7 Digital Marketing Tools You Need To Know To Scale Your Business

[Music] the other day jeremy and i we were auditing some of the tools that we are using within our company to run everything to do the digital marketing and automation and everything that we use on a day-to-day basis and we added them up we look at that and we notice that we actually have over a hundred tools that we use on a daily basis to run everything that we do and i was shocked and i was amazed so i thought you know what why don't i ask him to make a video for you for the top seven tools that everyone should know when it comes to scaling your business seven digital marketing tools that you should be aware of so that's how this video came about enjoy yo what's going on guys this is jeremy i figured i'd get a quick video for you before i go on this bike ride about to be a tropical storm that rolls in here so i want to uh you know have some fun in the sun before it rains for like three days straight nonetheless one drop quick video here for you guys seven different tools that you can use to scale your business this will help online businesses this will help offline businesses from my experience helping a lot of people make internet money this definitely has a lot of fast track success for online businesses specifically meaning there's some high impact tools that you can use first one right off the rip it's copy.ai copy.ai is a new tool the foundational technology underneath it is called gpt3 it's a subset of artificial intelligence created by the company openai i think elon musk funds that company just so all these different artificial intelligence tools are directed more towards helping humans rather than replacing jobs in its entirety but this technology here can definitely help replace some aspects of what you currently need to do for copywriting it hasn't really helped me with long-form facebook ad copy and has helped with short form facebook ad copy like one to two sentences another cool one so i'm an advertiser i spend a ton of money on ads like anywhere from a couple hundred thousand dollars a month at the lowest generally some months we hit upwards of millions of dollars a month and spend we do that profitably we manage less than 10 clients so we work with a lot of top brands out there that spend a lot of money on ads to generate customers i'm constantly on the lookout for tools that give me more leverage meaning they save me time they produce more outcomes they help my efficiencies while retaining my effectiveness getting the result and the outcome that i'm looking for one of these cool new tools i think the name of the company is just pencil back in the day there was a company called refuel four there was uh somebody i think it was an executive of facebook's ad board and then of google adwords and like a snapchat ad guy they're all left they started this company called refuel for that company eventually got shut down but that company was really cool it was an artificial intelligence that you'd link up to all those different ad channels facebook adwords youtube uh snapchat and what it would do is it would analyze all the creative that you already have you could also submit creative into it and it would actually create a bunch of different creatives for you automatically swap them out and it would just run a b tests all day it would let the winners ride it would cut the turds and it would just keep swapping out the losers for more potential winning variations it was like autonomous ad creative rotation and i was very fond of that tool it's also quite expensive it was about five grand a month at the time when that tool was out they've gotten shut down since i don't i don't think it was like a compliance thing i think it got bought out and then the company bought him out just chose to shut it down for some reason but that's what i was really excited about pencil when pencil came out tripensial.com is essentially the same thing as refuel four doesn't have as much availability to distribute across all the different ad networks right now but it does have availability to do it inside of facebook and instagram and google adwords which is quite effective for most people who aren't branched out into all the different other ad channels that exist a third one okay more common used by a couple hundred thousand people and that's clickfunnels.com a lot of love hate against click funnels some people nowadays they prefer web flow i think it's webflow.io essentially the same thing as click funnels with just you know a little less features the reason i like clickfunnels so much is the amount of revenue that they make a flat out in business when you're a for-profit organization and you make more money than your competitors and you actually care about your customers you typically invest a lot more in a product development you know you invest more into new features you invest in the support of your community you invest into helping the users and just you know customer support things like that but more importantly you have an advantage because you have far more users that are making far more revenue than everybody else one of the big reasons i'm a big fan of click funnels outside of the revenue that they make and how much they can support their community is specifically because they have a speed to result that a lot of the classic ways to build websites just don't have wordpress very clunky one plug-in can update the entire site can get shut down and not function anymore because some random plug-in not supporting all the other things that you might have plugged into your wordpress site wordpress sites are slow they typically require not slow in terms of the page load speed but slow in the sense of like it takes a long time to develop i've got to pay developers to build it out click funnels i can just go in as the entrepreneur and i can just go make a change to something you know i don't need to hire a developer spend payroll cost just to make a change to like a headline or like drag something or change the placement of something or increase the size or decrease the size or just to run an a b test in my agency at one point i had 27 staff three offices we were one of the top 30 click funnel designers in the world at the time and we were building a lot of funnels for people when clients would want us to build on wordpress versus the clients that would want us to build on click funnels it was 900 faster to build on click funnels in comparison to building on wordpress alright so the next one is upwork.com upwork.com is a freelance hub i don't use it for getting work to be clear i use it as a business to to outsource menial tasks okay key payroll positions i have in my organization like take my video editor his name's jay he's behind this behind the camera here when he's overworked i go to upwork to find video editors that can be anywhere from like three dollars to ten dollars an hour that he can manage offload some of his work to and therefore speeding up his ability to do more high leverage things for my organization in comparison to being just bogged down with menial editing tasks okay upwork also allows me to add him as a user so he can go in there and manage him so i don't have to give out logins my own profiles in addition to that there is just so much costs that i've saved by outsourcing key projects to people on upwork i've outsourced legal documents of outsourced graphic design projects just i mentioned i've outsourced video work of outsourced funnel projects of outsourced copywriting projects which is an unbelievable amount of things that can get done on upwork and they're extremely cost effective some of the cons just to also argue both sides they take 35 of whatever you're paying your freelancers through that platform it's quite a steep fee so although a lot of people like to argue that that means that top talent is going to leave up work and go elsewhere it's been untrue i haven't experienced that in any capacity and i've still been very fond of upwork okay next tool that's canva.com a lot of people are aware of canva a lot of people aren't aware of canva okay canva.com is a graphic design tool kind of like how clickfunnels enables you to get rid of developers and pay somebody who's faster to produce a website and you can go in and make changes yourself canada.com is kind of like the same thing for graphic design an unbelievable amount of very simple graphic design projects i've been able to personally go into canva.com some of my staff members have been able to go into canva.com and just do something that we'd otherwise have to pay a graphic designer to do it's fast it's effective it's easy to use it stores all my designs it's cheap there's nothing better than a tool that you could ask it's efficient it's effective definitely something i'd recommend to everybody all right so the sixth tool it's a website called thispersondoesnotexist.com there's a few different tools that are variations of this a lot of different artificial intelligence platforms that have been out there nowadays have started to produce and sell people that aren't real so what i mean by that is like a lot of the times when you're in the advertising space or you're just trying to find like stock images a lot of them are already overused by a lot of other people out there and a lot of other businesses therefore it loses a lot of the exclusivity it loses a lot of the branding it also potentially opens you up to higher costs when you have to pay real people to do things tool number seven for scaling your own online business is culture index dan lok one of my mentors he gave me the tip one time higher slow fire fast and when he hires slo he qualifies all the talent who comes into his organization with a tool called culture index i teach this to all my students i teach it to my inner circle students as well they get access to that tool through me and i i just weed out all their stuff it's a personality survey a lot of the other personality surveys before you say oh no just like everything else it's not it's the highest accuracy out of all of them disc assessment merrell briggs the jf whatever the hell that thing is those are all 70 to 80 percentile accuracy culture index has 90 percentile accuracy there's not been one time where i haven't read somebody's personality survey to them and had them disagree i've had one time where somebody said you know i don't think it's 100 accurate i want to take it again they took it again literally the results came out the exact same when you're hiring staff whether it's just a contractor that you're doing a one-time freelance project with or whether it's going to be a payroll position we even do this with clients we have to take a culture index personality survey and then we're able to communicate to them we're able to understand their motivating needs we're able to understand how they prefer you to communicate we're able to understand what their drives are we're able to understand how they are as a person how much energy they have whether introverted extroverted all these different personality types patience attentiveness to detail willingness to take full responsibility over whatever we give them versus the desire to just follow somebody's you know management and comparison all these traits matter a lot and they've led to a much more effective staff in my organization that is a lot more culturally aligned in comparison to fragmented and potentially having disagreements more frequently than what we otherwise would so to be clear culture index fantastic tool very effective something that you use to kind of filter staff prior to hiring them in or just to see if somebody's going to be a good fit for a department that you might be bringing them into all seven of these tools very effective ways to help scale your business both online and offline if you want some more insights and awareness dan lok and i put together this thing it's called the digital agency launch pad there's no cost to it it does things like this it increases your awareness video by video on some ways that marketing agencies run gives you an ability to start and scale a marketing agency there's no cost to it and it just shows you some things that will help make you some revenue and get you in that internet money game all right i'm gonna go ride my bike for reigns hope you guys have a good one and uh i'll see you in the next video do me a favor drop a comment below and let me know what you guys want covered next talk with you soon bye


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