Article to Video Marketing – The New Way to Take Your Article Marketing Strategy To the Next Level

article marketing is a popular method of online marketing and why not not only can article marketing increase traffic to your websites when people read the articles it's also a primary way to build backlinks to your primary website building link juice that helps boost your sites and organic rankings in fact if this link building is done correctly you can soon find your website on page one of Google for low comes low competition keywords and if done correctly consistently and aggressively you can also end up on page one for some rather competitive keywords now if you really want to boost those rankings you should also be using the relatively new concept of article two video marketing this is where you take your article and create a video from it however there are two problems when considering an article to video marketing one is that the process of creating the videos can be time-consuming and require some level of creativity that is if you want someone to actually watch the videos the other has to do with distributing the videos once you have them created one popular method of distributing videos is by using traffic geyser traffic geyser has a whole slew of video and bookmarking sites that it automatically distributes your video to but it also has a huge problem that I hardly hear anyone talking about you see when traffic guys are distributed to video it uses the exact same title for every video and when the search engines see all these identical titles the links are discounted is being duplicate content so to create effective backlinks from your videos you must post your videos using unique titles and if you've ever manually posted videos you realize what a huge time suck it can be to post videos to 15 to 20 video sites but I've recently stumbled across a cool new technology that solves all these problems associated with article to video marketing first it can take your article and convert it into an eye-popping video in a matter of minutes then it gives you the option to have your article spoken by one of several different computer generated voices or if your computer has a microphone you can even do the voice over yourself this is my preferred method but i have to admit the computer-generated voice technology has made major advancements and it's actually pretty good next the software will distribute your video to a host of video sites for you and you guessed it it gives you the ability to post using unique titles that way the links on the videos you post will actually help you boost the rankings on your primary website if you want to learn more about this interesting new technology that lets you put your article to video marketing on steroids visit w WR t'kul hyphen video hyphen robot info

computer-generated voice technology

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