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you're listening to John hi man from commercial real estate online in this brief video I want to talk further about the internet for agents that are working in commercial industrial and retail property today the internet of course is quite an important tool as far as marketing properties in a location and within a property type also for that matter in marketing the agent or the broker themselves with their skills and specialities if you would like more information regards the commercial property industry and the brokerage and agency activities that go on and perhaps need some tips or ideas you can certainly get that from our website which is commercial dash real estate at dash training com so let's go back to the topic here and I've got many topics on this matrix far too many to talk about in this brief video however I will choose one of these topics specifically to help you with some ideas now all of these are quite relevant things to do it's just a matter of how much time do you have and what can you do on a regular basis I should say regular because you've got to do it continually over a period of time to get results that's the way the internet works you need to work the internet over weeks and days and months and through doing that the internet will start to see you as an expert for who you are in a local area with the property types that you work I'm going to choose one topic here to talk about today and specifically that is article marketing now let's say for example you are an expert in office property and perhaps office property leasing what you could do is write articles about that in your town or city now let's say you're your city happens to be in New York and you are a specialist in office property leasing in New York then I'm sure you could write some articles about that the rules of article marketing is that the articles must be informative and useful not advertising but informative and useful your advertising should be directed to your websites that's what advertising is all about and obviously in your websites and also the industry portal you'll advertise properties that's all ik and your name will be on those properties in those locations but they being said you shun you can also write articles and put them in the article marketing search engines to talk about things that are happening with in this case office leasing in New York so you talk about the market you talk about the changes that are going on and the things that are happening and by publishing your your regular articles about that particular topic the search engines will see you as an expert for what you are and that will in turn help your profile personally on the internet today and also you can take your articles and link them back to your perhaps your social media sites that you are probably already running perhaps linkedin facebook twitter etc so your articles can be linked back to your social media quite a good thing so let's have a look at what article marketing is so what is it it they are content-based articles that are written particularly for your speciality and your location that being said focus on giving information give freely the local information that helps people understand how to get involved with the property type and location it might be that you can give a lot of information about how to lease an office property in New York it should be local and when it is local you can talk about market trends new developments certainly property types rentals and prices that are going on at the moment so all that is quite useful that being said tie your articles to the facts of the market because everyone searches engine search the search is the internet looking for information if your articles are informative about the market in New York as far as a leasing perspective and again I'm just giving you a sample there if your articles are useful and relative to that when people search the the internet looking for that information they'll find you use work words that are relative to the market today that they can relate to so you probably will need to do a keyword search to understand the words that relate to leasing property leasing commercial property in New York you probably know quite a few of those words but it'll be very interesting for you to do a keyword search on the Google search engine and you can do that with the keyword search tool you can search New York office leasing and when you use their keyword search tool for that you'll get an array of words other words that are also being used on the search engines for that criteria and of course Google will tell you how many times those words have been used over the last month both globally and also locally in the United States for example so your articles are content-based they are interesting on that basis so let's go back here to the fact that it's not advertising don't advertise your properties in articles you won't be able to because the article marketing sites won't let you do it the loading of articles should occur to the article websites as frequently as you can do that and let's say an article is typically 400 words if you could write two or three articles per week of 400 words each and load them to the article marketing sites you'll find that that will help your profile and the bio at the bottom of the article marketing article that you put together will link back to you personally and give your personal name a strength that's an expert on the market today so you need to make sure that your article is niche relative and again in this sample I'm talking about office property in New York and the leasing of that so you would write articles about that you don't confuse the thing too much don't get involved in other property types stick to your niche stick to what you want to be good at and known for type 2 yourself your identity in your brand and within the article marketing sites you'll find that the BIOS at the bottom of the articles actually identify you as the author and you can link that back to your website where they can find you if if that is the case and of course in most article marketing sites the article should be about 400 words some some article cites will take less than that others will take more than that but 400 seems to be about the average so let's go back to the other category why do we do it well it's going to attract people to you it will help build your database and of course your database can then flow through to the auto responders that you use I'll talk about the auto responders later on in the program so you can build your personal brand as an expert relative to the property type perhaps office property leasing New York contract the content itself attracts Google and Google of course gets over seventy-five percent of the search engine traffic in the world so that's a good thing your articles can link back to your website so if you write an interesting article about something the readers can click the link at the bottom of the article and move back to your website to find you and obviously connect with you people today want information and the search engines Google Bing and Yahoo all love information if you are a good writer and can put together a good article about your local market and the property type then that will be very useful to the search engines the more articles that you write will improve your search engine ranking personally and it shows your expertise as an individual it does let the market see your relevance and experience and when you start publishing your articles on the article cites and I'll show you what they are at them in a moment you can then link those articles to your social media sites and that's a good thing as well so let's go back to where we were where do you go to do it well I've given you three article cites here and i'll just show you what they are in a moment ezinearticles is perhaps the top site in the world highly relevant very useful and highly regarded by the search engines so if you have to choose only one article site to use I'd say choose ezinearticles however there are two others that are also very good article space and go articles so let's have a look at them briefly ezinearticles I'll just call it up here for you briefly this is what it looks like ezinearticles calm and you can join up as a new author as you can see there are more new people joining up here all the time and you just need to join up and get a free account with them it doesn't cost anything it's simply a matter of giving them regular articles based on the topics that are interesting to their readers and if you want to see how articles are written and want to see how other people are actually doing that you can check out the articles that are in there at the moment and we should be able to find real estate there somewhere so let's have a look real estate yes so within real estate there are lots of other sub articles and here's some samples now of people that have written articles on different things and this particular chap here at lance winslow is a prolific writer in fact he is the most successful ezinearticles author on the internet and has written many many articles if you want to see what an article looks like click on one of these links and it will take you to what they have written this particular chat writes on many different things and there's an article at the bottom of the article he has a bio now this this link here will link to his website or his ebook in this case he's got an e-book on business topics and you for example could have a bio here regards yourself and your real estate business and then that could link to your real estate website so that's ezinearticles let's have a look at articles base I'll just show you that one as another alternative and that didn't work so let's choose something else here let's go articles go articles is a very good site highly regarded as well and you can see many different articles written by different people and of course in this this site real estate has again its own section and a commercial property is there so if you were looking for articles written by people in commercial property you could have a look at different articles here and this article is written by a chap called william george and he's writing about increase your property value inexpensively now if i pick up on his article now and we have a look at that we can see that he's talking about house prices vacant land dealing for the treasure and then he's got his bio at the bottom now this here will link to his site and that could be your website and you could be taking people to your real estate website in this case though this chap is a valuer and this is his website so this article written by this person william george has linked through to this website same principle applies for you as a real estate expert in commercial so that that will give you some examples of how these things work i would recommend ezinearticles over everything else however you do have a choice there are many article sites out there it's just a matter of choosing the one that works for you that being said you only really need one and the best is probably ezinearticles however you have seen the go articles works quite well and you've got some choices there so how do you do it you write something yourself don't copy content from anywhere else because if you do the article cites will shut you down so don't replicate don't copy respect the authors that have put together other things certainly you can read the content of other authors but don't copy them just use it as an idea as to what you can write about and if you're writing about commercial property or office property or leasing office property you know what you can write about just look at the other authors and see what they have done and that will give you some ideas to put something together with your favorite topic frequency is important i would say that you should be doing well certainly one article a week but hopefully two three or four articles a week and four hundred words doesn't take long to put together if you're a real expert in your segment of the market then you should be able to do that unique content don't copy watch the results you get from the articles now you can track your your feeds your hits on the articles and of course you can link your articles back to your social media sites so you'll actually see quite some good results from writing articles right specific content three or four paragraphs about your market dot points break it up get started with the five to 10 articles repeat the process as much as possible and and that should work and within the titles you should have titles that attract attention it's a bit like the newspapers when they put articles in newspapers you need to think like a newspaper editor what article will attract readership okay so that is article marketing about and particularly about how you do it and there's many ideas there for you to work on article marketing is certainly a good way for you to build your brand and grow your identity online as a commercial or retail or industrial real estate specialist I would certainly recommend that you give article marketing a real try as far as building your brand so that was a small segment of this very complex matrix and you'll get more ideas of course from us if you want to get some of our free articles templates and ideas you can visit our website at commercial dash real estate training com okay this is John a high man signing off for now thanks for listening there are many other videos like this on our YouTube channel and if we can be a further help to you with your commercial real estate career then by all means send us an email thanks for listening today this is John hi man signing off for now


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