7 Proven Content Marketing Trends that Will Conquer in 2020

Are you a Content marketer in distress?
Have you been trying different techniques but you still think that
you're missing out on something or simply you don't get the best results of
your content marketing efforts. You're not alone. We've all been there. More than
50% of the businesses are still struggling with their content marketing
processes. In this video I'm going to share 7 content marketing trends with you that you should definitely try in 2020 to get back in the game.

Believe it or not more than 50% of the
shoppers say that when they're about to buy something, video content helps them
decide which brand to go for. So video is the most powerful form of content and it
will continue to get bigger in 2020. Your audience is consuming videos on many different channels and you can continue to feed them your content by
simulcasting live videos on different social channels like Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. This way your audience gets to see the real faces
behind the business and you get to answer their question in real time. And
the marketers are also doing stuff like announcing their feature updates or
filming their recent activities via the ephemeral content which is the
kind of content that stays for 24 hours and then vanishes.
You can also repurpose your video content into podcasts, blog posts, and
social posts for your social channels.

So, I think to stay in business
you need to make video marketing a part of your content marketing process There are many virtual assistants like
Bixby, Cortana, or Siri that will answer all your questions for you so all your
searches are now only one voice command away but this technology is becoming
popular among people of all age groups my niece uses Google's assistant to play
cartoons on the TV because she can't type yet.

And I use it to play my favorite
songs and you could use it to look for anything online . Augmented reality helps
you to experience virtual things if you own a commercial website for your
business, AR should be your present and your future. Convince & convert predicts
that AR will be used by 3.5 billion mobile users and AR ads in social media
will earn the revenue worth fifteen billion dollars. And if you're a smart
marketer you'll see an opportunity for yourself here.

digital marketing

Imagine you're on an
online web store and you need assistance with something would you rather a robot
chat with you or an actual person talk to you. More than three billion people
that's like half the population on earth they use messaging apps to conversate
and messaging apps will be used by more people in the upcoming years According to one report by Statista podcast
listeners have tripled over the last decades so yes more people are listening
to your audio and engaging with it now you must have a question that everyone these
days has a podcast what if your voice gets buried in the saturation. The answer
to this question is some of the businesses are still yet to adopt this
technique so there's pretty much room for you and if you're doing justice when
presenting and promoting your content you're already ahead of them. The most
popular and the widely used search engine all around the world is Google so
if your content ranks there, YOU WIN. The battle of the SEO wars now ways to
conquer the 0th position in the first google SERP.

Everyone fought for the
first position before and now they're fighting for position zero. Most of you
must be thinking why is it so important Let me tell you. Do you know when you use
voice search to search for something which content is brought to you. The answer is… the featured snippet. When
a user types in a longtail keyword Google's best content is brought in the
form of a snippet and gives them the required info about their query they
read about the relevant part without feeling the need to go to the whole
website When you go shopping to buy some clothes how do you measure the quality
of the clothes there must be some metrics that you look at while buying
clothes like the quality of the fabric design, the color, money anything when all
of these things fulfill your needs only then you buy it, right? In the same way
when you're trying new strategies with your content marketing you need to see
the worth of every tactic how much is it going to cost you and what is the return
on investment.

The metrics we talked about here have more of the quantitative
value it's all about the numbers and the graphs that clear the picture for you
this is the beauty of data-driven content it helps you foresee what
things will work for you and measure how well they're working for you it's also
important to rule out the vanity metrics and continue with the metrics that bring
positive value to your business. the future of content marketing is all about
data-driven content creation rather than just applying the hit & trial method.
Marketers would prefer to rely more on the hard evidence. So if you integrate
all these emerging trends in your business strategies, success is not far
away from you.

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