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hello my name is mike typical I from Maple Grove Minnesota before i came to jeff mills outsource workshop I have a little knowledge like closer to zero and on scale one to ten I think I got bought like 50 K and this is a seminar was a gift for me as a to hear all speakers and the after workshop I have gold connection not only good connection but gold connection with Jeff Henry Dave steel but also have put a good connection with rest of the our group group was amazing so i recommend i highly recommend if somebody has a little skills and you're going to be like its result and it's a huge result should be from this seminar and money it's like worth it and I call it this seminar priceless so gold mine so just go for it and they're going to take action and in the 30 days I wanted to make any return money which I in weston and I will invest in the future for this type of seminars thank you Jeff and outsourced is great

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