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H,i Nick here from Abstrakt Studios. So you've decided to add a video to your marketing arsenal because you've seen the studies that show people are four times more likely to watch a video about your business than read about it. But which type of video production service is right for your needs? Maybe I can help. This is Kevin, an Abstrakt Studios Producer working on a marketing collateral video We produce a lot of these for businesses
that prefer a straightforward introduction of their company or another one of these topics. If you have your own footage or images you want to include … great! If not we can create your dynamic
marketing collateral video without you supplying anything more than your business logo.

Other clients prefer more of a custom video like the one Justin is working on now. Here are some examples of the types of custom videos we produce. Custom videos often include a video shoot with Steven and his team. Another example of our custom option is this motion graphics video you're watching now so really the possibilities are endless. Within the custom category are our corporate video marketing services these can include anything from recruitment and culture videos to client testimonials and social videos When you need to cast a much wider net
you'll want top quality television and YouTube video advertising.
As part of the country's top lead generation companies Abstrakt Studios
provides the marketing savvy to create engaging broadcast and online advertising that drives traffic to your business and
website. From scripting to graphics and animation
to videography and edit Abstrakt Studios provides a combination of quality
marketing message and affordability no other production company can match. It's time to put your video marketing strategy in overdrive.

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Click or call to learn more today. abstraktmg.com 314-526-0381.

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