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my name is Vince I am the author of the article marketing robot software this video is going to be about how i use the article marketing robot software to get your web site index and minutes using the free trial so this is a no cost solution to get your website and the Google search index in a matter of maybe 30 or 40 minutes so what we got going on here is they got an author account I got an article and I got my article directories you can see that there's the 16 free article directories that you get when you just download the free trial of article marketing robot the first thing i want to show you actually is the author account because some pretty important details in here that you want to be aware of first of all when you're creating an author account make sure that your email is unique if it's already signed up to an author an article directory it's obviously going to fail if you're using Gmail or AOL or any of those free email providers a lot of article directories do not allow for these email accounts to be signed up so keep that in mind as well it's better to go into your control panel of your hosting and create a email off the domain that maybe you're trying to submit with for example I'll show you what I'll be submitting in a second and we'll go from there your password should contain a capital letter and a number a lot of article directories require this if you don't have it you'll get rejected another thing to consider is the first name and the last name ensure that these names are something that will not already exist because sometimes article marketing robot will combine the first name and last name to create a login ID not all article directories use the email as a login sometimes it uses an actual user name so if the user name already exists then it's going to fail on sign up everything else is you can be a little more relaxed about but those first the first four items are very important that you follow those guidelines okay so the next thing I want to show you is the actual site that i want to get indexed it is my brand new review site called dude I hate my job review com this product is not even released on Clickbank yet but I've got a review coming out for it because I'm psychic and I know how things work and this product I know everything about so first thing I want to do is check the cash snapshot to make sure we're not there and we're not so having said that I can use the article marketing robot to get the same indexed using the free trial so I've gone over the author account saw the I'll just do a quick overview on the article i actually just took the art one of the articles on the guys affiliate section and I just spun the crap out of it it's not very grammatically correct but that's not the purpose of what I'm doing right now so that's all I have to say about that the next thing I'm going to do is take my author account and sign it up to all these article directories so I'm just going to click the all button we've got 16 directories i'll hit sign up and the threads will fly by i got to enter some CAPTCHAs here and assuming i enter the captcha skur ectly we should get 16 son of successes okay so we got all these son of successes they'll just fly back over to my email account for this particular author account that I'm setting up you can see that 15 emails have come in there might be one more that comes down but what I'll do is I'll just confirm them by hitting the confirm button so I'm logging into my pop3 downloading the new emails and we are confirming okay so we're done confirming I'll hit the apply button got 15 out of 16 so far so articles slide is the one that we're waiting on I have a feeling it's going to be showing up there it is welcome to article slides so so we're good to go okay so the last thing I need to do is actually submit my article to the directory so the first thing we're going to do is check the google snapshot and you can see that there's nothing in the cash i'll show you google time it is currently 142 sunday time devington is 142 so all I want to do now is select all my articles and hit the submit button submit the selected sites now hit okay okay so we got pretty good success rate there I'll just hit the apply button you'll see that we got 15 out of 16 published into ocean failed I'm just going to click the result button to find out why and nothing specific so that's interesting but what i can do is i can log into the account by pressing the login button and go to my profile posts and as you can see there it is so my post was actually published so you don't have to worry about that now the next thing we want to do is find out if the site actually gets indexed in a short matter of time after my articles have been posted some of those article directories are instant article approval directories so we'll see if if I get approved or not current time is 144 and we'll be back when it's when it's cached ok so I am back and this happened a lot faster than I expected um the last time I hit the time was 144 and now it is 147 switch back over to my website and I'll go to the cache snapshot of the page and there it is 30 showing up which is incredibly fast that's using the free trial of article marketing robot so this one actually surprised me um took like five minutes so there you go that's article marketing robot and that's how it works and that's how your website will get indexed almost instantly you can get a free trial at OTT it's at the website and I hope to see you

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