Article Marketing Explosion: The Importance of Effective Keyword Research

next like to talk to you about the importance of effective keyword research what this means is you know you can sit down and let's say that you wanted to do an article on dog training well the eastern li can do that but if you were to spend the time to find a a keyword phrase that that was in what I like to call a sweet spot you will see that you'll be able to actually rank well for that keyword phrase in the search engine results so what I mean by this well essentially there are two things that you don't want to do I'm sorry I gotta edit myself there there's this free keyword tool that I mentioned is located at matts free keyword tool com you can see the address right there hope that you'll check it out there are two different situations that you want to avoid the first one is you want to stay away from things that have too much competition so in other words if I wanted to wear that's see i wrote a an article i just called a dog training as you can imagine there are a lot of there's a lot of competition out there for that phrase dog training so if there's too much competition i will not be able to rank high enough of course on the other hand I could write an article with a very specific keyword phrase maybe something like dog clicker training in Chicago for aggressive dogs now if I name the the article that then followed the bum marketing principles it would be easy to rank well for that phrase however that phrase is not search for a lot so since there's not enough searches I won't get enough visitors so what assumption what you want to do is you want to find keywords to focus your articles on that have a decent amount of searches and a low amount of competition if you go to the free keyword tool that i mentioned you'll see there's actually it's a whole complete video series on how to find keywords that you can then rank for which you can apply directly to article marketing i'm not going to cover here because it's covered there but essentially there's a chart here that you followed and look at and analyze the competition of each keyword the tool actually pulls keyword phrases for you and analyzes them and they'll be able to tell you and that is this you could rank 0 for this or don't try this it's too hard and again you want to find that sweet spot where you have a decent amount of searches and also a not a lot of competition that's essentially what the keyword research is all about it's not something that you have to do I know there's some people that just like to write their articles and try to make focus on making the title or articles catchy that and that certainly does help to I'd like to try to find it a combination of where I'm able to both optimize my article with some keyword phrases and also make sure that it's catching so again that's how keyword research works I definitely suggest the experiment with it people that do bum marketing they really put a lot of time into this and I just wanted to show you what that was all about

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