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alright in this video I want to cover two things the first one is we're going to go over how to rewrite your article because it's really important that you take each of the 10 unique articles and you rewrite them and the reason is because it's going to help you as you submit them it's going to you know basically make the article end up ranking higher potentially plus after we do that I'm going to show you how to create a nice title using the keywords because you want to have a nice key bridge title and then we'll go on to the next phase which is to select your affiliate program that you're going to be pushing so we're in the weight loss niche here and what you're going to do next is come right on over to where it says the topic right here which is how to lose weight naturally so what you want to do here is you actually want to be writing and creating the article again you want to rewrite the article so you want to open up the word document where you have your article and you just want to highlight it all right click and copy right click and copy and you're going to go ahead and put it right into a notepad file here so I'm just going to put that into a notepad file and separate the paragraphs here now what you're going to do here is go ahead and actually end up rewriting each sentence of the article where it makes sense so for example what I'm going to do here is separate each sentence Oh where each period ends we're going to make a double spaced and now there is software that you can actually use to actually help you do this and I will show you that link at the end of this but this is you know kind of for the you know for those on a budget because I understand when you're make money online it you know it can take some time you need to you know before you feel like investing in any tools so this is something you can still do without having to invest anything at all but it does take a little bit of time to go through and do but it is an efficient and effective way to rewrite reword articles so you have more unique content it's actually a very very effective excellent way for you to do this so I'm just going through and putting a double space between after every period so that means after every sentence because that's going to basically give me a chance to rewrite each and every sentence for the article and we'll know like the second line we'll put it in parentheses as I'll show you will be the additional article by rewriting these so again it's helping you within the search engines once you start submitting this it's going to help you have more unique content and actually once you rewrite these you can actually have multiple content to submit which means more traffic so what you see here so for example as people nowadays become more health conscious than ever they're always finding ways to lose weight so there is a sentence right there so you could put and I recommend you do this in parenthesis so you know which one is to rewrite so you could say more and more people every day more people are becoming more aware of their health and our discovering methods to lose weight for example so notice how I just took that sentence and I reworded it so it's pretty much it's similar but different so many products and brushes are being dumb and numerous weight loss gadgets and programs that you have to pay for seems every where you turn you are being marketed another weight loss solution or program that cost lots of money so again I'd completely reworded that sentence so you notice here how fast I'm going through here now I recommend you do this for each and every one of these just you know go in here put a space in parentheses well most of them are scams people would most probably try the mountain hopes of losing like the quickest way possible people will try almost anything to lose weight as quickly as possible so again you know you can see here that I I've just been efficiently going down here rewording each and every sentence which is going to end up at the end here create a completely unique article and then when this is done you could actually mix and match sentences so combine like let's say like combine this sentence with the original second sentence and maybe combine the second sentence that I reworded you know in here with another one so now basically by rewording this or rewriting it you can create completely unique articles now there is a software promised you that I'd show you how to do this that's inexpensive but again this is a cheap way to do it so you just want to go through the whole way and make sure when you're done here that you file save as your notepad I'm using just a notepad file you could do this in word if you wanted to just make sure you save this because it's very important you save this it okay so here is the article that actually can help you do this process a little easier and it will actually at the end of it actually take the article and turn the content you've created that's human created and actually turn them into multiple articles so not just like one additional one or three additional ones you can end up turning it into ten to a hundred additional articles so it's pretty powerful tool and that is just called magic free wider re white writer software magic rewriter software and you can just go over here and it's just ww article rewriter info article dash right or dot info it's a great software program relatively inexpensive and believe the cost is forty seven dollars just for the rewriter they do have a submitter that goes along with it that's also a good tool so you might want to just check that out obviously you don't have to do this it would help you and assist you if you find that it gets laborious to rewrite your articles but this process is really really important for you to rewrite the content and it's very important that you do focus in on rewriting so now that we've kind of accomplished that process what I want to show you now is how to create a nice keyword rich title so you see here the topic here is how to lose weight naturally and so obviously you want to have your main keyword phrase show up in the title of your article this is a must and something that should happen all the time with your article so I'm just going to come over here and create a nice title so you want to start with your keyword how to lose weight naturally so I always like to start with the main keyword phrase if at all possible so how to lose weight naturally let me just make sure that's spelled correctly how to lose weight naturally and then you know discover how or something like that how to lose weight naturally discover how or discover the solution something strong you want to basically give the keyword phrase and then give people a reason to check it out so it might be you know five five tips five tips to to weight loss success so something like that you want to basically encourage people because the nice title it doesn't matter just having the keyword phrase sometimes won't be enough to get people to want to reach you want to make sure you know how to lose weight naturally and then give them a reason you know so discover the solution you know something like that something strong something powerful that will really show them that you can offer them what they want to do now obviously if when you rewrite the article and i recommend you rewrite each and every article you do that would actually give you end up giving you 20 unique articles to 30 unique articles if you really you know want to just you know splice them together but i recommend each article the rewritten runs even have a different title to it and so start with your keyword phrase if at all possible and then give some sort of strong statement in there that would encourage people to you know want to read that article so whether it's five tips to success or discover the solution whatever that might be that's what you want to do so we're going to go on to the next process the next step which is going to be finding the affiliate program and a couple of products maybe that you want to promote and then also set up your landing page and then once that is set up we're going to go on to the font the next process which will be submitting your article writing your resource box which is how you get the traffic and then we'll go on to the next process as far as getting your articles ranked and then close out this system

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