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Welcome to the
advertiser video tutorial for writing, uploading, and outsourcing article posts. Article posts allow you to write your
own content with up to three links embedded in the copy, and then distributed it out to
Web 2.0 sites all at once or on schedule. Since there's so much to cover this tutorial will give a basic overview of writing, uploading, and outsourcing your articles. We will go into publishing and spinning
in later videos. Let's get started. In your advertiser control panel, click on "Article Project Folders" in the
navigation. Project folders help you organize
your articles. You can have a folder for each website,
each client, or specific campaigns. To add a new project folder, click the "Add Folder" button.

Enter your article project folder title, and click the button to create a new
folder. When you start getting a lot of folders,
you can search for specific folders as well as sort them by date added, title, number of articles, and the number of
existing posts. Once you have a folder,
you can create articles. There are a number of ways to do this. You can write your own articles, upload articles, and outsource articles. First, let's talk about writing articles. After you have created
your article project folder, click the button to write an article. Select the category
that best fits the article. Then, enter one or more titles. For multiple titles, simply put each one on a new line
and a different title will be used each time it is published. The note field is not required, but can help you keep track of what
keywords you're targeting or other internal information
that you might find useful. For the body of the article, simply type your content or cut and paste it
from another file.

Formatting the article is easy. Use the article editing interface to
change the font and text size, make text bold, italic, or underlined, adjust the alignment, and create bulleted or numbered lists. But, keep in mind that the publishers
have their own styles on their web sites. The more your article blends in, the more natural it will appear
to the search engines. To insert a link, select your anchor text, and click the link button.

You will need to need to enter your URL, but you can also enter a short keyword phrase that will appear in the title for the link. You can have up to 3 links in each article. You can also add images
by clicking this button. We don't actually host images. You simply need to enter the URL for the image
wherever it is hosted. You can also embed a YouTube video
by clicking the YouTube button, and entering the URL of your video. One of the huge value-ads
for the system is article spinning. But, we will go into this further
in a separate video. Now, let's talk about uploading articles. To upload many articles at once, go to your article project folder,
and click on the "Upload Articles" button. The first thing you will want to do
is download the sample CSV. Many people choose to work with CSV
files in Microsoft Excel, but you can use any CSV editing program
you are comfortable with. Simply add your titles and article body
in the appropriate fields.

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Both HTML and Spyntax are supported
in uploaded articles. In fact, please be sure to use HTML <br> tags
instead of just returns when you want to start a new paragraph. You can add links using
HTML <a href tags, or you can add links to the articles
after you've uploaded them to the system. The sample CSV file has examples of
HTML, links, and Spyntax, so it's a good reference.

When you are finished, save it as a CSV file and upload it into Each record will be added as a new article. If you don't have the time, energy, or
writing know-how to write your own articles, you can also outsource
to our team of professional writers. Before you can outsource articles, you need to deposit funds into your
outsourced article account. This link is available
from your user home, as well as from
the outsourced articles page. Once you have deposited money in your
outsourced articles account, you are ready to submit your request. Choose the article project folder for which
you wish to outsource articles, and click the "Outsource Articles" button. For more information on each field, click the question mark
next to the field name. To add a second keyword and URL, click the "add a second keyword" link.

When you've completed all fields,
click the "request article" button. After the article is written, the system finishes
processing the request. The outsourced article is marked as
completed in the outsourced articles area. The keywords are automatically
turned into anchor text which links to your target URL. Then, the completed article appears in
the managed articles area with a note that it was outsourced. From here, they are just like
any other article.

You can edit them and post them, just like with an article you had written yourself. To receive an email when
your outsourced article is complete, go to your advertiser home and click on the "edit my profile" button. Then, check the box next to
"notify when outsourced article is complete". This concludes the
advertiser video tutorial for writing, uploading, and outsourcing article posts. If you have any further questions, check out the FAQ or contact us at

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