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now that you have done your research and you feel you're educated enough in your niche to begin writing on the subject it's important to make sure you're in the proper state of mind to begin the article writing process I can't speak for anyone else but I can tell you if I'm not in the mood to write and I try to force it my articles will suffer that means less readers clicking through to my website and less sales overall it starts at the top and it's a slippery slope to the bottom that doesn't mean I never write when I'm not in the mood to do so it just means if I know I'll be writing or if I plan on doing some article writing I'll try to do whatever it takes to get myself in the proper state of mind to begin the article writing process I always prefer to write first thing in the morning my mind is clear and I can set a realistic goal on what I want to accomplish that day if you feel you're a better writer in the evening or late at night then plan on doing your writing then the point is that this is a business and you need to put out the best product possible so get yourself in the right state of mind before you start writing many times I'll sit down and attempt to write but can't really seem to get my thoughts down it's called writer's block and you will get it from time to time in these situations it's best to do one of two things first you can just move on to something else my day consists of many different tasks I can just start working on one of my pay per click campaigns do programming or any one of the many things that make up my day I can then come back to the article later when my head is clear and try again the second thing I do is to just start writing I put my thoughts down as fast as I can without stopping until I have about 400 words I don't stop to fix my errors i just type then at the end i read what i came up with sometimes I surprise myself with something that's quite good other times well not so much but there are always good points i can use and either way it usually gets me through the writer's block the fast writing technique is quite good at making the thoughts pour out the more you write the better you'll get just make sure you put yourself in a good place to make the most of your time the articles i write the quickest meaning i spend the least amount of time producing them usually turn out the best so make sure you do the preparation to get yourself in the proper state of mind to write your articles I can't speak for everyone but I like to make sure my surroundings are quiet which means I'm not distracted by outside forces that will take my mind off what I'm trying to accomplish now remember your goal here is to become an authority in your niche you'll be able to build credibility for yourself in your industry as you produce more and more articles your status as an expert in your industry will only continue to grow do not do yourself a big disservice by submitting poorly designed pieces of work that hurt your reputation writing quality pieces of work that actually help the reader will quickly get your name moving in the right direction in terms of reputation and being an expert in your niche it's basically free advertising for yourself as well as your product you'll get people who read the article click through to your website and purchase your product but you'll also build a reputation and if you build a good reputation selling will only get easier and easier as time goes on another extremely relevant side effect of article marketing is the huge amount of backlinks you're going to receive in addition to the article itself and the traffic it brings to your website the articles are going to increase your search engine ranking because of the large amount of backlinks pointing to your website if you're not already familiar with search engine optimization you should know that the backlinks pointing to your website are very important in determining your search engine score submitting articles is a great way to get these needed and very important backlinks every article you submit is going to have a link to your website and as these articles get viral you're going to climb the ranks of Google Yahoo and most other search engines now do you want to submit articles only for backlinks well that is really up to you and I do a combination of both which I'll talk more about later first let me tell you article marketing is not only about getting links to your website it is a little bit about getting links to your website which is also discussed in my SEO course article marketing is about everything it's about quality content on a topic it's about the resource box in your article it's about the backlinks and it's about branding the name on the article as an expert in the field submitting articles only for backlinks is better than doing nothing at all but it's not better than doing it right plus there is software that allows users to spam their articles all over the place this is also a waste of time if it just submits duplicate content I say a waste of time because doing this doesn't hurt your website but it doesn't help it either search engines try to figure out what people are doing to try to cheat the system and they make adjustments some people think Google will actually penalize you for spamming articles which I'm fairly confident is not true however what they will do is just not count the spammed articles in calculating your search engine score remember submitting articles to a few main article cites will result in several backlinks just in its own accord as these article directories feed other sites looking for quality content so spamming is really not necessary and since it's not going to help you you're really just wasting your time that is time you could have spent writing a better article or another article or working on SEO PPC or something else that would work so don't waste your time trying to spam however you do want to spend some time targeting the right key terms in your article so you can benefit the most from search engine traffic there are many sources to get quality long tail keyword phrases and where you decide to go for that really depends on how accurate you want the data to be and where you are in your other marketing efforts to start off I'd recommend using google if you have a google adwords account already and you're doing pay-per-click marketing you can go right to your AdWords account and see which key terms are going to be the best to target you have access to live tested data that's going to show you exactly what people are searching for and what key terms convert so now you know what keyword phrases are going to be the most profitable to target in your article maybe there are even some keyword phrases you want to target in your PPC campaign but they ended up being too expensive well because article marketing is free now you can go after those key terms in your article marketing while sticking with some of the mid or lower cost key terms in your PPC campaign now if you do not already have an AdWords account I wouldn't set one up just for this I only say that because if you don't have an AdWords count then you're probably not going to know how to use it very efficiently and AdWords is a whole other beast in itself if you're not educated in Adwords and you set one up just for testing you're going to get buried if you are going to use the AdWords testing model please make sure you watch my AdWords lesson first of course you can also use the free google keyword tool located at https colon slash slash adwords google com enter your main keyword into the text box and Google will give you ideas for other similar keyword phrases this is a great tool because Google gives you the detailed information about each keyword you can see the search volume and the level of relevance to your own key phrase now this tool is going to give you some great information but it is just an approximation it's not going to be as accurate as your own AdWords testing however the information is usually close enough to give you some reliable terms you can use in your article marketing for a keyword term search it really is the best of its kind the next keyword tool I want to talk about is SEMRush you can find them at ww SEMRush com I like this tool a lot again it's only going to give you approximations but the information is very useful to use this tool I take my most generic keyword and type it into Google or Yahoo I then scan down the page only looking at search results until I find a website selling something somewhat similar to what i want to sell the closer the site is to the top of the page the better okay now I want to copy the URL of this page and paste it into SEMRush SEMRush is now going to give me back a list of key terms that the website I just viewed on Google is ranked high in now because this site is ranked so high in the generic keyword I know they put a lot of time into SEO when designing the site but they're also going to be targeting other longtail keywords as well so when I see what other words they're ranked high in I know those are also potential keywords I can target in essence i know the site has likely done their homework so i can piggyback on their homework and take their main longtail keywords as my own you can also skim through the other information on this page SEMRush posts other main competitors for each key term selected then if you want to check out any competitors SEO key term information you can do that as well ok how about one more key term tool this is a fun tool to play with even if i'm still a little suspect about the accuracy of the information it displays and this tool is the microsoft audience intelligence tool really briefly i just want to touch on this tool it's supposed to give you information on how likely users are to making a purchase or looking to make a purchase when searching on a specific website so if you're not sure which website you want to steal key terms from you can use this tool to help you make your decision for you msn also has several other audience intelligence and keywords tools as well so if you want to check them out feel free to do so remember picking the right keywords to target is extremely important and if you do your research you're going to know which words those are do not just skim over the section and select any keyword and think it's going to work for you it might but wouldn't you rather know for sure you need to think about it from the perspective of the person doing the search in essence the buyer what are they going to be searching for then you're going to want to pick the more popular longtail keywords in case you're not familiar with what longtail keywords means it means the keyword is less competitive because it has a more exact or targeted meaning in most cases they're made up of three words or more for example a short tail key phrase would be something like web hosting a long tail key phrase would be something like windows VPS hosting now web hosting is obviously going to get more searches each day people searching for this term might be searching for shared hosting VPS hosting dedicated servers managed unmanaged virtual rack the list of what they could have in mind really goes on and on and because of this there's going to be huge competition for the keyword web hosting however windows VPS hosting is much more specific you know the person searching for this term is looking for something that's larger than shared but also smaller than dedicated they're going to be looking for windows and not linux so you're going to have far less competition maybe one percent of what web hosting would receive and this phrase is going to be are more specific to what you are selling so your conversion percentage is going to be far higher as well so that's what i mean by longtail keywords and those are the types of keywords you should be targeting in article marketing so you've done your research studied your topic prepare your keywords and have properly geared up to sit down and start writing well before you do I recommend you do one final task go back and read some of the other articles written in your niche this is especially important if you're brand new to article marketing you're going to read three or four of these articles and determine which articles were written well and which ones were not it's very easy to do of course don't copy any of these articles that's not the point but you're going to want to write down the key points that made an article stimulating you're also going to take notes on what made an article boring or why it failed to inspire you to take any sort of action now as you sit down to write make sure you avoid any of the factors written on the less-desirable list while trying to produce a similar response to what you read on the stimulating list try to get into the readers mind right as if you are a customer searching for the product and what you as a customer would want to read in order to make you want to purchase now you're ready to start writing your article the title and the resource box will be based off the article itself so you should do those after the article has been written the first paragraph is going to be the toughest you're going to want the first paragraph to capture the reader and drive their feeling to want more this can be done in several ways by designing how to copy or explaining how to do or use something opinions perhaps even a controversial opinion list style top five reasons why you should or should not do something I like to start off with something that really makes the reader want to know more almost like teasing them one of my first paragraphs might look something like this quote last month I was experimenting with some new SEO tactics I read about and out of nowhere I had a massive breakthrough that substantially jumped my rank I was not really even expecting the simple but effective adjustment to make much of a difference my SEO page rank shot up from page 17 to the sixth listing on the first page Google within four days after implementing this new strategy and quote I would then go on to say I tried this with other sites and the results were all similar that of course I would give the link to the product that gave me this new amazing secret in my resource box you get the idea people are going to want to know what the secret is you can even get more specific and give the page number the magic trick is on in the e-book the point is you see what I'm doing I'm going to capture the reader's attention in the first paragraph then drive them crazy with curiosity throughout the rest of the article I know they're interested otherwise they wouldn't have clicked on an article about SEO to begin with once they start reading I got them other first paragraph ideas might be asking a question they can relate to that will immediately grab their attention and start them thinking your goal is to make sure they get to the bottom of the article keeping their interest aroused from top to bottom will ensure they make it all the way to your resource box remember to use similar positive tactics and the articles you previously read and avoid the negative ones make sure you keep the writing style simple yet informative you want to sound like an expert in your field but not so much of an expert that no one else knows what you're talking about you want to make sure beginners learn and become interested while other experts also conclude you are a force in your chosen field make sure you sprinkle your target keyword phrase in the article three or four times if your keyword phrase is more than one word you can also take additional words from that keyword phrase and use them by themselves a couple of times however don't try to force it make sure your article flows naturally make sure you keep the reader on their toes and wanting to know more continue stimulating the reader without ever giving away the secret if you give away the secret or the final part of the story the readers have no reason to continue on to your website which is the ultimate goal formatting your article is also extremely important there are several factors that play into the presentation of your article that are going to help you capture the reader's attention as you write your article keep your paragraphs short long paragraphs tend to be more difficult to read dividing the article into many short paragraphs as opposed to a few long paragraphs makes it easy for the reader of your article to keep their pace they can look away and then refine their place much easier using one bold lined header before each section also makes the article look well structured and professional inserting bullet points is also a common way to divide the article up remember if the reader can look away for a few seconds and then look back at the article and find their place right away you're on the right formatting track the reader is going to work their way through the article much easier and as a result is more likely to click your link plus if the article is both written and formatted well the reader will have a higher thought value on your professionalism writing the article should be fun that in itself should be one of the reasons why you're doing article marketing in the first place of course that in addition to the extra revenue you'll receive from writing good articles and the fact you know you have the power to motivate people to take action you are now an expert in your niche and a force to be reckoned with at the end of all this make sure the article is anywhere between 350 and 700 words and better yet between 450 and 600 words when you're done give yourself a pat on the back the hard part is over

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