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Hey guys! Back with me again, Denny Santoso. I have lots of questions sent to me
through Instagram stories yesterday. "How do I start learning Digital Marketing?". "There are lots of materials to study out there
so I don't know where to start". Okay, I own, a place for people to learn about Digital Marketing. Where do you start? First things first, read the articles in Obviously, since there are lots of articles about digital marketing. You can start by memorizing the vocabularies, Because it's very important, guys. Some time ago, one person went to my class with no knowledge at all in Digital Marketing, His problem isn't in his comprehension, but in his vocabulary.

He doesn't know what is a website, landing page email marketing, website builder, landing page builder, et cetera. And that is what makes him struggle. So if you start reading, at least, you will know what is a landing page, website, etc. That's the first thing. Second, watch my Youtube videos, like this one and don't forget to click subscribe down here, because in this channel, I will give materials for free.

So you can learn about my mindset, and digital marketing for free, the idea of it and its strategy. At least, if you want to start for free, you can subscribe to my channel and watch my videos every day. Well, almost every day, if I'm not traveling like yesterday. Next, I have a class called the Digital Marketing Elite Training. a 2-day workshop that discuss about digital marketing. You might wonder what do we discuss It's about my mindset, my strategy, how I think, how I develop an online business, everything about the framework, so you will learn how to be an "Architect" of your own business. Roughly, it's about those things. Including team building, funnel building, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, upsale, and et cetera, everything will be explained in that class.

So you will understand, when you are starting a new business, you will know in what phase your business is, what to do, and et cetera. It has a complete curriculum. Usually, the questions asked from people who haven't enrolled in my class is because they don't have the right mindset. So in that class, I will teach you about my mindset, my strategy, and how to start an online business. So, what kind of business are we talking about? Almost any kind of business.

Almost any kind of business. So, you don't have to own a business. If you don't own one, it's totally fine to enroll in my class. At least, you will have an idea what business you want to start. But if you already own one, which is good, you will learn how to optimize your business and take it to another level.

So it doesn't matter whether you own a business or not, a novice or not, it's totally up to you. So almost any kind of business can be improved through the knowledge from the DM Elite class. Next, I have a class called Facebook Ads Mastery Class. The instructors are Albert, my partner, and me. It's going to be a full 2-day class, and the schedule is very tight, guys. From early in the morning until, usually late at night. We will start from the basic, a brief one, until the advanced materials, very advanced ones.

The lesson is very good. For two days, we will study about Facebook, how to operate your ads, the strategy for scaling, how to go international, how to go worldwide. In this class, we will teach you everything, how to set everything with details. This class is for you if you want to learn about Facebook. Now, which class should I enroll first? For example, my Elite Training class teaches you how to build a Disneyland how to build a Disneyland, Universal Studio, so they can visit the place, enjoy the rides, go shopping, buy some merchandises, and et cetera. That's my Elite Training class. But Disneyland without any visitors is going to be very empty. So the Facebook Ads Mastery teaches you how to make people interested to come to your Disneyland. So it's a combination. Disneyland without the visitors is empty, but even if you have visitors but your Disneyland only sells fried nuts, you won't gain any profit. Because to make people come to your Disneyland, you have paid a huge amount of money. So you have paid for ads in Facebook, but it turns out you only sell fried nuts, for example.

Or only merchandises, only shirts. It won't give you profit. So the best way is, you know how to build a Disneyland, and you know how to redirect the Facebook traffic, the audience, to your Disneyland. The most important thing is the combination of the two. The question is, which class first? For me, it doesn't matter which one you enroll first, Because once you've enrolled in my class, you pay once and you can reseat for life, it's free. Free reseat life time. I'm there to create a good relationship for you guys. I often go abroad, In two weeks, I will go to Greece, well, not exactly in two weeks, I will go to Greece. And then I will go to Phuket. I study a lot in other countries. So hopefully, I bring lots of new things to teach in class. So if you're in my class, and you continue to reseat, you will gain knowledge that will cost you hundreds of millions out there. And it's free once you've enrolled once, so it's totally worth it guys. Hang out with me, with my team, with friends over there, networking, It's going to be fun and it will make you learn faster compared if you do it alone.

digital marketing

Don't be alone, guys, it doesn't feel good. It's a lonely work. In front of laptop, alone, everyday, it's very boring. Don't do everything alone. We hang out, talk, grab something to eat together. It's fun, guys. Totally it's fun. Next we have DM Labs. It's the third thing. DM Labs. DM Labs is a community. Lots of people asked, "What's the difference between the offline classes, like Elite Training, and DM Labs?" DM Labs is about the execution plan, detailed step by step to execute of what I've taught in class using your laptop.

In my offline class, there won't be any technical stuff, don't worry. So you don't have to know how to code. You just need to know the terms used in the class. And the the technical stuff will be in the DM Labs. I don't include it in Elite Training because if one waits for another because he can while the other can't, it will be boring. and it will make the class not conducive. So, with DM Labs, there will be a detailed step by step explanation, by video, and you can ask through Facebook, we have a Facebook group with almost a thousand members. You can ask anything there, I can answer, my team can answer, the other members can answer too, which is a very good learning method because you can learn from hundreds point of view, not just yours or mine. And then there's offline gathering for DM Labs members.

Members can join for a discounted price. We hold the gathering once a month. Usually, once. Coincidentally, today, yesterday, and next week I have a roadshow, Surabaya, Bali, and Bandung. Usually, it's once. You can meet new friends there, networking, and get the newest materials. And then in November we will hold a Gala Dinner, a huge networking event. We have a dinner together in a hotel, we will also have an awarding night, guest speakers, et cetera.

Which is really awesome. It never happens before in Indonesia, a digital marketing event like that. And that's only for you, DM Labs members. There, you should keep hot, keep hot, stay near the campfire to keep your spirits up. So whenever you feel conflicted, down, fail to get the winning campaign, just stay in the group. Ask around, chat, it's fun, guys. That's DM Labs. It's really different. You learn the mindset in Elite Training, the strategy in Elite Training, and the execution in DM Labs. Okay. Now what to do after all of those things? Simple, if you already understand everything, just take action. Build your business. And then you reseat in my next classes, continue to reseat in my class. Just keep hanging out with the others. That's the most important thing. So don't worry if you can't understand the materials in two days, or you can't understand it in a short time.

Don't worry guys. I've learned, gathered all the materials, in 10 years, and I compressed all of it, the steps, so you can learn it in a brief amount of time. So in 2 days, you won't be able to digest all of it because even I need 10 years. The most important thing, for us, for me, is we teach what we do. So we really teach anything that we do now. We teach what's working. So we teach stuffs that we've practiced before and they work, not outdated stuffs. That's why I keep encouraging you guys to keep reseat.

Because if you do, you will get new updated materials. My last message is, lets double your income together. This year, next year, and so on, let's double your income with digital marketing. That's all and thank you so much guys for watching this video. Please send comment, write a comment, about any questions about digital marketing, I will do my best to reply to all your comments. Again, thank you so much and I'll see you guys in the next video.

Okay? Bye bye!.

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