hello and welcome to this video series on article marketing in this video I'd like to go over an additional example of articles that can be used for marketing the prior example I went over was what I would consider to be as close to a perfect article as in my opinion you can get and as I pointed out just the one slight little item on the anchor text in the bio box aside from that I thought it was on the money I mean with the bold points and the bullets and well if you saw the video you know I'm talking about now I want to give everybody unbiased opinion as possible which is difficult coming from somebody as opinionated as myself but I want to try to appease the masses and give you a well-rounded example of a good article for article marketing in this particular example this individual has a shorter article almost half of the size of the prior article that we went over and what I have suggested in the past and what I've learned myself is that articles should be somewhere in the vicinity size-wise of somewhere between 300 to 600 words you know per article and this one is just a tad bit shorter than that but one of the things that I like about this article is that if nothing else if nothing else if you're just starting off in article marketing or if you're just starting off an internet marketing period and you want to get the word out about your particular product and/or website then this is a good way to start things off you know instead of just trying to sit out and write the perfect article write a whole bunch of short articles you know to get your word out there to saturate the market in your particular niche so that of course you want to shoot quality but at the same time though if you just sitting around twiddling your thumbs trying to write the perfect article then you're not going to get any articles published so you know start off small start off baby steps and then and i'm not saying by any means in no disrespect to this particular author but this could be their particular method of operation is to put out a gazillion short articles and this is a good article as far as content is concerned and let me just check down here at the bottom some of the stats on this particular article well it was just put out a few days ago about a week and a half ago and it's average about a view / day so again that's not too bad and the thing I cannot impress upon you enough is that once you submit an article it's there forever and I mean forever so the more articles you have out there the more little baby salesman you have promoting your particular product and/or website don't sit around trying to dwell on writing the perfect article that's going to come in time and who knows you might be one of the lucky ones and get out your perfect article the first time but don't sweat it I mean the bottom line is action do something put your pen to paper put your fingers for the keyboard you know whatever it takes to get that article published that's what you got to do and if your first gazillion articles are crap well at least you've got to get zillion articles out there the thing is that you want to learn by your mistakes and the more articles you publish chances are pretty good the more articles are going to be reading of others and hopefully you'll be learning in that process but i just want to point out though the difference between this particular article and the other article example i had shown you in the prior video was that this one has some longer paragraphs and not a whole bunch we got four paragraphs here so there's no bullet points it gets the point across because i did really just got some good content in it and you know if this is the way this gentleman is going to do is marketing more power to them it's not the way that I would do it but then again you know to each his own I did want to just you know provide you with this particular example showing you another way of getting an article out there to get your feet wet if nothing else again I would always shoot for the prior example with the bullet points content quality and just as this person is done with quality but at the same time I candy for lack of a better phrase now one thing you want to do and writing your articles though and this could be the reason why this person is doing it this way as far as short and sweet is to lead your reader wanting more I mean that could be the point here behind writing a shorter article is you're providing the reader with enough information to whet their appetite so that they will in fact click on the links down here in the bio box in hopes there's going to be more on the other side of the curtain kind of sort of and again I'd want to try to make this you know check out my website at I probably change that around and make this more of an anchor text because search engines love anchor text and it's a little more I guess again in my personal opinion but I would like this better if it were to if you want more information on article marketing you know then highlight the or make the words article marketing the anchor text for this particular website URL again that's just my opinion and I just want to provide you with this example of another way of doing an article and if nothing else get your fingers to the keyboard and start typing thank you much for watching this video and have a great day folks

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