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hello this is Vincent the article marketing robot in this video I'm going to go over a quick getting started demonstration so going from when you first start the software to having your first submitted article that is the goal of this video hopefully it doesn't go too long so when you first start the software you will see this new sites list has been posted message if you choose to download it it will download the sites if you choose not to you can do it in some other fashion so I'm gonna actually click no because I'll show you the other ways that you can do this down in the select directories tab we have a bunch of little functions down here to download any site lists just click the down arrow these are publicly hosted site lists that I'll be posting from time to time and as you can see there's some numbers cruising across the bottom sometimes you'll see fails coming through if you get failed messages chances are either the site lists are the sites already exist in your site list or you don't have the specified platform are associated with your unlock code so for most users they have article directory platforms but they haven't upgraded to web 2.0 and wiki platforms so you would need to upgrade to those platforms in order to be able to see the rest of the site types okay so um I just wanted to give you do another example here if you wanted to get rid of some sites just highlight as many as you want you can control click or shift click and then over here you got the minus button if you click that you'll get a message down here sites removed refresh your site list here's the refresh button click it and you'll see that those sites are now gone so I'm just gonna redownload those sites oh wait a minute look at this no more new site lists well that's because we've already downloaded the publicly available site lists but if you wanted to redownload them you would go file redownload site list we wanted to lead previously recorded history in this case yes so here we go so as you can see we've added three added the five sites that we previously removed removed already so that's done ok so now that we have our sites we're going to want to create an author account in order to do that you need an email address I typically recommend using some sort of hosted email address like cPanel or Hostgator or any any hosting that really provides a cPanel account I got users that use GoDaddy and GoDaddy has a tendency to give people a lot of issues for example if their email filters detect too many incoming emails which is normally what happens when you do a mass registration to a bunch of sites all those emails will be it will trigger their spam filter and those emails will disappear and then there will be nothing to confirm so it's just a big problem if you can I highly recommend a hosted Hostgator account and if that's not good enough or if you can't get that go for a gmail account so I'm just gonna log in to my cPanel right so you can see them in my cPanel in this section we have this is pretty familiar for most people but a lot of people may have never seen this before over here we have something called email accounts click that and that'll be bringing to this screen where you can create an email account on one of your domains so I'm going to just give my email address a name of demo Tober 3 2012 and my password so yeah just give it an email that you can remember give it a password you can remember click create account so the account was created and that's all you have to do to create an email account on a cPanel hosting plan so now over in your author account tab you have this email box you put the exact same email that you created into this email box hopefully I get it right okay and this password field is not the password you use to create your email this is the password that you use to sign up to all the directories now keep in mind some directors are going to email you back passwords and article marketing robot will log in during the confirmation progress process and extract those passwords and stored them into the database typical password we call format typical pastured format should be one capital letter at least a bunch of lowercase letters and a number a lot of sites require that kind of password so capital P ass word 1 is it's kind of the typical thing that you should use now if you feel like you can fill out all your author information if it uh you know if you want or most people like me are lazy and instead you can just hit the pre pop button I'm gonna say no to appending username numbers to the field and then what happens is it creates a complete profile for you so the only thing you have to really put in is your email password and enter your website and then your about me the about me box can have HTML in it but a lot of sites will also decline you if you have HTML in your abomey box so I recommend that you don't put HTML in it okay so now that we filled out this part of the author account come over to step 1b and as I mentioned before I used a cPanel account so I'm gonna select cPanel non-secure because that's how my hosting package works now you got to keep in mind that defaults or the detection that article marketing robot will use is for typical hosting accounts some hosting accounts even cPanel ones even different hostgator accounts require you to use either secure or they change the account name to have as you see there's a plus sign here sometimes it'll require an @ symbol so this is very important to remember if you get if you get a fail on your pop test you will might have to contact your hosting support to find out what your pop details should be pop stands for post office protocol it allows software like article marketing robot or Outlook Express or any other mail program to download emails from your webmail server also another tip do not associate any other software's with this email account I've had users download or sorry associate like Microsoft Outlook with their email account and it downloads all the emails and deletes them from the server leaving nothing for article marketing robot to confirm so keep that in mind when you create your email so I'm going to enter the password that I used when I created the email account highly secure ABC one two three four and test so it succeeded once all is said and done click the Save button and that we'll be your author account okay now a few other things you can do you can you can create your article now or you can come back to it later it's it's this is explained in another video and for me I have an article builder accounts so I'm just going to be lazy about it and create a quick article using article builder and that way I don't have to do any hard work so it's gotta I'm gonna blast through this stuff all I'll go into detail in another video about how this stuff works now this is probably the world's worst resource box that's just a link I don't recommend doing it this way but this is also just for demo purposes okay so the articles created very simple very quickly I actually have a video on how to use article builder as well it's in it'll be in the video section of the main of well you can access it here help videos okay so anyway it's moving forward select three step three select directories so we have all these sites there in red we need to sign up to them very simple to do select all and then click sign up now I've got all I've had people email me I don't know why they do it this way they select all the sites and then they click Submit they I don't know it's it defies logic but I guess that's just the way it is for some people but the reality is the process is select all sign up and let that happen so you'll see that there's a lot of stuff going on here it's signing up successes and fails you know it's typical you're not gonna get 100% success rate no matter how hard you try especially with so many different options out there for article marketing there everybody's submitting to the same same type of sites which is why I've increased the amount of platforms that are available in the software but this site list is current as of October 3rd so the success rates in this video may not be the same as when you're watching this video six months from now a couple other things you may want to configure before doing a sign-up is in your tools options menu you have something called CAPTCHA cracking oops there is and I recommend death by caption because it's the cheapest but if you can get CAPTCHA sniper because that will crack a lot of CAPTCHAs for you that it's 77 bucks through the CAPTCHA sniper sniper link which is right here but if if you plan on doing a lot of articles submitting then you will definitely want to have something that cracks the CAPTCHAs without costing you money in a death by caption account but anyways these guys are cheapest solution then then there's d capture but they always seem to change their URL so I don't really trust them anymore anyways click OK and get out of that and I'll just come back when this process is done okay so it's done you can see we have 1298 successes 274 fails which isn't bad next step we have to go through the confirmation process so that's as easy as clicking the confirm button and now article marketing robot is going to download emails from the webmail server so that's another process that I'm just gonna put on pause and come back when it's complete okay email confirmation is complete so I am going to refresh the site list so in the end we have thirteen hundred and forty six OKs now it's time to submit an article so I'm just gonna filter out the emails and the nones refresh the site list 13:46 show up select all again and submit now you can either schedule out your articles and drip-feed them it's pretty straightforward this is really self-explanatory really you can submit 20 articles every 24 hours and start the submit now or however many days from now all these are tweakable but I'm just gonna submit all submit to all selected sites now click OK I'm gonna go through excuse me the pilot compiling process there we go submitting to sites so this pro sales process will take another five or ten minutes let's see if we can get a live link out of that as you can see these articles retrieve their live links in real times not for all sites some still need to go through an approval process but some whatever sites that are instant approval will show the live link which is nice to have so anyways I'm just gonna kind of let that go I'm gonna pause the video and come back again just kind of going through the submit process here it's almost done anyways but you can see that we've got 1124 submitted and just a crapload of live links like here's a media wiki live link can the gee cow sites the LGG so these are all instant approval sites ticky wiki clicked it twice there own didn't show up more MediaWiki lots of media wiki sites and of course the traditional WordPress and all the rest so that is submitting an article looks like the process is complete we've got twelve ten submitted and we have a lot of the live links here to prove it so now another thing that you can do to help get these indexed is a highlight as many live links as you want and click this P button and send that to the pinger and over here you can just refresh and there you go you'll see you'll see the article URL and the article title so that's gonna send that out to the pinger to the pink server one every five seconds here we have our ping servers list this usually is blank but if you need the list you can just click this link here and I'll let you get a ping service list so that is signing up confirming and submitting your very first article I know I am a very boring commentator but got through it pretty good and I'm gonna conclude the video with that so I hope you enjoyed it take care bye


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