Belajar Digital Marketing untuk Pemula Tanpa Basa-Basi + BONUS Ebook Gratis

Hello Hoster People! Digital marketing is not just about promotion on social media, you know. There are many strategies that you can use to grow your business. In today's video, I'll cover everything you need to know about learning digital marketing. Are you curious? Be curious! Before we get to the video, don't forget to subscribe to the Niagahoster channel first. And turn on notification bells, so you don't miss the latest info from us. Digital marketing is all means of promotion carried out via the internet. Including through the website, online advertising, affiliation, email, and of course … promotion via social media. Why is digital marketing so important for you to apply it to your business? So, what is the difference between online promotion and conventional promotion? Here's the answer. Digital marketing is cheap and fast. You don't need to queue to post an ad, take care of licensing, and do other complicated things. You just need to enter the advertising material, determine the budget according to your wishes, few clicks, so please! You know, it's so cheap and fast, SMEs that take advantage of digital marketing can save up to 40% promotion budget.

Not bad, right? Then through online promotions, you can target your potential customers more specifically. You can also control who can see your ad. Starting from location, age, interests, to the gender of the consumer. Furthermore, digital marketing is much more effective. Both in terms of cost, time, to the targeted target market. So, don't be surprised if according to a Google report, business people who use digital marketing can get 3x profit compared to business people who still use traditional marketing. Finally, digital marketing is interactive. You can immediately know your consumer's response to the advertisement or product you are selling. This of course will make it easier for you to do market research, interact with customers, and get closer to them.

Well, you already know what are the advantages of digital marketing. Now is the time for us to discuss 7 digital marketing strategies that you can apply in your business. The first is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is how website optimization is done so that your website can get good rankings in Google search results. The higher the ranking, the more traffic you will get. And from there, you can get more money. Second, content marketing. Content marketing is a way of promotion through content. This is not just any content, you know. The content that is created must be important and relevant to the needs of the prospect.

Even better, if you can create content that answers the problems of your prospective customers. The solution in question is of course still related to the product / service you are selling. In addition, content marketing must be consistent. Because this online marketing method is very competitive. If you let your guard down, you could be chased by your competitors. The third is Social Media Marketing. You must be very familiar with this one marketing method. Social media marketing is a way of promotion that is carried out through social media.

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In this one way, You can freely interact with your customers and become closer to them. The fourth, Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC is a model of internet marketing, where you only need to pay advertising costs for each ad clicked by your target audience. This kind of marketing method will certainly be more cost-effective and effective. Some PPC services, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads.

The fifth, Affiliate Marketing or Affiliates. Through an affiliate program, you invite other people to advertise the products / services you sell. In exchange, you will pay them a commission for each product / service sold. With this kind of marketing, your promotional costs will be much more economical. In addition, you can also reach markets that were previously unthinkable. Sixth, Email Marketing. Email marketing is a way of promotion that is carried out through newsletters or emails. This promotion method may seem old-fashioned. But make no mistake. According to McKinsey, email marketing is actually 40x more effective than Facebook or Twitter. Because the nature of email marketing is much more personal. Last but not least, Google My Business. This is a special Google service that will make it easier for your potential customers to find out complete information about your business. Starting from your address, telephone number, operating hours, website, photos, to reviews of your company. Yes! Those were 7 digital marketing strategies that you must implement in your business. I'm sure, this video is not enough to answer your curiosity. You definitely still want to learn digital marketing more deeply, right? Just calm down. I have prepared all the materials you need to learn digital marketing.

Starting from ebooks, articles, to video tutorials. You can get all of them via the link in the description below. If you still have questions or suggestions, don't forget to leave it in the comments column. That's how the video used to be this time. Don't forget to follow all Niagahoster social media. Like and share this video. And subscribe to this channel. We'll meet again in the next video. See you!.

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