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hello it's rated again and today I want to talk to you about article marketing now after marketing is one of the things that I use to promote myself online and actually do quite well with it usually getting to number one and I'm google with my articles and one of the first things that you want to think about is your title and ear to say you were going to be talking about Labradors if you just have put labrador up then obviously there's going to be a lot of other articles about that particular breed so you want to mention the keyword and that's called a long-tailed keyword so you might say training Labradors for retrieving and that way you would be having the training in you would have the retrieving in and this would still go on to the first page of google as being for Labradors but would have the longer keywords which also have specific words relevant to your article once you've done this and you've sorted out what your titles going to be you want to check it on google and one of the reasons i do this is to make sure that on the page that it's going to end up on that are not a lot of other articles on that so say you've chosen ezine articles which is one I would recommend you don't want to find a page which is got say one article from ezine and maybe another other couple of articles submissions that case you might want to do a video or perhaps a squidoo lens on there instead but all you need to sometimes do is change your article article title by 12 words and new violent it will go on to a unique page that's all for now the next hour video I do will be about the actual bulk of your article

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