Best Content Marketing Examples – April 2016

hello welcome to wait for position of content marketing examples there's some great creative ideas to show you this month so let's get started first up is a leap of faith by YouTube's favorite stuntman damien walters raising the profile of formula e the FIA have one of their racing cars speed towards him with Damien having to perform a spectacular blind back flip over the moving vehicle the video has gained 5 million views to date so it's been a real winner for Formula One lesser-known cousin next to the billboards public good set up in Brazil with the Zika virus now classified as a global emergency two marketing agencies poster scopes at NBS combined to create the world's first and Seifer killer billboards to tackle the cause mimicking the smell of human sweat and bread the board lives in the insects from up two and a half kilometers away then traps and exterminated them the agencies were also encouraging others to replicate the idea with the project available for free on Creative Commons then there's BMW who enlisted supermodel Gigi Hadid's to promote their new m2 game applying their advert they challenged viewers to keep their eyes on the card Gigi was in and guess where she ended up whilst for others swerves around it in both standard and 360 video a very clever way of getting people to watch the performance of their new car finally it's a really clever campaign from buffa using the aptly named heartbeat song by the future head people took a quick quiz about their lifestyle to work out how well past their body will function it then with each part their body assigns with different instruments the song was either performed spectacularly or terribly you you No users were there encouraged to get themselves a boo for health check and got the brands from great disabilities and that's April finished remember to hit subscribe if you liked the video and we'll see you next month you

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