[Article Marketing] Patrick Schwerdtfeger on Article Marketing (Part 2)

so let's just talk it out so I've got a couple of notes on this and this is the case for all the topics that we're going to be covering there's always two slides talking about kind of the specifics and a lot of this is on your sheets but some of it is not so what are you going to write your article on and this is just because you know guys have done it myself and here is where I mean you learn this stuff when you do it don't just write an article before you write an outline of all the articles you're going to write it's only going to take it 20 minutes okay to do but here's what's going to happen if you don't write an outline first you're going to blow all your expertise in the first article and then when the next article comes you're not gonna have anything to say you're like I already said everything it's just I mean that it's just a dumb little piece of advice but I'm telling you these things are important these are little tricks if you write it here in outline first then you can say okay I'm going to talk about I can write an article about back right maybe really well actually that's actually two topics i can write about this aspect of that and then there's this and we'll hang on I mean that's really for different things I could do is boom boom next thing you know you have a list of 40 different topics that you can write an article on it's going to take you 20 minutes 30 minutes to do that then the list is there you have it and from that day forward you can go whenever you have an extra half hour or 40 minutes and just putting the list out and say I'm going to write my article on this particular topic scratch it out write your article publish it and then the next time you can do the next one yeah well I'm on your outline you can just write that just on a piece of paper I'm just saying to prep yourself ahead of time make a list first yes yeah and there's there's the websites today all have these editors where you can literally just highlight the words and click the link button which looks like a chain link okay and then you can put the URL in or you can use HTML code and if you don't know HTML code you could ask someone to do it but these days there's these text editors are on all the sites so you can just highlight it click the little chain link and put the URL to your own website there there were a lot of articles back five years ago when i started my company and put as faq on my website ya know i took the law might one looks like this kind of technique can i use the articles yeah absolutely google while Google does look for duplicate content and there is some argument out there about whether or not they actually penalize you for duplicate content Google is very secretive about this kind of stuff so it's actually not that easy to find the answer to that but if they don't penalize you a lot no don't worry about it you can easily take you know and for example you could let's let's say yeah I mean you could change a few little things or add a paragraph or whatever and I I mean just as an example I just finished my first book which I'm really thrilled about and you can literally take your book and split it up into a dozens and dozens and dozens of short articles and publish them all over the place and have them all link to the website where i'm selling this that would be a viable strategy and it's already done so this all kinds of stuff you can do my respective let's yes that's supposed to be just your website URL or for this when you can put the link is to your website and you can put it on whichever words you like that's exactly right yeah whichever words are relate to your expertise what you want me to be searching for in order to find you okay the articles only have to be 500 words long they might my paragraphs are usually 80 words roughly apiece so we're talking about six paragraphs introduction format argument 1 2 3 conclusion I'm done right half hour I mean if the outline is there boom you can whip them out in a hurry post the articles to the top article directories either through a submission platform or individually like you were saying information like isomeric messner or you can do them individually and the other link i put down there is ezinearticles which is the number one article directory that's a very good one and by the way I mean I just did a whole program for a garbage removal company in Contra Costa and we wrote an art I wrote an article about garbage removal just I mean not that exciting right but I wrote nor if I put it only on one website put it on ezinearticles and now when you search for walnut creek garbage removal that article comes up first on the google search and at the bottom of that article is a link to the guy's website and the guy's website is number two by the way so he's got oh that's a different topic but you can do stuff like that this is not it doesn't have to be that hard guys you just have to know the tricks that song finding will blogging to an article trio do they allow you to submit another language yeah absolutely but if you did that i would i would submit your article manual to websites that cater to that language because otherwise it's going to end up on all these article directories it doesn't matter all right the last paragraph in your article should pull people to your website it just makes sense that's what we're trying to do here so the last article of your last paragraph of your article should say how much more information is on your website or you can do little dirty little tricks like have your article right people love lists so your article could be the 10 biggest mistakes people you know make when they're looking for folk tales right it just as an example and then the article can have the first seven and the last paragraph could say the last three are on my website right i mean that's the type of stuff that works yeah you pull people it give people a taste tell them is more on the website so the last paragraph should pull them in give them a call to action you know this three more on the website or you can get a free reporter you can do this you can do that tell them what they're going to get and then put the link on the car targeted keywords so as a case study I test all this stuff because I'm anally retentive but it's true this stuff works right I wrote articles for to wipe did it for three weeks but it only took 17 days and I put the link the blue words I put them on growth marketing and linked to my website now keyword selection is a science okay growth marketing was not a very competitive phrase and I knew that okay so this was you know I picked an easy phrase but it took two weeks and I was number one on google and i think i'm still second or third and i haven't done anything this is more than a year old so it doesn't have it doesn't have to be that hard right pick your phrases publish articles this is the first of five strategies and you can improve your google ranking and there's people who are reading these articles on these sites and if you demonstrate your expertise if you show them how valuable you are don't click through and next thing you know their own your same

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