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hi I'm sure and I'm actually with buzzbooster TV yeah you know we need to do some explaining yes there's some explaining to do it you probably notice that we have taped several segments in our shows in very different places as well yes so we want to tell you exactly what's for you what are we doing – what are we doing we're geocaching yes it is a game we like to play as it is and pretty much is just like a modern treasure hunt there is only the GPS so puts modern treasure hunt yes and we are doing a challenge and that's why you've seen that then we'll see see is scenes in there yeah let's roll them on it it's called the Utah Devore challenge and basically the objective is if you look at the bathroom that is the atlas each square R this represents one page on the eclipse and the objective is to find one cache one geocache on each page who's been traveling all over Utah we're almost done with this like two trips that the most we'll get along yeah and besides getting the cache would think features right oh yeah they're from the place we are or the catchment we put up on the page yeah it's a lot of fun when we see something that inspires and has a marketing and business message that we want to share with you yes and that's what you are going to see that actually geocaching has been amazing for us because every time we travel we are actually getting out of our comfort zone yeah it's easy some fears right like like we're lost in the desert before our snow is you know up to the waist there yeah we don't also face some wineries yeah and when you are looking for the cash it also makes you look from different perspective yeah so these things are also pretty good business today we're here at the Salt Flats Utah bonneville salt-flat world-known place and tons of when speed records etcetera but I sure I were pondering about community of this place in the help really because really all of this white stuff on the ground is salt no it's funny because it's actually very interesting because nothing no life form actually lives in this environments because it's such such harsh conditions it's so so odd right a lot of times we do with our businesses it's just the conditions are so harsh we don't market we don't do anything is just plain and flat and salty and nothing happens and so and then eventually it dies right just like any life form that tries to live here in this office so so that it flourishes so that it's not just a great plain white vast thing of nothing right what are you doing to do something beautiful it's a very successful hi I'm Fleming Gorge forests someplace in the winters in Utah and what we are doing now is really trying to cover every single page of the delorean map in geocaching so we go from page to page finding different caches and we have to cover the whole state we are about 3/4 then and today we are here and actually looking for a cache that has been quite revenue so far so while she does that because I really don't like to go too much inside this is bear country too so you've got to be careful I was thinking about something that happened to me this week then shows people really how technology can get in the way you know technology is awesome social media is awesome all the tools that we have online are awesome but you as a business you need to really balance and see when technology is not in your favor for example all right this week I was looking for some fabric so I went to some quilt shops right because they usually have very nice cotton fabric endo so I want him to on the store was really amazing so I bought some fabric there and when I was at the cashier paying for my purchase I asked her hey do you do you have classes here and she said yes we do quite a few and I asked her do you have something that I can see the classes and she told me you know we used to have in our printed newsletter but now you have to go to our website and take a look download the newsletter and take a look at the courses and she gave me a card for that then I said okay I'll do that well a few days passed by I went to another store and same thing happened I bought some fabric I was at the cashier and I said hey do you give classes here she said yes quite a few do you have something that I can see the classes that you have oh I'm going to give you my card and you go to the website and you take a look because there we have our newsletter and it's all listed there okay so this is where technology really gets in the way yes it's number one they had a printed newsletter they transition everything online it's of course because you cut costs when you do that but if you are already doing a printed newsletter you might want to have an online version that's totally fine but do not discontinue that perception of value when I have something physical to look at and I pay more attention online if they open the email if they download the newsletter if they look at it you might have some people take action so you're asking them to work and you're asking them to go to your website so one more action here if you're already doing a printed newsletter put an online version but do not discontinue it's really important that and in the second case and actually it's valid for both is this I was at the cashier I was already with my wallet out I was paying for something so I was a lot more likely to say include this course on the card right now I was there in the buying mode and they decided not to allow me to spend more money but to make me work to go and check the courses online if I remember the website if I don't lose the card I go online and I check the courses and I may or may not sign up because there will be no person ago she a ting and telling me how great the course is and how I should take that program no matter wat C so you miss the sales opportunity just because you decided to cut a few cents in printing a newsletter so my message to you is first if you're doing a printed newsletter do not discontinue you get attention the undivided attention let's face it online we get thousands of emails we have a lot of things to do when I'm reading something here I'm paying attention just to this and this is important for you as a business owner but most of all do not make your audience especially the buying customers have to work to purchase more things from you have everything on the website so people there are there will be able to see the courses but when somebody asks do you have this make them get the money make the sale right away do not wait for that okay now you dry the view here I'll see you next there PageRank and a question that we have seen quite often is okay is it even worth doing our commodity today because those links have not the same way they have faded yes it is and let me tell you the case of one of our clients Mary born and other side is Miriam on back home right and it's just the very beginning the two things that she did focus a lot was on writing articles yes and making those word that mean – she's a home organizer and when she was business yeah but we fast and furious took her to another pimp yes yeah she started writing articles very cool system previously yeah it's key for anything it's very good obviously we don't see that attitude very oh no no yeah praises to Maryland well first she got some some articles being printed in some newspapers which was very good she was getting – papers newspapers in different in other states I didn't know which was located is there one see she got a magazine actually from a client yeah I was in Chicago and the magazine had her as a contributor he didn't even know it she didn't even know but they got the article in an article director published there yes she wasn't that magazine it was very very good there were a letter the publisher contact her articles online and I watched some of your videos you have some amazing content would you like to write a book for us yes you don't marry really never thought about never got an author but she presented the proposal that after she got paid beforehand the book got published and we should have the book right here yeah we sure yes you bring them to get the book for you to see it was released I didn't remember last year it sold really well the publisher was happy Marilyn was happy everybody was happy couple months ago this year she that's the book this is the book and it's a very really cute look very cute book you know collared it's really really nice stuff that would be very expensive if she tried to pass a copy to us and again the focus this year has her to write another book so she's going to her second book from the book comes other opportunities or yes then you were really the expert in that field pity engagement so a lot my message to you today is that you know don't don't be narrow-minded when they don't they use / – yes articles where to green links and more page rank over time they might not be as good for that but there are other benefits of that yes like media exposure proposals more speaking engagements because then you're you so you keep doing because it's very good yeah you kept repurpose that in in many formats but don't stop doing that just because one thing had more than twelve thousand people living here you had all kinds of salons and Wells Fargo Bank everything that you can think of because this was the way for the Train so it had a lot of prosperity but one day they didn't cut off you loose it which is about 20 miles from here you know you probably heard before the number one is the biggest you see here is a case where they did and now is just a ghost town you have to ask yourself what are you doing do you have more than one way of promoting your business more than one way advertising more than one product do not rely in one single thing to bring your prosperity long-lasting prosperity arrives when you have a multitude of channels bringing you cash we're approaching the bridge let's just might I add a very scary bridge think about it it was built in the eighteen hundreds well the cheap make it through it's like really bizarre we took us like half an hour just to decide if we would do it it's if you can see there's nothing below it's just wood it's so freakin scary it took us like I think we just stood there for half an hour the first time around before 1800 tours a long time ago

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