Beginner Web Design Ep. 1: What is Web Design?

hello everybody welcome to know your Mac lessons and in this little series we will be doing a whole little treatise on network pattern what is web design how do you fix network motif how to get started everything like that I have had these requests for quite a while and I did one video a while back about how to get your eye web website onto the internet but beings still want to know more they want to know how to get out of the straddle of AI web and certainly procreate your own classics your own intends your own artwork so in this little series I’m going to be presenting you a speedy little startup of how to kind of embrace all there is to web design get yourself privilege into there so of course I cannot give you every little tidbit of web designing I had previously been learned so in this series I’m going to be teaching you the basics and it’s eventually going to progress into a entire culminating activity of making our own little scheme and I’ll be looking forward to your people comments and suggestions and I’ll also be giving you resources that you can time look up some more information about specific topics and things like that along the road so in this firstly video it’s more or less just going to be me preaching to you about the whole concept of network layout what is it basically network layout is separated into two parts the front end and the back end a lot of periods back end is more classified as web programming and add so much web design but nonetheless it’s really great to know both sides not just to be a designer or a programmer often you know it’s better to know how to design but then likewise how to platform it now when you listen the call system “youve been” just imagine a bunch of routes of jibber jacks that you really have to kind of wrap your manager around and exactly various kinds of exactly preserves stuffing more and more coding in order to create a successful product and that’s really not the practice it works in web design web design there’s numerous many different languages and it all starts with the basics which are in my opinion for the front end is HTML CSS and JavaScript and for the back end is PHP now there are tons of more words that branch off from these there are tons of more that on their own that all do many different things but I visualize these are the four fundamentals that every single web designer or network programmer needs to know now the reason why I say entanglement scheme is a little bit different from other coding is because they truly all taken together to sort this fully operational website so for example hTML is your base it contains pretty much a listing of all the elements that are going to be under page then you make that and you move over to CSS CSS Styles your page tells the browser you know make this blue realise that text predict something like that javascript is the functionality so if you miss something to pop out from your screen when you flit over this objective javascript can do it and PHP can do many many different versatile things it can you know it can validate your patterns it can store information in a database it can pretty much be the linchpin to any website so when you framed them all together it really isn’t as bad as it seems because you have just little bits and pieces that kind this whole big-hearted thing when developed in partnership so let’s just take a look at the rundown for the streak so we’re going to start off learning HTML and CSS those are the firstly two languages we’re going to learn and after those are fully complete we’re going to start creating design in Photoshop or if you don’t have Photoshop that’s fine you can use even paint whatever you’d like and we’re going to create a nice design and system it for the browser after that we’re going to be adding a little of JavaScript to our sheet so we’ll learn a little bit about how JavaScript use and then start off placing it on our page and thinking about what we want to do with what how the functionality should be incorporated and material like that then at the end I’m going to go over a few things with PHP now exactly note that if you plan on skipping title to the PHP part of this sequence do note that it is important to fully understand the consequences of using PHP as well as it is a back-end programming language this also means that people can exploit it to hack into your website and really maliciously use your system against you so before you bring out a fully labouring copy of a website applying PHP make sure you fully understand what each path of PHP code does and too figure out if there’s any way that people can exploit the information on your website we will be going over a little bit about PHP safety and how to keep your website free from hackers when we get to that detail in this series but for now if you go to the bottom of your sheet you will see a little tiny red-hot prohibit type of thing it’s basically YouTube’s action of picture you all the videos in the sequence you can go right down there and adopt the next video and continue watching

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