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As marketing agency owners it is
important and imperative for you guys to understand how to automate your content
creation or content marketing campaigns I mean let's be honest we didn't all get
into this business so that way we could continue working 70 80 90 hour plus
weeks so in this video we're gonna teach you guys about the processes workflows
and tools that we use to automate a lot of the processes that way I personally
don't have to be involved in every single piece of the campaign so that way
it gets created so stay tuned we got a good one for you alright welcome back
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BA so guys what does content marketing automation or what is automating your
content marketing campaigns essentially it is building out processes and
workflows for your contractors or your employees to follow so for example if we
get a new blog article that comes in that we need to create for a client as
soon as that happens we're able to basically set up a job push that job out
to everybody on our team at once who would be involved with that job and
everybody's basically their jobs or their tasks they can get started on
instantly without me having to go to each person individually and write up a
job description or a job a campaign description for that specific campaign
so why is this essential why do you need to do this well guys we talked about
again you not working 70 80 hour weeks right and the trick really is to get
yourself out of building the campaigns yourself and hiring experts in each
little piece of the campaign so that way they can manage and build
out whatever you need for all of your content needs so what does that allow
you to do well as the business owner now I can focus on getting better hires
building out better processes putting it better systems in place and tools in
place for our campaigns to perform even better for our clients which means we
can make more money and charge more money additionally by doing this it's
actually going to allow you to scale your marketing efforts that way you're
able to bring in more clients without having to necessarily you know hire a
sales rep you can do and work on inbound marketing for your business because now
you have the time now don't get me wrong there will always need to be a little
bit of hands-on work whether that comes from the planning or inputting the job
into whatever software you use to complete that task but for the most part
you're going to automate a lot of the process and divvy out delegate basically
jobs to different contractors and bas using these processes so you can focus
on the things that matter so let's look at a couple tools and resources that we
use and I guess really some of the methodologies that we use as well to
automate these campaigns so guys one of the biggest things that you can do to
automate your processes or automate make your content marketing campaigns is make
sure that you have new content or new ideas being thrown at you all the time
one of the best ways to do that is with Google News and Google Alerts so I can
actually come in here and let's say I have a client who's in the real estate
niche well I can type in real estate giorgia and now I can create an alert
and it's going to send me all kinds of information as it happens about the real
estate industry right so that way I can come up with ideas or new topics or
things that are trending in the real estate industry same thing kind of
applies to Google News when I come here I can come up to the top and type in
let's just say again real estate real estate in Georgia so I can actually just
do the topic real estate and I can do follow here and now it's going to send
me news articles or new information that come about in the real estate industry
again this is automating the content or the the research phase of your content
marketing planning I also recommend doing things within your niche which
means you guys are all marketing agency owners so you need to keep up with
information happening in your industry right so you also want to do things like
digital marketing marketing agents things like that so you can keep up with
tools resources things like that for your industry finally I'd also recommend
having any tools software your competitors or any platforms that you
use updated in these tools as well so that way you can receive all of the
information that you're going to need whether it be about new content new
tools and software's updates to those software's competitors and what they're
doing it just helps you stay on top really of everything that you're trying
to watch because being timely with content means that you're actually being
part of the conversation so what I recommend doing here is following
specific topics and hashtags in an industry that way you know what is
actually happening as it's happening and then try to create content quickly
around those specific topics while they're trending to get that initial
surge of traffic so really quick guys what are two tools or software's that
you use to help automate some of the processes in your business if you want
to win or men leave that in a comment below and at the end of this video or in
a couple of weeks rather we'll actually pick out one of the comments to win our
mentorship program you'll get three free months of our mentorship program so just
let us know what to software is to use to try and automate things so guys I
want you to understand this is not a completely automated process but rather
it's a workflow or a process a standard operating procedure that you can use and
look at to start getting your content created so what we're going to do is I'm
actually going to hop over into a couple tools we use which are asana and process
tree and show you what we've done to build out these workflows so that way I
don't have to be directly managing every single job and so that way when we get
new content or new ideas instead of having to go through every single time
and manually enter in every single piece of information we have a bunch of
basically form fills that they can go in and put information into which disperses
all of that information to everybody on our team so let's go ahead and jump over
and take a look at that all right so you can see the first tool that we have here
which is asana and we use asana for a lot of different things guys from
internal planning to actual content planning to all kinds of different
things so we're gonna go through specifically how to create long-form
content in this example so blog or YouTube video and what we want to look
at is the planning stage first right we come into our planning account
and what we do over here is we take a topic that we want to build and we put
out the premise and some of the structure to the article itself right so
these are all going to be basically subsections within the article these
top-level bullets right here and then the premise is going to be right up here
for the specific article right so we're kind of planning out what is going to be
included as far as content and also what the topic is going to be but before you
even get to that stage guys you will want to you don't want to plan one week
at a time right you kind of want to come up with a theme for the quarter you base
your content around that theme for the quarter once we finish planning
everything here then we actually have to do a little kickoff we basically take
the task we put it on to the blog kickoff calendar and the only reason we
do this is because we want it to actually send this content over to
process street because process Street is where we divvy up all of the tasks for
everyone on our team all right so once it's moved to the kickoff calendar ever
all of the information is sent over as far as the premise and the structure
that we built out previously is sent over to process Street so now what
happens well we have an idea of what the article is going to be about though we
haven't really fleshed out and planned the entire article out okay so what
we're gonna do is we're gonna come in over here into process Street and what
happens is the first task or the first step to this is kicked off and all of
this is pretty much chronological you can see all of this happens basically
step three can't happen until step two is completed right step four can happen
until step three is completed so in this topic information stage we have our SEO
manager come in and they're going to basically structure a title from
keywords that they do so the first thing they're gonna do is go in they're gonna
perform keyword research for this particular topic find keywords the
parent keyword which is the primary keyword and then any secondary child
keywords LSI keywords so synonyms and he places all of those that would be
related to this article in here we do YouTube keywords which are usually the
same as any other parent keywords or child keywords but we might add in some
specific ones that own that we would only use on YouTube we select any
playlist that we might need to add it to for YouTube videos and that's pretty
much it for this first topic information page all right once this is done FA is
going to mark off his task and then he's going it's going to kick off this
– Ian what happens is Ian then takes that information and reviews everything
to make sure that it all lines up that we're not targeting keywords that we
don't need to target that we don't you know have links in there that we're not
trying to target or whatever you're trying to do for that first step right
so he's going to either approve it so he'll check it off and it'll move it to
this stage for or he'll actually write some inche information in here and then
he'll unmarked it which sends it back to efface so that way it's back in his
inbox for him to complete once it's finally completed and approved though
then it's sent over to me where I'm basically going to look at the outline
that we put together the topics and subtopics for the article that we're
going to put together and make sure that it lines up the way that I want it to
for you guys out here right so this video I'm shooting right now I've
reviewed this and looked at it and said okay this information is good now we're
gonna move it on to the next stage right so if I have any issues with it I'll
type in whatever issues I have of content they'll make adjustments to the
plan and then they'll push it back forward again so if I need to I can
shoot a video on loom and then I can just add that URL right here and anybody
down here in the rest of this process or anybody above me is able to see that
video so once I approve everything and everything's submitted then we go into
the actual outline and script creation for the blog and YouTube videos so we'll
create an outline of the article we'll have the title
we'll have all of the sub sub sections that will go into that article and then
bullet points beneath each subsection so that way we know what to talk about
right again that is pushed forward to me and Ian once it's approved you know if
we have any issues we type in whatever issues they kick it back once it's
kicked back and we don't have any issues then we move forward to the next piece
all right so now we're going to get into the blog creative elements and thumbnail
creation so there's images or graphics that we put inside of the blog this is
where that planning phase starts we also have a thumbnail that we do for the
YouTube video that's where this planning phase starts at the same time these two
tasks are actually able to go off at the same time I'm going to be shooting the
raw video right so the raw footage like I'm shooting right now for a YouTube
video once that raw footage is shot then we're gonna basically upload that to
Google Drive which we can actually see is done right here we have a link that's
already placed in here click that link if I open it up you guys
will see well it's actually not gonna show because this is the planning phase
there's actually the builder for process tree so it's not going to show you the
folder but what it would do is it's actually going to open up Google Drive
with The Associated folder that we have inside of Google Drive for this specific
task and that takes some work you do have to create a zapier connection for
that to actually happen but it's not impossible so if you guys do decide to
get process Street just know zapier is going to be one of your best friends so
after I'm done you can see we have here because we do giveaways all the time if
it's a giveaway I'll select yes and so that way my team knows to make sure that
we find the person who wins and send them a message or that way we know to
look out for that person and then I upload the raw video then I click the
next checkbox and it kicks off the raw video to everybody else so now what
happens well creative elements and thumbnail have probably already been
submitted or at least their first drafts have been submitted the raw footage is
submitted now what we're going to do is it's going to kick off another task so
you won't see it in right here because you see social post planning copies so a
social copy first draft so once I kick off this task right here it's actually
going to create another checklist that will send off information to our video
editor and anybody else who might be associated letting them know hey number
one the raw footage is there you can begin your task and then the
instructions that we might have for that video editor for that video so then the
videos it goes through a completely different process where we review the
video and then we resubmit it make any adjustments to the video review it again
and then it is finally ready to be posted right we have all the description
done we have the video done we have our blog article done all of our creative
elements done so everything's pretty much ready to go so now what we have to
do is we like to plan a social post that goes out to also promote that article
right so we create all of our social posts and you can see social post
planning we do our first drafts we do our creative first draft and then we
review everything right once all of that's done then you can see all of the
scheduling tasks go out for each platform as well as a quality assessment
meaning we look through the content to make sure that it aligns with everything
that we were trying to do for this specific article but after that we get
the article up and going and then the only or the video up and running
then from there we really just do an assessment later on so we come back say
after two weeks or a month and look at how that article performed to tell us
basically how we should set up new content in the future around that topic
and if you're still wondering whether you should be outsourcing your marketing
campaigns or what you should be outsourcing or how you should be going
about it then definitely check out this video up here in the top right hand
corner it's gonna be all about those topics finally I want to wrap up with
two more tools that we use to actually make this process automated and if you
guys aren't familiar then you need to check these out but it's basically
zapier and IFTTT all right and basically that's if this then that that's what
IFTTT stands for and then zapier is also the same type of thing so what these
platforms are software's really do is say you need a Google spreadsheet
created every time I go into process Street and upload a new project what it
does is when a new project is created inside a process tree it sends over a
trigger automatically to Google sheets and your Google Drive and creates that
sheet for you automatically so you guys saw when we have that here button where
I could go and upload the video to that Google Drive folder that was a xaviar
connection we actually have it to where whenever we create a new piece of
content using process readers start planning a new piece of content using
process tree it automatically kicks off over to Google Drive and creates a new
folder and subtasks for that folder and something like
IFTTT actually allows you to auto post things to different platforms so for
example if you have a blog article you can actually use IFTTT to post that blog
article to WordPress for you automatically now in my opinion this
isn't the most effective way to do it because you're not gonna get it uploaded
the exact way you might like so I recommend doing manual uploading for
things like blog content unless you have a platform where you can manually upload
it directly on the platform and it looks exactly like it would when you upload it
to the CMS that you're using so quick sidenote that's actually why we're
switching over to Co schedule instead of process Street because Co schedule
actually uses a lot of connections that are meant to be for marketing agencies
now that doesn't mean process Street is bad it definitely works but we found Co
schedule to be a little bit more effective for what we're trying to do as
an agency so that's why we're making that switch but keep in mind
none of these processes actually change we're pretty much going to use the exact
same process we're just gonna be doing it on a different software but guys that
is it for today's video I know it can seem kind of confusing and it can
definitely be a lot of work to get your processes and workflows built out but I
promise you by the time you get done and you actually start putting out jobs for
all of your contractors you realize how how worth it it really is and how
effective it is for you to have these processes in place like I said that is
it for this one make sure you go right below this video in the description we
have left that promo code for you guys to get $50 off your first outsourcing
job or freelancer that you hired but since that's it I'm gonna get out of
here and I will see you guys on the next one until then cereal entrepreneur out
bye guys ready to start living the six-figure work wherever be your own
boss lifestyle well it's cereal entrepreneur Academy will teach you how
to use a laptop and internet to start your own social media and digital
marketing agency get started with our free Facebook Ads training links in the
description below guys see you in the course cereal entrepreneur out

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