Article Marketing Robot Review, Mabey not great for the newbie.

Hi Guys Dustin Slade here and
want to make quick video about Article Marketing Robot review this you're uh… i was pretty impressed with the
program when i first got it this university ministry point zero
point zero point three and overall might have to say it's pretty
good product and you can go through lewin setup your account and what i like is uh… mince is made these uh… dealers they can walk you through the
process it's a bit it makes it pretty easy in
that respect i liked that part it wasn't too hard to set up Article Marketing Robot review and uh…

Intolerance that nearly start filling in your article what i usually do is take a
blog post copied into the body here and then take some of it put in the
summary may be the first paragraph for sell the name in the title i keep the same and then that your resource you only
want to have two links and so what you can do is uh… cyclic and these links that you want to have uh… you can post those in say a word press and then click on
the tax button and they will give you the html to come
out so that when you wanna make your posts and you can click on this uh…

arms can do idea will come up here in and this would
be a clickable link so if you don't do that right you'll
just have text that shows up in the world to clickable you know if stuffs not clickable people
just navigate away from him so Article Marketing Robot review you setup your
resources like that to an article and you know what what many a few keywords and out four five q words
don't overloaded with a bunch keywords they say you can't put in as many categories of the as you
could think of especially as a related to your article and then also put in this uncategorized and unknown uh… those two things and categorized an
unknown who helped get your article listed a
bunch of other directories where maybe and you didn't think about listing and then
you'll get a complex about something that so meal europe that okay you say that want to do
a mythic pants or something and make it easy for oracle's i've written here uh… and the new selected directly sichuan
e_u_'s now to sign up for this this is a brand new
count is made and those two thousand nine hundred
eighty-five directories only sixty seven of them are okay seven of them only submitted
successfully so overall with all the scraping i've
done and the act you know the instructions on how to do that here in
the deal with all the scraping out than to get me
sites and i was expecting when i was hoping
for more a lot more than seven for sure sixty-seventh not bad uh…

Many beginning when i first
started using the software was getting around two hundred so i know you can't
we get in and get some more out of it let's see if
there's any more uh… confirmation syrians confirmatory
selected all of these and no there's nothing else that came
out so right now out of two thousand ninety-five directories that were just
scraped off the internet uh… only sixty seven and came out so and to refresh this the green sites these in theory are the ones that wall
hopefully get posted c_-one about in our two hundred of this so i wasn't really have a happy with my
results that i have here i know you can tweak it a little bit and i follow the instructions uh…

digital marketing

how to do that so it definitely you can do it you can
tweak it and i want to mention this capture
sinecure here and you use it with your article marking robot terry if
you don't use one of the capture uh… solving things that they recommend here uh… capture sniper has more on just
links to it uh… you will have to manually enter and all
these different captures styles here that will show up and all the squiggly
line with letters that you can be really so this is definitely worth it you have
to pay for stiffer and serving prices for how many captures you want salt and so that's going to cost you a little
bit there so you know you're not just out of the park
with article marketing role but you gotta do a little set up he got to make
sure that you purchased your texas neighbor here and like i say i i just set up this
brand new town it's about three weeks old and i'm only
kidding uh…

Seven confirm directories and out of uh… almost three thousand that were
wealthiest two thousand three hundred eighty one didn't fail safe a liability two thousand managed by yes when we started with so hopefully as ones i signed up with you
know should be able to submit an article these ones in yellow and so its it's got potential you do have to buy i capture solving
software so that when you submit to c_e_o_ two thousand sites and let's say it does not have these
captures the hats off to submit it you won't have to do them in so that's uh…

War definitely needs something to consider
if you want to create backlinks for your article over your website and your blog so make sure we consider it that it's anne you do you have a little bit of
technical savvy seeking it in there and do the back office is not call the uh… newly found that you got to have a
little bit knowledge here and if you don't have a knowledge uh…

Then click below and let me show you
where i'd like one of the program using this spin distribute and it's a paper you service slow you've got a couple options overall
Article Marketing Robot review is a good program and definitely something to consider do you want to take the time to learn it
and get into it it will help you and your submissions and if your total newbie maybe not that uh… best one for you to
consider as a brand new person and that's ok you can use something like
uh… the spin distribute and i'll put the link in the description
below here and just another option for you thanks for watching hoping to earn the article marking robot please share unlikely friends ant if today with social media is there and
don't forget to subscribe to this youtube channel so you can get the latest updates thanks for watching and have you

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