hi my name is Alex till I'm glad you came to watch this video this is the part 2 video of the article marketing strategy okay so in the first part I'll share the first element of a successful actor pushes how to create attention-grabbing article titles to grab the riddle other attentions before you play start reading okay so the second element will be an interesting opening okay the opening is the first paragraph of the article once you grab your reader's attention you'll start reading the first paragraph and if they find that the first paragraph is not giving what they want will usually will just move on to the next article 2 Sigma what the one so the most in this is the question that every reader will ask themselves and agreed the first article which is should they continue reading or not worth my time okay so the most important of the most important work for an opening is the interest okay so if you generate you are able to generate their interest to read the whole article on first paragraph they will continue reading so the way that I use two generals generate the interest of the reader is by giving them a promise that they would get what they want in this article for example and when I write an article about how to get traffic for blocks in the first paragraph I'm going to tell them that this is exactly the information and knowledge that it would get in this in this article so they know that they came to the right article and continue reading if um if the first paragraph is talking about is when you when you use the first paragraph to talk about how important it is to get traffic and how do how it is how important traffic is to block well it it does it is a very good opening but he doesn't actually generate an interest forum for readers to continue reading most readers with just some readers I will just keep the first paragraph and move on to the real content so remember tell them that they would get what they want in this i do on the open on the first paragraph okay the third element of a successful article is a trust and relationship building content the main purpose of the content is to build trust and relationship by giving them value okay they are few of course that I used to build trust in relationships one is I give them tips guys and how to's all these are valuable information for the Breeders to solve their problems or we get what they want if I'm able to deliver tips guys and houses are which are very valuable to them they will trust me and yes a relationship that that the this deana the other approach that I used is the blending some you okay if your articles is just about long-winded theories or concepts which are very abstract people would just get bored and there is they might not even finish reading your whole finish the whole article if you planning some you for example your own experiment your experience with this topic and some of your some part of your life you are sharing with them they can experience someone who is writing that article they feel that someone is talking to them and some immediately there's a relationship and Trust is building with them okay so another good way to create a good content is giving them space if you would you like to read a paragraph that have seven to eight lines together usually you'll find even though it is not a lot of words but you will think that well there this is a whole bunch of texts I need to go through so my way of creating food articles is so to actually allow space between each paragraph i usually will have for the 5 line for each paragraph on it and then i will give them a space to have to take a brief relax wawa and then continue reading okay the another of course I use is a schema stuff up well there are people who don't actually read your article just keep through the whole article and try to figure what they will get in the article and they will just be even stoppers are trying to stop people from scheming one of the ways that i use is the interesting stuff heads or each paragraph again so for example if I'm good re i write a i'm going to write an article about how to get blocked traffic for how to get traffic for blocks i'm not going to write the first the first second and sets up hits I wouldn't write article marketing for marketing and blog commenting I wouldn't I wouldn't do this because this is basically what he must love you just say all this is the same stuff that I used to read NM they will just leave your eyes oh okay what I will usually do is how to join the first the first of it I probably will write how do you generate traffic pulling articles within 10 minutes the second sub J's I probably will write how to build relationships with bloggers that I love to send your traffic the third circuit I probably right how to get the forms attack how to grab the forums attention to notice your blog ok so this free subheads actually is the same almost the same thing as the almost the same thing as article marketing blog commenting and form for marketing but it is actually it makes it stops image from scheming and then they started would be interested to read your article ok


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