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hey guys it's Tracy Walker and I am your internet network marketing coach and today I'm going to share with you a cool little tip in reference to article marketing so how does it work well as you know many times people will read your article and article marketing is a very very effective way of generating free traffic to your website so whenever you write an article you submit it to a directory many of the directories or all the directories will allow you to have what's called a resource box and in your resource box you put in there a plug for yourself a plug for your website where people can then if they loved the article that could learn more information by clicking on the link but or two of them we as the authors assume but for reader knows that they're supposed to click on the link in the resource box right so what happens if you like augustana for articles and then you realize that you're not really getting as many click rules or as many quality click the click throughs as you possibly can from the article but you know it's a very good article so what do you do to change that what is a simple simple little amendment that you need to make and it was in addition to the end of the article so your last census of the article ends with a period and right after that you're going to include one single sentence in that sentence is if you would like to learn more information about ABC then click on the X Y Z link in the resource box below when you put the sentence in there that then instructs the reader directly what to do next see so many times a reader will read your wonderful article and still not really know they asked a question to themselves well what do I do now what's the next step well you want to answer that question for them in each and every article because if they are interested in learning more about whatever the topic is that you're talking about in your article you want to make sure that they know they can get more by clicking on your link your link isn't there just for you know beautiful purposes it's there for them to learn more information so you've got to stop assuming so much that they know what is in that link and what they're supposed to click on it so instruct them exactly what to do if you want to know more about XYZ then click on the ABC link in the resource box below don't you think that would guide your reader to the very next step absolutely so hopefully you will take that tip you will be implement it right away in fact I'm going to instruct you to the right in all of your articles whether you go back and do previous articles already just go forward in future articles and cert that one sentence you are guaranteed to see an increase in clicks and increase and views to your website and if you have a very good converting website it will increase the number of things that you happen to your list so hope that was valuable for you if you want to know more or learn more additional tips about article marketing paper click new little marketing three things to help you in your network marketing business make sure you subscribe to my blog at www MLM is easy online com again that's WWE MLM is easy online com it's just a blog you can subscribe for free and every time I post new information or cool little tips like the one I gave you today you will get it instantly and it will jump right into your email box so make sure you implement this tip right away and I wish you much success and I'll see you next time right you

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