hi welcome to this experiment that I'm conducting in this experiment I'm going to create a brand new site and just by means of article marketing I can see how well we can get it to rank and how quickly I'm going to document everything on the income Academy blog and you can see the link in the bottom of this screen hopefully right now here we're going just to show you the date now it's Sunday the nights in September just refresh that and you can see it's refreshing slow as ever and it's refreshed and it's Sunday that's September 2007 it's early evening here and i'll complete step two tomorrow so step one is I've actually created the site or domain and put a blog on it which I shall show you shortly the site is called the article marketing blog com so I'm going to google and we press search you'll see here as of today it's not indexed I'm going to create one article and the name is going to be or they also going to be ruined Anton trying to find a unique unique name is quite difficult sometimes so we just click that again and you can see there's no documents there in a Google at the moment and that's where we start it right so let's go to yahoo com I'll just do a quick search of Yahoo okay so it's not there either so what I'll do now is I'll show you the site this is a site simple blog I've just created one article on it and that's all I'm going to do and I'm going to create one article and I'm going to post that to a number of sites using a tool of the access to and will you see just how good this tool is I suspect the results are going to be quite impressive so until the next installment which is probably in three or four days time goodbye

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