Benefits Of Video Marketing Pt 2 (5 More Secrets Of Highly Lucrative Video Marketing)

benefits of video marketing part 2 5 more secrets of highly lucrative video marketing as I said in my last video you simply must be using video in your marketing because if you're not using video yet you're losing customers clients and revenue I think we can all agree that consumers love video they watch video they enjoy video they even enjoy video when it's selling something as long as it still entertains and informs so how can you use more video in your business and how can you make those videos perform as well as possible in getting your viewers to take action by the way if you want to learn all about video marketing you really need to look at video marketing insider it's the best course I've ever found encompassing all things related to video marketing and the Creator really supports his stuff and has already added more to the training as well as some exclusive software I'll pop a link below this video ok so here are 5 more tips to get you reaping the benefits of video marketing six optimize your videos for search in Google and YouTube if you can post your video on your own domain first before uploading it to sharing sites this has the potential to get people to link back to your own domain which will also help your overall SEO efforts use tags for the relevant keywords write full descriptions and add a unique title and remember this if it has a box Google needs you to fill it out in order to help you rank seven educate your audience some of the best videos that you'll ever make that your prospects and clients will love are videos that teach your viewers something useful whether it's to get a result they want show them how to best use your products or provide useful tips people enjoy short how-to videos that teach them what they want to know when they want to know it 8 make the most of social proof from existing customers social proof is best done by our customers on your behalf case studies are an excellent way to showcase your product while teaching your audience how to achieve the results they desire a good customer testimonial or case study can be worth an entire sales letter when it comes to converting new prospects into customers 9 always add a call to action whatever kind of video you're making don't forget to add a call to action at the end it might be to visit your website go to a landing page to grab a free report check out a sales page or whatever just remember that your videos should be 90 to 95 percent great content and just 5 to 10 percent sales 10 add a video to your landing pages video is incredibly powerful so any page that uses video well should convert better naturally you'll want to test this out but odds are you'll see a nice bump in your conversions on your landing page if you add a short video video isn't hard what's difficult sometimes is relaxing enough to simply be ourselves and lend a helping hand or tip to the viewer okay so there are five more secrets to make your video marketing more profitable now you have ten of these secrets to boost your video marketing efforts so go out and get video marketing and don't forget to check out video marketing insider I'll put a link below this video so make sure you click on the link below I hope you found this video useful please like and leave a comment about any benefits of video that you have experienced and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos helping you to grow your online business and wherever you are in the world have a great day

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