Article Marketing Explosion: Advanced Tip #2: Rewriting PLR Articles

advanced tip number two rewriting plr articles Pilar stands for private label release essentially if you type them plr articles in google you're going to find tons and tons of people selling the rights away to articles essentially what this means you can buy a plr pack it can buy them 10 articles for five dollars you can buy them a thousand articles twenty dollars it really depends on the quality and also you know what you're finding but the point is you be purchased the rights to the article meaningly you can do whatever you want however you can't take the article the way that it is and submit it because I'm going to guarantee it if it's a peeler article it's already been submitted somewhere so what you got to do is you got to take the article and rewrite it and then of course you can submit it so that the catch here is that you'll find it is a lot easier to rewrite an article than it is to actually come up with a brand new one you know everything has already been researched for you then it's just as simple as right rephrasing something so one of the questions that I'm asked is how how much do you need to rewrite something to submit it well you remember how I talked about different article directories have different levels of quality I think with the place like go articles you're not going to need to rewrite it as much but what the e-zine articles you'd certainly going to have to with easy and I try to make mine seventy percent different from the original and and that's worked well for me with the core articles I think can get away with thirty percent but you want to kind of experiment this means that you sit down you can just rewrite the first paragraph for the last paragraph and we change a little bit in the middle and you can submit to some directories however if you can you work with something like easing you're going to want to go ahead and just rewrite it because otherwise it's gonna it's not going to go through and it caused problems for you so again this is also a way that I have saved a significant amount of money by hiring somebody to rewrite articles for me again a lot cheaper than having someone write them from scratch so keep that in mind

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