the full course Section 1 what I will cover in Section 2 what I will cover in Section 3 you can see all these topics 
in this course are included step by step Up to 50 lectures everything is planned I know in each lecture what I will talk 
about everything if I have some links to add If I want to mention some 
notes, I write them down here You can see in the description 
section, you can add description here And write whatever you want 
in this curriculum section So not to miss anything when you start 
publishing or simply recording your videos Okay so the 2nd step is to plan your video I know I am going somehow fast I 
want to make this video somehow short And if you are interested in creating 
full courses about this topic I will be more than happy to create one 
you can mention this in the comments below Anyway so after you plan your 
course you go and start recording it How to record your courses? In my case I use Camtasia studio Now I am recording this video with Camtasia studio You can see this is my first 
part of the video recorded Here I record and edit the videos And what's nice about Camtasia studio You can record both the 
screen and the webcam together You can see here the webcam and 
the screen now is being recorded So if you are creating tutorial videos it 
will be a perfect application to record   and edit your videos It's so simple, easy to use and you 
can record your videos really easily And if you like to learn more about Camtasia If you like me to create a full course 
about Camtasia studio here on my channel Please also mention in the comments below So I know that you are interested and I 
will create a full course about it very soon Okay so number 3 is recording 
your video and editing it Now I want to mention some tips When you record your videos you know sometimes 
I add some effects to the videos and so on I want to give you some examples If you go here to my online courses and 
this is the course I am creating right now If you go here as an example 
to section 2 introduction Let's open this video I will open it So this section 2 introduction you will 
see now in the video I have some effects This one, these images from 
where I got these images? Simply I used Canva, if you go here to canva.com Which I think is one of the best 
applications worldwide really it's perfect You can go here create a design as 
an example custom size I say 500×500 And here what's nice about 
Canva it has a lot of elements As an example I want to get a search icon I say search here I get this as an example And then you can simply download as png with 
transparent background and use in your videos I do this a lot in my videos Also I use VideoBlocks to get 
stock videos and use in my courses As an example if you go here to 
section 2 I think this video let's see Yes you can see here in the 
video, you can see this one here This is a stock video I got from StoryBlocks Also you can use this website to get 
stock videos and use in your websites We have a lot of also free ones 
like Pixels I think pixels.com You can see here videos section You can search here or simply go down and 
select a video and download it and that's it Okay so mainly I use Camtasia 
studio StoryBlocks and Canva To create everything about my 
courses and videos also on YouTube Now we have step number 4 
which is publishing the course Simply I publish the course 
on YouTube the 1st platform I simply go here and create a new 
course and start publishing it I will not cover this now it's somehow simple You select a course and go continue and 
start publishing the lectures and videos Now what I do also and what I started 
lately this year or like last year Is I created my academy my own academy You can see academy.h-educate.com and I started 
publishing my courses here on my academy If you go here to my dashboard you will see 
here my earnings for the last couple of months So if you are wondering and asking 
why my revenue declined on Udemy If you go here to performance 
and go here again to all time If you are asking why my revenue declined here It's simply because my own promotion 
now is going to the academy So the difference here is what I 
am earning inside my academy now So my revenue is splitting now 
between my academy and Udemy We have Udemy organic traffic and we 
have my own promotion to my academy So this is why my revenue is 
split between both platforms Also this month I started 
publishing my courses on Skillshare I want to test this platform and see how it works So I published my WordPress course on 
Skillshare to see how things will go So mainly to publish the course 
you will publish on Udemy Sorry here on Udemy, you 
can create your own academy If you are asking or wondering 
how I created this academy I am using simply Thinkific platform Thinkific simply if you go 
here search for Thinkific It's a service that allows you to create 
market and sell your online courses Also have Teachable if you want you can use it 
it's also a great place to create your courses Teachable.com you can go and compare them By the way I used both and both are really 
great they have all the features and services and tools that will help you 
create your courses, market them host them and do everything you 
want to start your own academy So this is about publishing your courses Now the last step is promoting your courses If you go back here to the char 
you can see the first month I earned only $18 if you go back to my courses I want 
to show you this it's really funny If you go down here to my first 
courses now it's unpublished of course It was somehow low quality it's 
my first experience that time If you go here yes this one, this 
is my first course on the platform It's about programming and application security I remember when I published this course 
the first day I earned $12 the first day So I thought about it oh I got from 
the 1st day $12 so it will be a great   place to publish more courses So I started creating more and more 
courses like this one this one this one But my revenue was still low, let's go 
back to performance you will see here It's only like $100 $75 $100 $83 it's nothing So at that time I knew that 
I have to do something else Not only publishing courses 
I have to promote the courses This is why step number 5 is 
really very very very important You have to promote and grow 
your courses by yourself Especially today because we 
have a lot of competition So even if a topic has a 
lot of competition you can   still go through it if you 
promote your own courses Using your own platforms using your own audience So at that moment I realized that YouTube 
will be a great place to start with So I started my YouTube channel 
you can see here my YouTube channel And started creating videos 
related to my own courses And today I have like 180,000 
subscribers on my channel So it's a good audience base to promote 
any course I want when I publish it And by the way by the way just memorize this also You don't have or you don't need to say 
in your videos in your YouTube videos Hey I have a course go and check it! You don't need to say this, just create quality 
content, give value to people on your channel on your social media, wherever you want And people believe me people will come 
and ask you about your premium courses Will ask you how we can buy your course believe me This is what will happen when you 
give value on your YouTube channel or your other websites or whatever So it's very important to grow 
outside Udemy or outside your academy You have to grow by yourself Create a YouTube channel, 
create videos about your topics Build your email lists, you can create a blog 
as I do I have a blog where I publish topics Also related to my courses so anyone 
reading my posts and liked my posts They will also love to join my premium 
courses and learn more in detail and so on So create a blog, a YouTube channel, build 
your email list, build your social profiles Try to build audience outside 
Udemy and your academy and then you will see how 
you will be successful online Please go to my YouTube 
channel and go to my playlists You will find here the digital 
marketing playlist, where is it Here we are digital marketing playlist I explained somehow in detail how to grow 
from 0 in detail how to build audience How to market your courses how to market 
any product how to build your email list And much much more so this is 
about creating online courses and being successful creating online courses I tried my best to mention 
everything as fast as I can I mentioned all the topics, the important topics Please if you like me to create a full course 
about this topic in detail step by step Please comment down below and I will be 
more than happy to create a full free course here on my channel Don't forget to go to H-educate.com 
now now go to H-educate.com/giveaway And join the giveaway that will end 
I think in 6 days we have 6 days left So go and join the giveaway we 
have $100 cash for 10 winners Also we have 1 year premium bio-url account Also you can go and join now That's it! Thank you and see you later

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