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hello what’s up we will in this great start of you know using technology AI MLL buzzword buzzword went Adam block chain disruption I always Co blockchain he’s looking for a designer do you have anyone in judgment oh your turn or pattern our UX as I know interaction design a product designer UI designer web design or type decorator I ten designer action decorator reference is very complicated is there something easier understands you wake so could be you I who could also stake our social media I intend these days social media is so obvious right and certainly like if you know you have to design moves and like the documents of the conference and the events and nonsense like try that again okay mmm then you are UX designers by but to make sense of them will have to look at their brief autobiography don’t worry you’re not going to get into too much items just enough to get us the understanding we require to make sense of all these design title how to discover the parentage of the practice we today call design many of the mental sits practices and first principles that we use are inherited from variety of manufactures and lives of study there is no one single source of motif if you look at yourself sorry you will realize that the post principles that painters work with and visual communication designers working in collaboration with our attention to the same in fact this fetches us to the most common and maybe the most visible title in designing graphic intend or the larger umbrella under which it sits which is visual communication design the centre of visual communication design would include things like form layout icon layout graphic intend flow scheme and tons of other free graphic layout and visual communication design inherit a lot from media advertisement and marketing industry perhap because for the large part of the history they progressed together which decorators likewise adore talking about aesthetics usability culture significances social ethics behavior in fact that’s not new to us we acquire those practices from industrial decorators who in today from designer perhaps because so many of the early industrial decorators are also among architects industrial designers the practice of creating produces that can be mass-produced and can quench a variety of use examples without creating too many discrepancies we verify the increase of industrial intend with increases of industry age this is where we get the standardized phone the standardized equipment in the house with an erect kitchen create and all those variety of problems the physical commodities that we often interact with are designed by industrial designers one of the most popular industrial designers that you’re likely to know is Jonathan IV or purple he’s been behind some of the most iconic makes from Apple including the iPod and the iPhone I designing youtuber talking about Apple how in shed is that but I run ahead of myself we’ll is coming to Apple worship in a little bit but with the rise of manufacture late we must also talk about the rise of Technology and eventually the rise of computers and personal computers and that naturally creates us to another land of practitioners that we share a lot in common with and that is engineer lot of ideas that we use today but in fact invented by technologists one of the key engineerings that reached personal computers possible was Duff – user interface we meet the first instance of GUI with representation by and like them at that time that was said a hoped spot and we press the button to command the computer to draw a line it will draw a line from this position where I am we are currently any precede prestige of my liberty write this is much like a rubber band stuck in two bolts one is nailed on the screen here now there my lifetime and later on would go on to build Mouse and Apple will release it to the market there’s Don Andrews hand in Menlo Park and in the second we’ll identify the screen that he’s working and the route that tracking place moves in conjunction with movements of that Mouse I don’t know why we call it a mouse sometimes I rationalize it started that method and we never to be modified and who do you think design graphical user interface user interface decorators or UI decorators involved this concept of user interface would make this potent technology more accessible to muscles and more useful use use a benefit another theme that we reckon P decorators talk about what Bay before decorators designers used to talk about it it in terms of usability engineering and before them they distill decorators and the system and the arktech around this time we’ll envision the increase of HCI or human-computer interactions there’s a immense environment of thought and practise both this new line of thinking that could focus not only on the interface but the interaction between the user and the interface or information systems this wrinkle of thinking is the mother of all modern deeds in pattern network computers came the internet with the internet came the World Wide Web and with web came the web designer as the refer indicates they design websites but most network designers eventually evolved to favor the expression user interface decorators because nowadays those designing a website is not enough you have to think about everything from social media to native apps and during this time of the rise of connectivity with the Internet we’ll verify rise of a new paradigm in HCI user experience design you can debate endlessly the theoretical differences between an interaction designer and a UX designer to oversimplify as YouTube tradition is interaction decorators like to think of interaction as the central focus and leverage of their motif and they have practices and frameworks like cool familiarized motif versus customer knowledge designer who exclusively think about user their goals both interaction and UX designers work on very similar problem proclamations in practice their techniques will be difficult to separate both employ research through typing testing and tons of common to both go intend beyond the realms of user interface and talk about a larger view a lot of world and environment where the subscribers exists it’s an acknowledgement that user and the boundaries don’t exist in isolation Don Norman the writer of the book design of daily things is often ascribed with coining the term customer event you know we said the experience of using these computers is weak the experience when you first discover it when you see it in the store will you buy it when you can’t fit it into the cars in this great large-hearted carton it doesn’t fit into the car and when you eventually do get at home opening in the box up and oh looks shocking I don’t know if I dare applied this computer together all of that is using experience it’s everything that touches upon your experience with the make and it may not even be near the produce it may be when you’re telling somebody else about it today that period has been horribly misuse it’s used by people to say I’m a customer event designer I design websites so I design app so they have no clues to what they’re doing and they feel the experience is that simple device the website or the app or who knows what no it’s everything it’s a way you’ve suffered the world it’s a way you know-how your life it’s the way you ordeal the service yes maybe was accompanying win point that song I know I know we weighed beings and we literally con because the next thing we’re gonna talk about Apple had major handwritings in that the rise of actual multi-touch modern smart so three things a widescreen iPod with touch dominates a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough internet communications design an iPod a phone and an Internet communicator an iPod a phone these are not three separate machines this is one device – launch was fruition of a good deal of Technology developments and it will immediately bring about the era of hyper connectivity on the old world of whatever it is you or one computer was connected with some wired acquaintance and how to sing specific lyrics yesterday today but a life where Internet is in the air and now we must acknowledge the feedback loop that business technology and user behavior be it together they feed into each other new technology allows for new businesses to existing business representations to develop precedent something like uber would not be possible 30 40 year ago because the GPS and hyper connectivity that we require for it was just not there welcome to the world of startups sub-sect technology would take over the world countries and stimulate interruption technology sphere hitting the world and there’s a rationalization for it I make O’Neill’s need to look at Apple[ Music] let’s take another like that let’s take it back what’s that when what what’s that what acquired it was believed at a million dollars and it has there 50 parties on day two and what sort of would come a new age of thinking in technology and how to build these engineering be agile moment and cluster of other changes these business mannequins and wanted to move fast they wanted to have leveraging and advantage of technology like it was never there before so far firms were just hiring some combination of UX/ UI/ graphic designer/ interaction designer and various of those names to fulfill all these different roles and specialities but which sort of will come this new need of businesses a new challenge from the market someone who could modify and learn their practices and their coming based on the problem at hand someone who could not look at commodities as different from services and could understand user experience in terms of market product ization in terms of market actualities in terms of business this unicorn designer who will have understanding and ability to change into any sort of designer that is required and the market will give them these unicorns meat product designers what we mean by that product is a system or a cell that exists and market atom customer can purchase and consume or use it represents this video is also a product because then the YouTube market and you are consuming it there’s two key divergences then previous paradigms of blueprint regulations that we have seen before versus the product designer a product designer can mix the holistic coming of UX and interaction intend and the ship that goes into visual communication and interface design the second biggest difference and maybe the biggest difference when you’re a product designer you’re also expected to align user aims but business destination so – you tell amazing legends and all but like you know like firms out there are not watching this video right and they are using these claims as and when they costs so how do I make sense of these names when I’m applying for jobs out there like can we talk something practical first of all calm down second of all for sure we’ll do like now that is true every company will use these entitles differently often they will use combinations which dress their business needs and the way they are clima structured and even worse at times corporations will really not have period or hiring lover understands intend and they will simply copy-paste somebody else’s job description yep that happens so what do you do I intend except going to go well it’s really simple first thing ignore the designation what you wanna do is scroll down to the Job Description and look at what kind of requirements they’re talking about the requirements will often give you a better idea of kind of skill set or whatever intend of the organization is looking for but it’s possible that it does not contain all the details or it’s possible that it registers every still for the purposes of the Sun product designer UI designer web design or form designer Titan designer motion design or character designer in all such cases that this was copy pasted from somewhere else and precisely reach out to the hiring manager reach out to the HR and as on that question and if you don’t get a straightforward answer modify the question and ask what are the first three projects that I will get to work on if I get hired in this tool last but not the least you want to take all these deeds and withdraw existing e our part and only turn them into skill set all these can be your skills and abilities and you don’t have to be one specific kind of designer in fact as you advance in your scheme job you will pick more and more of these abilities with various projects to alternating degrees my hypothesis is that in the future we’re gonna recognize a new breed of designers who are manufacturers reduce decorators we are only don’t design the specification but also obligate things with the rise of YouTube based education where you can essentially learn anything including coding or robotics and the increase of Naoko tools that make it far easier than it was ever before to shape many functionalities not needing you to know how to code or to get into server management and all of that jars you know what we have a chance of specifying these designers what should we call them producers like designers Medina make her we should find a atrocious figure before someone else specified the derivative privilege I try to cover all major names in this video if there’s a specific title that you a little confused or you would like to know more about let me know in the comments thank you for watching you


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