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hi everybody Carl Huffaker here again with my article marketing training we're going to step back a little bit we're going to review yesterday's blogger the blog post and some of the things that go on inside that so let's go ahead and get started thing we're going to do here let's go back into our blogger and so here's my blog post we're going to go ahead and and edit what we did yesterday so we're going to come back in here and we are going to edit like I've got two of these because I was helping I used one to help create the other one that we did yesterday so I'm going to it looks like they're exactly same we're just going to delete this one so why are you sure you want to delete and I say yes let's delete it let's go back into this one and we're going to edit okay I was telling you a little bit about the Edit HTML tab versus the composed tab ok so the composed tab of course as we can see just lets us see it in WYSIWYG what we went through pretty fast yesterday is setting up the pitcher and I added some some extra words down here besides what the movie the DVD talked about so i added you know Lee interested in selling this movie and making a commission if you are then sign up here and you can see that this is in a different color sign up what this is is actually a link okay and also add it interested in buying a copy of wild stallion get your copy of wild stallion discover the legend today and this is a link now I have to underline this because it's kind of a weird thing normally when you when it's a link and you put your cursor over it it will highlight and kind of underline all by itself that blogger doesn't do that in and you can see here if I highlight that a little bit see I've got it bold and I've got it underlined and so that underlines it but what I want to do what we're going to do now is we're going to look at the HTML code behind that we're going to look at the links I'm going to click on the Edit HTML this HTML tag up here is actually the picture that we we sing let me go back here and let me go to the top so this picture right here as an HTML tag behind it and so let's go back a lot of times when we have a picture the user comes on it they'll click on that picture and when they click on that I want to send them back to my landing page or in this case it's going to be tripleclicks and in order to do that I had to add this code right here okay and so this HTML this is the the beginning of the HTML code then the href tells that this is a reference and it's that's what causes the click ok on a link and so and then this part in here is my tripleclicks URL this is the movie ok this is the wild stallion movie and this is my URL or my SFI code my affiliate code this target equals blank tells it I want it to go on to another tab ok i don't i want that i want the user to be taken to another web page or another tab and i do that so that it's like right here okay so we're on blogger right now and if they were to click that link it would open up new Pat a new tab and let's just say this one right here so once they're on this tab well if they need to go back into the blogger it's just right there it's really easy for them to do it otherwise what happens if you don't have that target it'll open up it'll open up tripleclicks or whatever in your main page and I don't like to do that I like to like to be able to make it as easy on the user or the customer as i can and i want that i want my page to stay open as long as I can possibly get that to stay open ok so again this right here is my URL and in tripleclicks I got that from right here okay so that's the URL for for this tripleclicks DVD this movie wild stallion and then the other things is just wrapped with this HTML tag and don't forget to end up with this they look out here or greater than sign cats about all you need to know about that I guess we come down here let me drag this down here so we can see what we're doing okay so what I want to show you is the link here so let's go back down there again so this is the words interested in selling this movie make a commission and make a commission ok so it's wrapped around this HTML stuff here and all just telling this is ok we're going to Center this and we are going we're going to add a font and the font size is going to be large ok and so that puts that around there and then here's the words again if you are then where's the other one if you are then where am I looking at here let's go back and see what we're looking at oh if you are then then sign up here ok so if you are then sign up here ok so this here is my my my tag my words that I'm going to link on ok and again as we can see here here is that that link and the HR f'd of course tells it that no this is going to be clickable and the B is for bold the a notice that we have a slash here on the ends that just tells it that it closes ok that closes that HTML tag right there that's the beginning HTML tag that's the clothes HTML tag with that ok now again you don't have to know about all this it's just kind of good to know later on when you get going into this you'll see examples of other things that need and you'll say hey I kind of like that and so then you begin to learning and that's that's when you need to learn so don't worry about about it too much right now I also wanted to point out ok again here's my SFI affiliate ID this right here is just a special tag it tells it it's a tracking code really so that i can track I can track the the people who click on on this advertisement and so I can tell how many is clicking on it okay so when we come down here here's the tripleclicks again now i am going to add on that a dot 178 okay so I want it to be the same so I want to track this one also notice though that I didn't put a blank all right target equals blank on this one because this one here is actually well this is going to take me to triple click so if they want to buy this or if they want to sign up yeah so if they want to sign up i'm just going to keep them on this page but if they want to buy it then I'm going to take them to another page hope that doesn't I hope that's not too confusing but ok so we come back here we I think I showed you how to add to picture that's how you add the picture if you want to add a link and you know what your URL is say you wanted to make that your your link okay so you could click on that and what you would do here is ok so derailed is is the word that we're going to display is our link and then you would put your tripleclicks URL in here let me go grab that and I'll show you how to do that so you come over here we would just take this part of the triple clicks okay we're going to copy that okay control C copies fast way to do that so then we're going to come up here again let's sync go back to compose ok so we've already got that now i'm going to link that and i'm just going to paste that URL in here and I can say okay and we can see look how it's changed okay so that's our link there of course I don't want that to be linked so I'm going to come back and I'm going to break that link so that just takes that away if you wanted to change the font okay highlight whatever click on this you can make it larger smaller whatever you want and what that does is it adds the HTML in the back here and you can see it when you do that if you want to change the font you do the same thing of course you have to have things highlighted but your bold your italicized or underlined if you need to undo things you know right there I've really never inserted a video but it would be the same thing as doing you know your your image this here will let you do the align you know your sender your left right things like that your bullets here and your quote here and all that does is like put it in a quotient and kind of sinners everything and you can you can spell check and things like that if you need to on your labels they need to be comma delimited so just mentioning that okay so i'm going to post this because i have made a couple changes let's go out here and look at it the post and we look at that and you say hey does that look all right it's kind of plain but yeah it looks pretty good I kind of like that okay so I'm just going to go back here if we want to change the design of it I believe that's in the design here template designer right there okay so we can change how this thing is going to is looks ok so we come back here and i'm going to scroll that over a little bit there's a couple of them in you can go through and just see what they look like so there it shows you you know what it would look like and don't really like that see like that one one kinda has a nice look to it ok so I'm going to apply that I'm going to go back to blogger let's go back to the dashboard ok we come over here and let's view the block and there we go see how it's got the blue around it's kind of nice see through transparent ok so so this looks pretty good just about running out of time on this video again so I'm going to wrap this up and we will move on to the next one until then bye

Carl Huffaker

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