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hey this j and i'ma show you how to use the new spinner in article architect version 3 and above and i'm going to go right into this article here and this article has already been marked up to to work for the spinner and if you need to know how to do that that's a different video this is just once you've got an article like this because you can either write an article like this you can mark it up yourself or you can actually purchase articles that are spin ready alright so that's what this one is and you can see here that I've got all these little curly brackets and the pipe character that's a little up and down thing I've got that up here in the title I've got it in the author area over here I've got those in the summary keywords I left alone I've got a couple of them here down in the in the bio and then all over through this article here so once it's ready to go I go up under the Edit menu choose spin article and here it comes up with an article that is ready to go it's been spun you can see all the little squiggly brackets and pipe characters are gone until we have a title photography is a career it chose one of the authors basically here's the body the summary it's the whole thing ready to go now if I want to go ahead and use that one I can click create new article and it brings up a new article when i'll just put that to the side for now because i can actually click the little button down here spin again and it'll spin and each time it's going to give me a different one going to give me a different summary need different body different title and so on so if there is something that I si si oh I really like this summary I can uncheck this box and now I can spin all I want the summary stays the same same thing for the title so I want to leave that title but I want a little bit different wording oh this looks good at this point i can hit create new article and i get another one of those you can keep doing that until you are done then you hit the done button and i'm going to go ahead and close the original here and now we've got these two articles brand new ready to go they both say the same thing but say it in different words and that of course is the the cool thing about spinning an article as if you write it correctly if you write it if you if you write it with good synonyms and things like that you can end up with with articles that are good articles for people to read but yet the the search engines are go to CMS completely distinct different articles as well so now he go ahead and save these and I've got my two new articles right here there's another way to use the spinner in article architect and that is with export so I'm going to the file menu choose export content to file and I'm going to scroll down and find that one right here so I'm going to select that and I'm going to choose down here I'm going to make sure this is checked I'm going to spin let's just say ten copies because i'm going to may be submitted to 10 different directories and i'm going to save it in this folder x i'm going to choose a different folder that one I've used already so let me make a different one new photo articles that's ready to go and then I can also choose to upload them to one of the FTP sites that i have set up i'm not going to do that at this point I'm just going to create 10 different articles and I'm going to use the andreas 3 template here I'm ready to go I think I'm go ahead and click export all right and those have been saved all you know what they did I was using an old key word here so let me do photography all right photography and let's go ahead and export those again all right so now let's go ahead open the folder is what happens when you don't practice ahead of time let's go ahead and just delete these Spanish ones and let's take a look at these I'm just going to go ahead and double click on the first one alright and so we have here the first article and drag this next one in here and the next article and the next one and the next one and we've got all these articles in here ready to go that I can post to my website put on my blog submit to directories or anything that I want let me show you one more cool thing here and let's go ahead and get rid of these and I'm going to generate them again but this time I'm going to use the keywords from that article as part of the file name so i got the cursor right here i'm just going to click this little label here that says add keyword all right i puts this little thing in here and put another hyphen after it so it separates everything and i'm going to go ahead and export again and now this time if we look over here and look at the names of these now i was taking all the keywords and put them in as part of the file name but they are still the Articles that we know and love


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