7 ways American Express dominates content marketing, Part 1

hi I'm Ian 10mm vice president crowd tap tell us a little bit about American Express open forum and what you've seen there in terms of engagement metrics success and anything you really learned from that whole program we actually launched open for him back in 2007 which in the content space was a long time ago and we've learned an unbelievable amount I think over the years what we've seen is that really leveraging the voice of experts in the space versus our own has been really successful in driving engagement and I think also we've started to really leverage data and look at it very closely on a very frequent basis to try and understand what people are coming to us to learn about so I think it's helped us you know cover the right topics and get the right folks writing for us and it's kind of helped us be successful how do you see the dynamic of of American Express just providing content versus inserting themselves in the conversation we really have been largely non promotional and focused on articles and content that provide advice for our customers so I think the way that we've done that is by really protecting our voice and making sure that we're authentic and keeping it largely non promotional so you know there are times where you know certain initiative that we think is really useful and valuable to our readers and customers you know we decide to highlight that so an example would be small business saturday for example which is a day that's totally geared around small business owners a huge success yeah exactly and it's also something that people really want to know about so that they can leverage it in their stores and take advantage of all of the media attention that's around the day so something that makes a lot of sense for us on open forum is although most of what we cover is you know not focused on American Express initiatives when something like that comes around we definitely want to be able to educate people on how to take advantage of it so we'll create content around something like that versus you know we're not creating long lists of product features which would probably immediately make people stop coming to our website

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