7Masters Content Marketing – 2 correntes de geração de resultados usando conteúdo, por André Rosa

well i'm andré i besides working with cassio in the treatment is easy the doctorate in communication but what matters is to be healthy and I am also a teacher of communication of colleges rio branco my audience is therefore very specific is a group that appears every time appears fewer in number is incredible as there are fewer and fewer people looking for a communication course journalism course I had an expectation is the opposite, so people will run away from being exact because more arduous a more difficult path implying that finally in human sciences are often simpler – the common sense of this is obviously it's silly people didn't go when they get to college realizes that it is exactly the opposite has so many complications even the complexity of human sciences make sensational things like us like us sees this night much more complex than it appears to be I need to say that I was delighted with the idea of ​​stereotype mixed with things that I've been thinking about here and making my own notes this week including cassio we recorded a podcast of one of the lines nera in relation to a very common tactic in the day to day market about people using a technique that basically you build an archetype of a a figure that will somehow direct his action there from there that which is what you are going to do is different from the stereotype because it is not hunch is not an expectation at all, nor to be direct both he and the archetype prototype stereotype that are all very similar and and i do these connections in the middle of nowhere along with things I just thought of top hat because of a lecture – which was scheduled so i apologize i seemed kinda nonlinear is this lecture was in practice a contract webinar recently held attractor including do this with some frequency free binaries recommend that anyone who likes this subject very connected all all of them linked to content marketing with a glance at the track day calendar – you will have there not only this one but other recordings the title calls if two currents that generate results that in practice represents 12 stereotypes ok anbio I will already conclude for anyone who wants although the thing is much more complex than it seems there are no two profiles of san andrés or two profiles of professionals who work in a binary way is this or that right any of the results are more focused on the concept of account marketing we saw a lot here tonight linked to distribution techniques useful content is this that this technique from the production of useful content will connect people together with their brands and products and services with something else that Cassio commented at the beginning of our chat, because tonight marketing that that does not necessarily relate to aa this relationship for the content with a focus on content but with a focus on results a focus on that that can represent at the end is with the result that can represent at the end I kept slide aquino no in relation to content is because if we think about ways of thinking about content related to there are brands of products and services we we can think especially neither is it here perhaps it is the great focus of content market in useful content in content that goes somehow solve one bring some information in fact there let's think about the relevance of new right in something that can bring something relevant is very close that with a with educational a content a type of text more educational an information or even what what can I beat play here calling abbas realization of the content is that in practice we end up coming a lot of entertainment-oriented content that is more playful on the part of taking the time to decide if this guy with something that is finally going to be not necessarily bring something relevant and let's confuse something that you've heard here today but that somehow also brings a emotional connection with the kienbaum brand says neca is a one tactic that that seeks is the interest of people more than that who already bee it attention in some of these actions is realizes that a tram has a concern in bringing it closer these people in search of a result in search of conversions, right this has a little to do with something that the car commented at the beginning of night is in relation to content and streak the content be a fuel a glue a boom in relation to the relationship I intend with this user at the end of the accounts to illustrate this improved brought a concept since they are already in their 30s which is the concept of strong ties weak will not go into the detail I recommend that you look not only for the macrometric ooo author of the article that gave rise to this concept but the very appropriation of this article by other professionals raquel recuero herself who is an expert in social networks and who both observe the dynamics in social networks a lot, whether through force ties but also by people's own adherence to these networks felipe commented today for example why people follow guaraná antarctica it can be for an identity we often go for the identification of the brand but it may be due to the interaction, not necessarily in guaraná antarctica but for some other brand or even for another case where it will entering this community will enter this network because of the interactions because of the information that is there not only aa the question of identification itself is not good briefly what would be the strong ties we weak here we can say that many of us here already know each other by example carol cassio reigns here we have a service could observe this room from above we have some stronger connections in relation to others at the same time we have no connections that we open now today I am andré and we are creating weaker ties than do not necessarily have the same weight as the same emotional character relationship by identity we all like the same themes now the bond is strengthened as the increased dialogue increases the trust also here other elements that do not necessarily it is a mere following you are not very clear repair the difference between another measure in which you perceive for example a follower on twitter or someone who follows a fanpage may be just a weaker bond because a greater relationship of trust lacks a stronger dialogue this is not a demerit because you can have it for example in the case of a fan of a cluster here today a group that has there that its strongest connections an absence of other elements of other external information so that the information that is there can go ahead imagine for example what we have is that a group of people discussing contains marketing and every content marketing brazil or as dead telemarketing for example we always invite the same people the inevitable result but how to call the heck to be a club o the way to play is strictly the even the results tend to be strictly the same while the people can for example create some other type of connection say the following look at group said that another group did that weak ties therefore have a fundamental importance here for recommendations or even for indications in the act linkedin works from the weak bones the weak bond is usually the one that contracts while the bond strong indicates right then this dynamic is very common in networks it is important separate before this happens and the question I ask you is we prefer there sox solar sox the very short answer that we though fast depends on what we want after all we will have importance for the two when we go to a relationship site to look for bonds they can be either strong or weak from these possibilities is because that question seems here because a bucket has in the picture that you maybe will come around that the idea of ​​the sales funnel the logic of the funnel is that you start to aaa relate to a certain user and when you reach the end of the funnel where he becomes a lawyer of the brand or someone who can make recommendations her your brand ram it will buy more soul this is where i'm going to drop the sales team because it's this citizen here who is going to buy a service product so I go and we go say will warm up my relationship by strengthening the relationship for starting from here to go up to get the results but let's call here more strong leaves question for you this works how would you feel andré within joining starting from this logic is not a very possible answer it is more or less this type of guy who will enter one of those sites that promote content for search for results below and book right after I downloaded a book someone appears saying to you like this because we don’t have much business here cool here for you to see them as the seller of the clothing store that sticks in you and you yes but i'm looking but i'm not so-and-so until today here we there is this promotion here we do business the farm is more or less in this but in a way that is perhaps very insistent that the momentum of searching for some for some results we can make a difference differentiate that zero and a couple of ways to search for results from these two theorists it's the hunter and the farmer what is the difference here the hunter is the one who seeks to search bosco battle result no matter what the logic that I use I want more is that this guy doing it is a social media operation, the guy goes there to buy buy buy while the farmer cultivates the farmer who is the easy relationship god doesn't want to bring people together and the result comes with time, a quick differentiation here is the hunter cultivates is competitive has an attitude but explorer is always pasted a football metaphor is the attacker and usually works alone whereas the farmer will not necessarily bring results but bah behind her relationships is to make things develop instead of fight he seeks partners for collaborations has a strategic posture is the class defender and has a team tendency prepare there is no 101 here we can perfectly according to what the people want to assume these two postures at certain times there is no demerit in that is it is now very easy to realize that on one side and on the other the content logic can work here either as bait so that the logic of the hunter can function as a seed or as hostile the time you who it’s not possible for the content logic to work here as a place for us to create a closer relationship with this audience is a thousand ends my speech saying that what matters is to know what you have then what do you know what's behind what you want to talk to with this audience and I found another phase of another sentence very interesting felipe's is not necessarily what you say but it is what the other listens to so dialogue does not presuppose just a monologue but a return of this this dialectic so what will give you the best condition for balance the two postures that's it guys thanks for your attention and let's speaker


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