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I'm st whoa wait a second I don't know you but I know this bloke insulting since I'm here let me give you four tips for an article marketing makeover freshen up your vocabulary no no this is what you think I mean if you've been doing this for a while you have your go-to phrase is right and you've heard it before that you should freshen up your vocabulary I'm talking about adding foshizzle into your vocabulary make up words pick up words from a younger generation that's what makes your old content new i personally use the book for this sell more than six thousand entries to help you promote your products services and ideas by richard buying in link down below this book can help you put the bling back in your title so that everyone drools before they even click on your title to freshen up your images hello nowadays it's all about infographics who doesn't get excited about an infographic especially if you want your articles me pican can't read you don't need to be computer savvy and all that to make an infographic just go to info Graham that's INF 0 gr dot am no comms totally free hmmm link down below 3 speaking of Pinterest fun Pinterest boards to add your articles to not your own Pinterest boards but vinay where can I find it already viral pictures board to add my colleagues to and then convince the authors and my articles to them for you i have a pinterest viral board just for all of your articles has quite the ball me just email me and i'll add you as an admin and you can put as much as you like whatever by link down below bar follow trends and timely news with all of the regurgitating content everywhere it's actually hard to find and people look for it now because that's how they can tell if it's a timely article what do I mean say you need to write yet another article about social media marketing before you even think about the think about the news what's going on right mmm soup now take that and put it into your article to make it fascinating and timely Chicken Soup for the economy's soul how to battle the after christmas drop in sales you get the point right after all these tips your article should be sparkling with bling and ready to go it's not me to meet you don't forget to subscribe on my blog for daily fun and more short videos good peace out yo oh I mean raw really hurt that's what makes your stuffed rubber check it out check it out i personally use the war ah what's wrong with me oh I could have done that better okay Diane buy it that was dumb don't forget to subscribe uh my blog what's your favorite soup


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