Article Marketing Tips: How To Write A Free Reprint Article

hi everyone welcome to the latest in our ongoing series of tutorials on effective article marketing from submit your article calm teaching you how to use article marketing to attract massive publicity to your website this week I'm going to be talking about how to write the free reprint article so you've heard all sorts of article marketing tips about the power of free reprint articles to drive traffic to a website but you're left wondering sounds great but can I really write articles of publishers would want to publish I can tell you your concerns are completely normal anytime you're venturing into a new activity it's natural to feel a bit awkward at unsure of yourself at first you will get over that as you get into the habit of writing articles writing articles for article marketing is a skill that pretty much anyone can learn if you can write an intelligible email or letter then you have the basic skills to start writing free reprint articles so maybe you're wondering well I'm not really sure how to even take the first step if this is the case for you don't worry I've got you covered I'm about to walk you through some very detailed steps that will help you create your very first free reprint article step 1 familiarize yourself with what free reprint articles look like many people are visual and just seeing what's an acceptable article looks like will boost your confidence that you are capable of writing an article try going to your favorite article directory and look at the category that's closest to your topic you can also do a search for your specific area of interest and see articles that others have already had published step to write an article that introduces a beginner to your article topic probably the hardest part of writing your first article is figuring out what to write about make this first article easy on your cell and write an article that provides a general overview of your topic in language that a complete beginner would understand remember you're just providing basic information resist the urge to try to tell every last thing about your topic you're right many more articles in the months to come this one is just the tip of the iceberg step 3 try using a word count goal this will help you put boundaries on your article so that you end up with an article or not a novel aim to write an article that's between four to eight hundred words step 4 craft your title put some serious thought into creating a title is useful to your reader ie a title that tells what the article is about and makes the reader want to read your article when your article appears on a directory a reader will often be looking at a long list of article titles on similar topics your title is your big chance to grab a reader's attention so that they'll click through to read your article step 5 write a strong resource box the resource box is the author bio that sits below your article your resource box should include your name little information about yourself and your business a reason for the reader to visit your website and lastly a link to your website the quality of your resource box can strongly influence whether a reader clicks the link to your website so spend some time on step 6 give yourself a breather you've worked hard to craft an educational article with a helpful and attractive title and a resource box that represents you well now it's time to put your writing away for at least 24 hours use this is a cool off time don't even think about your article step 7 proofread and edit read over your article again with a keen eye for grammar errors spelling issues typos and awkward phrasing take some extra time at this stage when you submit your article it will be republished on an infinite number of websites and you want your article to make you look good just think about it after you've completed all these steps you'll have written your first internet marketing article it's a wonderful feeling of accomplishment that will intensify with the more articles that you write you can do this when will you make time this week to write your first article for more information on how you can use article marketing to attract massive publicity to your website please go to our blog at submit your article com forward slash blog

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