>> MIKE: Hi I’m a Mike doing business as
JR. We are going to talk about article marketing. Article marketing is actually a tough aspect
of the marketing world. The reason why I say that is because there
is one site above others that you want to get your articles up and that is Ezine Articles. Ezine Articles is quite honestly a bitch to
get your articles up! They make it very difficult and they are extremely
inefficient and they love to waste your time. If you don’t get your article right the
first time it will take you another 21 possible days to get it possibly up if they don’t
deny it a second time. In order to be effective, if you are going
to do any kind of marketing, you need to be doing it every day. You know it’s the only way it’s going
to work . If you are posting one article once a week or once a month it could take years
before that whole marketing plan becomes effective. So personally I like blogging.

I get to do a blog post every single day. I do it seven days a week. I do stuff that I write and I do stuff that
is viral. So that is a great way of doing it however
if you are willing to go into article marketing and you want to go and take your chance and
you want to do it and you think you can write a good article then I am going to show you
what to do because article marketing can be very effective and can earn some great income. So here is what you want to do. Any article you write you want it to be optimized
for search engines. They call it SEO (search engine optimization.) What you are going to do is choose a keyword
based on the topic you want to write about.

Now the keyword could be a key phrase. Then there are two things that you want to
do when you decide on that. The first is to go , actually I like to open
both Windows of Google Adwords keyword tool and Google itself because you are going to
be going back and forth. What you are going to do is take that keyword
or key phrase and put it into Google Adwords keyword tool and then do search and what it’s
going to do is bring up a list that shows you how many people actually search for that
word or phrase a month . Now you may see zero so you are not going to use that. You are going to want to look to see the alternatives
underneath so you can figure out which one fits with what you are going to write about. Typically you want to go with low comp however
if the views are between 200 to 300,000 will be okay but your whole point is you want to
try to get as much traffic as you can . Then when you have that phrase or keyword that
you want to use then you want to choose how your article is going to be written .

it’s you know, how to… how to install laminate flooring and perhaps you know your
keyword was laminate flooring and you found that had a perfect number of people searching
for it. So now you go into Google and you are going
to put into quotes, by the way it has to be in quotes, how to install laminate flooring. Now you are going to see how many results
there are of how many websites actually have that. If you see more than 300,000 don’t use it. Now you’re going to have to figure out another
combination. So I like to cut it down and kind of manipulated
like “how is the best way to install laminate flooring” or “what is the best way or
the best way to install laminate flooring” or “tips.” Now what you may find is that you know that
when people type in “install laminate flooring” that may be your key phrase.

They are going to type that in the search
results and then you have a unique title that has the keyword in it. They are going to find your article so that’s
important. So that’s how you deal with the keyword. Now where you place your keyword or keyphrase
must be in your article and in your article’s title. It must be there. It must be, which also your title is called
your H1 tag. It also must be in the first line of your
first paragraph. It then must be in your H2 tag. That’s your second heading within your ad
and usually there is a third. Your third heading and you want to have it
in that. The other thing is that you want it to be
in the very last line of your article. Typically it could be at the bottom. Something like in a blog post; you put “like
and share my article about installing laminate flooring” you know.

If it’s an article for Ezine it’s probably
going to be in the last line of your paragraph and then have a call to action, which we will
get into in a minute. You might want to try to get it in there. Then you want to do it every 100 words, you
want that to be. You don’t want it to be any closer because,
this is especially true with article marketing, a site like Ezine Articles will fail your
articles. So you want to check per 100 words and then
put your keyword and you want to make sure your article is 500 words or more especially
with Ezine. Don’t do any less. So when you have 500 words you want to have
at least 5 to 6 times that your keyword is being used. Really important. The next thing is you do not want your article
to be self-serving.

digital marketing

It will not get approved. It cannot be self-serving. You also don’t want to use things like “I”
and “me.” You somehow want to be able to use your own
experience, because Ezine wants that, they want you to write it based on what you know
in your own experience but do it in a way where you are knowledgeable. You should know what you’re talking about. You’re telling the viewer, you know? Not using “I” or “me.” Try to make it more about facts based on what
you went through. Article marketing also is not about being
personal. You don’t write personal stories. It’s all about information. Informative articles, how to, reviews sometimes.

Be very careful on that. One day I did a review about a scam and they
wouldn’t let the article go. They said “you mentioned the name of the
scam so we are not going to allow that.” The next thing you want to do is make a call
to action. A call to action is, that is your self-serving
section. That is what brings in your viewer to your
webpage so you want to make it simple. You want to have something like “thank you
for reading this article and if you like it please like it on Facebook” and then you
want to have your name.

You want to have a little call to action like
“work with me personally” and then there’s a link to your website and maybe have a PS
“if you like making $1-$500 a week and you want to work online take a look at my site”
and have your link there. Whatever it may be. Your call to action is very important otherwise
if you are involved in article marketing your article is useless.

You can write how-to articles if you want
and if you don’t want to make money and you just want to write how-to articles you
can do that you know. That’s up to you but for this video we are
talking about making money online dealing with online marketing. So you have to have that call to action. Now I am going to make a video that’s all
about…the video may be online already.

It’s going to be all about Ezine Articles. I am going to tell you the brutal truth about
how they work and what to expect as well as how to write your articles with them and how
difficult it is to deal with them. So I want to go into more detail on that video
instead of here but if you can get your articles up you should do well. You will get traffic and a tip would be to
try to get 1 to 2 videos, not videos, articles up every day and there are other article directories
on other sites you can also submit to. I haven’t done that but I’m sure the rules
are similar but like I said earlier 70% of the traffic will come from Ezine so they are
the ones you really want to focus on.

So I hope that helped you. I hope that helped you understand article
marketing a lot more and I will see you next time..

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