Adobe Edge Reflow Preview Tutorials Build Responsive Web Design Media Queries Techniques

you you therefore welcomed an eliciting video my name’s Robert feral pig Dobie guru master with 26 years of training suffer here’s a brand new software tool for offsetting accept layout called the dobie edge reflow reflow is part of the Adobe Edge Creative Suite package now this patrol your application is totally free if you already have an Adobe gloom detail so adobe rim only exhausted this brand new great great product it’s still in preview so that’s why it’s still free I’m going to share with you my time-tested procedures now this video line this free video that you’re watching on youtube or on you to me mostly will exactly give you a fundamental understanding of what the application does now of course take what full trend bring benefits you seriously by understanding all the little nuances my corroborate strength techniques of how to use the software in squeeze the leech so you can find this on UW calm if you go to think horn earth calm you will see my captain track container mostly my all-access all-inclusive container which of course if you’re part of that all current routes and all future courses are totally free so what is it BB edge reflow well WH refo is part of the Adobe Edge power suite which includes edge inspect edge code I’m going to f of course is that all these programs coming up shortly right now I of course on udemy on adobe margin and today we’re going to share with you how reflow thoughts and how it’s going to totally thoroughly this I’m a beta tester for Adobe so I’ve been using this programme for a while but it’s going to be absolutely amazing how simple it is to build a accept pattern perfectly immense layout by simply site and sound no pas coding and mostly take it into Dreamweaver and then fine tune it from there so let’s get started let’s roll up our sleeves and residence see how simple it is to get accept layout abusing the brand-new adobe margin reflow which again is part of the adobe side supremacy dessert so first we are intending to do of course is go to file brand-new new datum now if you’re afraid of any of my classifies if you insure my videos before the first thing I is save the file so I’m going to file suit as navigate my behavior now what we’re going to do here is I’m going to introduced this in a folder on my desktop web sites I’m just refer this website at dobie rim reflow of course you can call whatever you want we producing this into Dreamweaver with defined area it’s where we going to help you so I’m going to positioned this in a separate folder called consumer comp forget one only in case I have form 2 now it probably helps to spell the word client I guess I should have made that free type class on you to be calm and we’ll simply call this project purchaser relatively comp copy on type typing you got to take a typing class save hey you’re not here for typing okay now this is so incredibly cool what I’m going to do is share with you how it conceives and what it does and what it expects from you now in sort of a free preview of course this is a teaser extremely of course get you to sign up for my courses now for those who say oh those who needs about you demand Susilo directions well guess what guys just like you don’t work for free I don’t work for free well I do a lot of things are free if you check out my youtube com forward gash study dreamweaver all the other YouTube videos I have this so it’s a lot our free stuff but to be quite frank of quite candid this is how I pay my bills this is how I kept two daughters through college page for my grandkids invests and more importantly take care of my girlfriend friend of 20 years all right so enough of that now edge reflow is a wonderful tool and again keep in mind this is a free adobe border edition 3 move up it’s a free platform from Adobe and it’s in preview the software itself is in preview so they’re going to make a lot of betters as an example if you notice your menu choices are very scarce okay there’s not even a cease well there’s cease under perimeter but basically you’d have retire under folder I just want to share that with you so the menus are very unusually sparse because again this software is still in preview but I still as it sits right now out of the box on this date it really really is a great program so i want to share with you how the programme studies and how it could benefit you so here’s what we’re going to do i’m simply going to make a series of div tag some form faultings and we’re going to adobe edge this programme mike’s div calls basically at a chest the shortcut for that is a letter M same to illustrator or other planneds so I’m just going to lag a carton across my grid now body come physique 12 grid arrangement and I’ll share with you how we can make changes to that so I’m just going to reposition this now pay close attention to this I’m in the Box creation tool so I wouldn’t go to reposition this it’s going to make another box of course command Z undo that so what you’ll need to do there’s no shortcut hitherto for this you have to physically go to the selection tool ok now the shortcut for that is V by default but there’s no power consumer prawn in illustrator or photoshop i can simply hold down the word key so you have to get to know these shortcuts now they’re pretty simple it’s t 4 nature it’s m per chest it’s v for the move tool so if you simply hit the note V I could help move this box someplace else on my grid now again this is a 12 grid structure by default 960 pixels wide by default that’s what this d falls very so if I want to make changes at this colouring I have two selects with tabs right here I have a layout and I’ve styling so for styling I’m just going to clink right here of Anna style this to be red now again I exactly want to share with you other program thinks we’re not going to go to any advanced subtleties or capability creation procedures the method used that you are able to get when you sign up for my full trend and again if “youve had” my all-access pass out you to be calm of course this in all future tracks which means five years ago 10 year ago you sign up for one cost for my part carton and you get all my current and all my future classes for free so let me share with you have this envisages and I’ll only keep this really simple right now it’s my default oh yeah so what I want to do is hit this plus emblem right there with us can able b to do is make additional media query layouts now this is going to do the lubricant system for us there’s no pass code it’s going to write everything we need now based on my experience with this program you want to use it this precise acces if you try to use it your nature it’s going to unusually very confusing so here’s what we need to do we need to start with our smallest machine first I’m going to take this in and drag this out to 320 pixels now unfortunately there’s not a method so in this version of typing in so I’m just going to and sometimes it doesn’t snap accurately there so it could be a little temperamental so that’s 325 actually right there is drain or 20 pixels hey now places great importance if I want to now “ve got another” media query layout adaptable flowing grid motif so by default this does default to percentages okay right now the size of this is seventy-eight percent because that’s the length i procreated it wherever if you choose to on your ipad or iphone make this a hundred percentage i just did that now again pick close attention this is how simple simple is i’m going to click up here and click the possible again that’s going to build another fluid grid media query for us on the fly we’re going to make this one and i’m just going to keep this really simple let’s make this limit ipad sizing which is 768 pixels so again there’s no way to type this in in this version but hopefully they’re working on that so we changes to 768 pixels right there make a change save a change now precisely because we can i’m going to change the color of this box so i’m going to employ a styling i’m going to click right here i’m going to change that simple it’ll make a change dres conversion simple simple simple okay now i’m going to click one more time up now and I’m going to do one for actually just let’s go with these two I think that will be simple enough so now if I want to see this in a browser opening the only choice I have right now is the preview this in chrome now chrome has a built-in free plug-in for what’s called Adobe inspect so i’ll talk about that in a precede video but this will kind of get the liquors flowing so if i go to preview in chrome this goes to show you what the sheet site and morsel so if i make this in free size formerly it gets down to 760 it’s going to change gondola and once it gets down to 320 it’s going to change emblazon now regrettably the crow prazzer is not going to go as low-spirited as that it’s not going to go down too we are therefore make this into Dreamweaver you’ll be understood that that will work correctly okay now here’s the super cool part so let’s as an example I’m going to click back here under 320 with which is my 320 media query and only because i can’t i’m going to resize the height of this so under out here here’s the altitude now here’s the cool segment this is color-coded coordinated based on your media queries stops here so if i run here this is going to be a different colour coordination now that happens when you make a physical change to your original so as an example I’ve made a color change but I too want to make a size change so if I go ahead and resize this to make this smaller horizontally notice that it with a colour any time you make a change anything that’s not a color is going to be default which going to inherit from the parent so if I understand better how CSS labours that’s how it remembers now if I click back over here I better change this so these two emblazons i’m going to take this colour i’m going to go to stylize and i’m going to change that to pink or purple okay let’s go back to our 768 and let’s just make a width change to this so i’m going to go to the Layout tab again now notice everything here is by default this is the faulting to my desktop edition but if i go and make it change this notice that it altered it to height so therefore that’s the colour that competitors up with this color so it’s very visual curricula i’m going to choose to make this one the part thicknes at 768 pixels so it’s going to resize down to that width again make a change save a convert so now i basically have three media inquiries I have this media query default I x 768 media query and I have mine 320 now here’s the really cool part on how the program thanks if you sounds down now this will give you the hierarchy to all the receptacles everything we put on the box yep the unfortunate thing if I could be soaked and at the one thing i don’t like about this a it does not write html5 responsive motif tat titles div tags so you would have to then go into the program like Dreamweaver and proselytize those to html5 compatible excise which I have a entire complete video sequences in fact if you go to my free video on forward slash think we’re earning and i’ll placed a link to that free video series on you to be calm i’m a entire ton of free videos on to share with you how to work with illustrator photoshop adobe edge after gists premiere so you do me tranquilize forward slice Tinkler so again what i want to share with you if i sounds right here i can actually click the clipboard right here and that forgeries that information to my clipboard in order to be allowed to if i’m doing some basic changing to my existing HTML page I could form those changes and then kept that back into like to remove her record which of course dreamweaver simply writes code so really want to share that little technique with you so once again if I Reese krub this that’s go to buy different sizes here okay with the cool thing about this is you can choose that mostly have different versions of this not just with media inquiries with physically different positions and everything else so let’s “re saying it” as an example on why 320 and again I can drag that our Guinness click right here so enjoy my 320 maneuver I’m going to go at a photo and the photo my ad I am to have a charming little photo of my grandchild my first grandchild have three grandchildren I’m going to take that I’m going to put that right there so that’s me with two daughters and her grandchild her prowes sorry her daughter yeah her grandchild let’s not approach it there’s me now if you don’t want to see this grid you are eligible to mostly deepen the opacity and there you go so that’s me that’s Piper and that’s Taylor so my first grandchild is going to be for this summer so this was taken coming back from a outing from Hawaii if I can really throw loot identify here I actually went to carlos santana and cindy blackman sweating and why in 2010 and on the way home there is a major snowstorm blizzard we got stuck in LA for a few weeks and that gave me the opportunity to spend time with my daughter and grandchild now here’s the cool division okay so I go back to my 768 upturn automatic resizes that epitome now here’s how images work it’s not going to broil it become the epitome bigger than what the original likenes was so you got my desktop version as an example if i touch the bidding minus kid is in wait wait wait out and I increase the size of this to say like default immensity perhaps I want to move my default width punched the plus typify so if you just wanted to attain your simply untrue sizing say this size here which is basically two thousand pixels why for a big huge white monitor what you could do notice that I can’t make this bigger than what the original photo was this photo is 1280 pixels wide so if in fact you want to have a gargantuan photo for your big huge 32 inch 42 inch widescreen then you’d have to downsize from there so notice how I did that so now I simply have the photo and I’m going to command 0 bid 0 fit space so here again here’s my 320 exhales here’s my 768 width and here’s my full desktop immensity and again it did it for me no paw coding it new to rewrite the size of that so again if i go to view preview in chrome and again the sure if it is commit f1 2 control f12 for openings and just like that so here is my size I guess him to scrape there too but she is she’s basically a mini mini me my daughter my daughter is actually better driving I am so fortunately my grandchild get that my daughter appears not mine so now it’s biscuit resizes down how cool is that right again I didn’t have to write code for that it did it for me so my objective with this course in any trend that I teaching in scurried any software program which I teach a lot of software i coach Maya 3d used to go backs final piece adobe rim Adobe Premiere mainly adobe commodities because that’s what I start out with but that’s no excuse I convey I educate anything that’s menu-based that’s graphically or video or flow graphic or a special effect oriented I know those programmes and I teach those curricula so again the way that this program thinks here is it’s going to create div labels for you and it’s going to write the code for you the HTML code plus the media query code need it to mostly improve these files so let’s go and open this up inside of Dreamweaver and I will show with you share with you the registers that are created now what you need to understand is if you miss the most current version of that HTML written you do have to go and preview that inside of your Chrome browser so that gets the most current version to that updating report of the Adobe reflow application so here we are in WWE waiver yeah I recollect I know this program kind of well we’ll kind of stumble through now just kidding all right so I’m going to go to file open open folder navigate space selected the documents hindered which I of course I put in boob locates inside of Adobe edge reflow and chlorine comp one so what this does is this makes assets folder in the assets folder is what contains the CSS Euler plate and the media queries which are inside the reflow fleck CSS I’m going to click this datum right here and open it up and it puts the epitomes that I used inside of there jpg record whatever jpg encountered i use it frames it inside the likeness file therefore those documents and of course have to be published your browser i’m going to double click it open this up now again what it did it’s it’s totally absolutely but you know simple i suspects is the word it’s brainless it’s pretty straightforward it wrote to CSS folders for you this is the boilerplate CSS file that was written by these guys which you know nice guys good they know what they’re doing you know cetera et cetera then in addition to that it started the reflow now if I could share that with you for a second the reflow artery now here’s worth one thing i don’t like about if I could be so candid but again this is going to change with subsequent copies and modernizes again this version of the software is still in preview so one thing I don’t like is everything is called a casket chest one container to box three uses the ID calls not html5 semantic labels so I just want to share that with you but it doesn’t do a great job in writing the media query so if I want to view this inside pub dreamweaver as an example now it does say that the system was specifically generate it would work one hundred percentage inside of chrome but i experimented basically the code it right since i’m different browsers and it does work one hundred percentage i haven’t seen any interruptions so far that’s probably just a little position and kind of cover there but or Adobe so I click right here that’s going to give my full screen if I click here dick is my iPad rustles if I click here of course it sacrifices my phone exhales which in this specific case would in originate separate media query for 480 however if I do go down to 3 20 and then there’s my new size so how cool is that so again this program is a great huge planned but the thing i don’t like about it is how it frames its CSS but that’s something you’d have to change and of course i go into great detail on a naive easy point and speedy mode to do that in my full ended sequence on this software program so my specify is Robert Pharaoh I increase you two are here very much a duet things I’d like to share with you before we leave first of all if you’re brand-new to you to me I most intimate going to see you to be calm now of course I require you to sign up for my tracks but there’s a lot of enormous tracks and a lot of enormous tracks for consignment from other teachers that you really benefit from marketings and marketing and how to basically I don’t know if there’s anything I about how to play a guitar but I think that’s coming soon but all kinds of topics in fact there’s one for more up Zuckerberg back when he was at Harvard which has got it has a big response you know thousands and thousands of beings watch that and that’s free to on you to be calm but one thing I want to share with you is if you go to you to be calm to this URL and i’ll link to it down on the bottom this may all access bale now for some of you you might think well that seems a lot lot money but right now i’m running a special for sixty-three percent off so “whats happening” if i click right here you can get this bale for six hundred forty nine dollars now a lot of you might think well that’s a lot of money to six hundred forty nine dollars well i would like to think that my surmount proficiencies and again right now I’ve had approximately about 25 tracks I’d be to be calm all Typex all subjects all different types of software so if you do the math on that in fact let’s actually do the math on that so if you do the math of that what we have going on here let’s say that you sign up on somebody else I won’t mention any refer but somebody else’s track that may be charged Oh 375 horses a year well 375 a year or ages in five years you’re going to be expend 18 hundred dollars now get you know apples and oranges now but some coerce isn’t able you to do like there’s other you know parties out there you trading any bill you ought about 20 horses a month well 20 bucks a month periods 12 is 240 well 240 is still cheaper than 1 649 but guess what year after that you have to that so in five years you’re going to be spending twelve hundred dollars so by direction give you complete access lifetime access now next month next year five years ten years so in 10 times from now when Adobe comes up with cs you know whatever CS 25 you dealt okay now that’s also considering that I haven’t you know retired and move to uh to Belize or my favorite European seem to get in Belgium well I don’t think that’s going to happen so I time want to share with you that while all access pass now for those of you they can’t opened even that then basically look through my other routes my route I of courses in special bargains leading from twenty nine dollars to ninety nine dollars and i likewise got a lot of free courses on udemy com so expressed appreciation for very much and the main thing very is to go and read my student discuss my students love what I do I have the highest rated per capita I only want to share this with you I probably don’t have the most amount of observers is the only been on you to me for about six months but for the past four months hi Ben de number two best-selling a professor on you to be calm in fact I kidnet I can officially say that I’m best-selling Adobe teacher on you to be calm this month februari 2013 I am the second best all-time seller on now there’s a person who with all credit he does these technological routes for Microsoft makes which is something about no th and I choose him very good I have great success but I can’t seem to catch up to him but with your assistance hopefully I can anyway my name is Robert Farrell thank you very much for being here and i have a new path that i have no subscribers yet on youtube on youtube so if you want to be some of the first subscribers i will i will taunt you with a couple of little cool things i will do for say the first 100 subscribers to my brand-new path which is youtube com think adobe web so I’m even though I’m still going to keep up my adobe com picture dreamweaver youtube canal i just want to be more generic I want to start doing more videos that include all the other Adobe software programs and sometimes if you only call something dreamweaver people get terribly very confused so again thank you very much for being now my appoint is Robert Farrell hey do something nice for somebody today in your place or a neighbor or a friend or a homeless person because I did something nice for you so expressed appreciation for very much Robert Farrell I’m out of here carpet diem 2013 have a good day you

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