Article Marketing: A Free Way to Build Your Holistic Practice

hi this is Kevin Doherty here with dream practice coaching which is a worldwide coaching organization that helps holistic practitioners experience both purpose and prosperity in their holistic health practice so today on this video I want to talk a little bit about article marketing and how you can leverage the power of online articles to build your practice so this is a marketing strategy that very few practitioners really utilize to its fullest advantage and it's kind of confusing why that is because this is a free marketing strategy I think it's more a matter of putting the time in the effort in to get it implemented but this is one of those strategies that I consider to be highly leveraging for your time because you can write an article it takes 20 minutes to do it you can circulate it around the internet and that article can literally sit online for years and years and years whereas if you're out there doing offline marketing like giving talks and things of this nature you know that's a one-time effort that's going to produce a one-time result for you so your articles are ways to really leverage your time in your effort and of course it's free which is always a great benefit so one of the things you can do is once a week maybe as part of your marketing system is write an online health article so this could be like five ways to reduce stress natural treatment options for fibromyalgia you know whatever your niche is whatever your passion is you can write an infant amount of articles based on that so typically the article you want to write is about 300 to 600 words fairly short and keyword targeted so what you're really trying to do with your articles is right give titles to them and create subject matter that is highly specific to what people are likely typing into Google and Yahoo to find people like you so for instance since I'm an acupuncturist people trying to find me in my local area would likely type in acupuncture in Boulder Colorado for migraine headaches so if I have an act an online article with that exact title how to treat migraine headaches with acupuncture and herbal medicine and then I set up the article so I talked about Boulder and I talked about where I'm located that's all hi late keyword optimized that's a highly keyword optimized process that should really help Google and Yahoo to recognize it and to get that person with that specific issue in my door for treatment so you can do the exact same thing and what you want to do is you can set up these articles kind of as an article archive section of your website and then you can also distribute them over the internet on free article directory sites like WWE seen articles calm or go articles calm idea marketers calm if you honestly just do a google search for free article directories you'll see that there are literally hundreds of these services that would love to post your content online so this is just a little tip that I found to be very effective for my own practice it's a great way to leverage your time and it also positions you as an expert because writing is always a great way to do this it gives you a competitive advantage over other practitioners when you write so get your online articles submitted over the internet and it should really help you to start attracting some new patients thanks i'm kevin doherty and i look forward to helping you in any way i can to build your dream practice

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